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Anonymous 89666

For the love of god I cannot learn how to ride a bike. Why are bikeless people treated like second class citizens in this bike society?

Anonymous 89671

Are you retarded?

Anonymous 89672

Be nice. If you didn't get taught young it can be more difficult.

OP it takes a second person more often than not to get you on a bike and stable.

Anonymous 89673

Satan you can make this your goal and work towards it slowly!. You have an entire new world to open up and experience.

Anonymous 89674

Not OP, but I never learned as a kid because I simply didn't want to. I've made it my entire life without needing a bike. I don't see why people think it's weird when I tell them I never learned.

Anonymous 89676


I never learned how to ride a bike, my mother made sure that I never sat on a bike as a kid because she was scared I would break my hymen.

Anonymous 89685

It's okay OP, I don't know how to either.

Anonymous 89691

Get training wheels.

Anonymous 89713


Those are 100% gonna get you bullied

Anonymous 89715

All you have to do is keep your forward motion going. Kinda push yourself forward with your foot and then start pedaling.
Do it on the grass the first time, you won't be as scared of falling over.

Anonymous 89716

Also don't worry OP it's not weird to not be taught how to do stuff. My parents taught me basically nothing even though they taught my brother all this shit.

Anonymous 89717

Try riding an exercise bike?

Anonymous 89719

Try riding a small bike, where your feet can easily touch the ground, and try riding on grass, where a fall won't hurt as much.

Anonymous 90228


Why not try another kind of 2 wheeler? Maybe one that lets you use it standing?

Anonymous 90255


looks uncomfortable

Anonymous 90257

I never learned how to ride a bike or swim as a kid, I was treated as a subhuman because of it.

Anonymous 90273

There are plenty of places where bikes are useless. Just move to one of those and you'll never have to feel bad again.

Anonymous 90288

That's because you are.

Anonymous 90293

I want bike people to explain how and why are bikeless people deserving to be treated as subhuman.

Anonymous 90295

i dont think id ever want to what if i do a wrong move and it goes up my vagina and breaks my hymen ahhhh just thinking about it is making me want to run away Ó_Ò;

Anonymous 90382

Probably just because he's really straining to get exactly bike level performance out of it, when it's supposed to be, IIRC, just a little lower. Which means that it's much more worth it if you're not in a situation where you flat out need a bike. But that's why most of those are not bike sized , maybe more like folding bikes, they could really be lined up against folding bikes.

Anonymous 90393

I only learned how to ride a bike at 21.
It's actually super simple and apparently there's a new meta that isn't just "do it and fall over until you get it."
>remove the pedals and lower the seat so you can kick yourself along with your feet
>get a feel for how the speed keeps you balanced by keeping your legs up between kicks
>reattach the pedals afterwards, give it a go
>once you're comfortable readjust the seat so you can just barely tip-toe the ground
>remember that, especially at the start, you're going to move in the direction you look, so if you're looking at an obstacle you will crash into it.
I grasped the basics within a few hours and afterwards I knew enough to get my own bike.
I mean, I wasn't graceful, I fell over once or twice, but for a period of time if something was too far to walk but otherwise a short travel by bus I'd take my bike there.
It's really doable and there's very little to it, I believe in you, OP!

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