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Anonymous 89995

What do you do if your parents kick you out? I can't rely on anyone else…

Anonymous 89996


Anonymous 89997

If you manage to own a cheap car at least you will have a safe place to sleep and some space for stuf. Ask for food at local church and charity events. Ask for basic jobs anywere. Keep pepper spry or a knife. Don't be ashamed to ask things to Friends or strangers, but don't depend no nobody.

Anonymous 89998

Apologise to your parents and change your unruly ways.

Anonymous 90000

Research homeless and/or womens shelters in your area. In a pinch, you can sleep discreetly in train/bus stations as well as airports. Keep a go bag ready if you're still in your parent house (any medicine, tampons, wipes, hair ties, underwear, a shirt, etc) so you dont forget anything. You can take showers at the gym

If you have a key- bring it. Be familiar with your parents schedule so you can slip back in for food or clothes

Anonymous 90007

Assuming you are homeless:

See if there is a Sikh temple near you, they give out free food to everyone.

Get a menstrual cup.

Cut your hair short and wear baggy clothes so you might be mistaken for a boy and so harassed less. Easier to look clean with short hair too.

If you can't get into a shelter, ask a hostel if you can get a discounted long term rate and do cleaning for them.

Take any job you can get. Once you have one, it's much easier to get another.

Go dumpster diving for food.

Anonymous 90009

This depends on what country OP is in.
But lots of major religions have things like this. Catholics and Orthodox Churches do stuff like this too.

Both this and what >>90000 said are good advice.

again really depends on what country OP lives in. Even in the US, it’s really dependent on where you’re located.

Anonymous 90021

Do this first or you'll never recover. Don't be foolish.

Anonymous 90067

Mostly this. Research, research, research. There are a lot of resources available for people who are sound of mind and trying to get on their feet, but it really depends on where you are. Also I know you said you can't rely on anyone else, but before you go full homeless, have you stepped back and really evaluated if that's true? Grandparents, older siblings, aunts/uncles/cousins, friends, close coworkers, pastors, etc?

Even if you have to swallow your pride and feel uncomfortable to ask for help, those would probably be better options than anything you will find alone.

Anonymous 90121

See if there is one of these near you. Free accomodation and food for helping on a farm:


Anonymous 90123

Took this from somewhere else:

>If you dont have a car your first priority should be getting one and a license. Life in burgerland without a car is hell. In the meantime couchsurf/airbnb or bum at some friends/family for a while until you get a job. Apply to amazon those ingrates have high turnover and accept people fast for work. Save and get a car and license while you’re biding time.

>If you cant then find a homeless shelter or community shelter or something as a last resort.

And here's another:

>I was kinda homeless for a while so let me give you a poverty budget survival plan ese.

>>get a small income. doordash/uber if you have a newer car

>>get a gym membership for showers
>>get some sunshades at the dollar store
>>sleep in car/van
>>park on the sidewalk in the most expensive safe suburb you can, relocate if you must.
>>put your stuff in a storage unit
>>use restrooms at big chain stores when needed
>>stay in libraries during the day for work
>>laundromats for clothes
>>sneak into big offices to use microwaves

>Lets run the math

>$2000ish income doordash working part timeish
>-100 unit
>-20 gym
>-200 car maintenance
>-20 laundry
>-250 food
>-200 relocation
>$1210 left over and more after that. Get a gun or whatever else to sustain the lifestyle with the remaining.

Anonymous 90141

Seasonal work with accommodation might be a good fit

Anonymous 90215

Anon at this rate you’ll end up a victim of human trafficking.

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