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Anonymous 90545

How do you deal with farting while in a relationship? I just can't imagine ever farting in front of anyone but my mom

Anonymous 90564


its okay to fart anon

Anonymous 90566

I'm terrified of the idea of moving in with anyone, let alone taking a long drive together. I know I'm probably mentally ill or some shit but I don't think it's something I could ever do

Anonymous 90569


You cannot escape it anon. At some point you will fart in front of someone. You will see it is no big deal and that most people ignore it out of politeness. Don't worry. It is okay to fart.

Anonymous 90570

I don’t fart often since my diet is quite bland but I’ve done it before and I promise it’s just something you’ll get over. Sex is can get way grosser than farting queefing, cum, piss or blood or even vomit in the case of accidents, poo if you’re an anal-having degenerate, etc Don’t even get me started on if he sees you have a baby. Being a human is gross naturally and if you’re going to get close to someone, you’re going to end up being gross around them.
Guys think farts are funny anyway so the trashier ones may fart around you for fun, might as well assert dominance by doing it first (extra shock value cuz you’re a girl)

Anonymous 90571


Anonymous 90572


picrel wrote this

Anonymous 90581

Me and my boyfriend fart in each other's presence all the time. We just giggle, maybe make a related joke and then move on. It's really not a big deal, especially once you've become comfortable with each other.

Anonymous 91461


I can't even fart in front of my mom. I have never heard my mom fart either. I've lived with a man for 7 years and I can count on one hand the times I've farted in his presence. It was an accident every time, followed by a huge burst of adrenaline and a deep feeling of shame.

The first one was when I was falling asleep, my body relaxed and released a huge fucking thunderclap of a fart I'd been holding in for hours. I held my breath and listened hard for any signs of him being awake. He didn't stir but teased me about it the next day. I think that incident caused my brain to abstain from relaxing my shithole in my sleep, every morning since I've woken up with my stomach painfully bloated with air. For years. Something that had never happened before that.

The worst part is that it isn't even a good relationship so there's no reward for any of this. God I wish I was joking.

Anonymous 91466

god damn it, this is terrifying.

Anonymous 91478

Anonymous 91515


What's wrong with farting? I fart in front of my family and tell them to inhale the smell. My dad is even more shameless and farts in front of his friends when they visit him at home. Just tell your man you need to fart before you do it so it feels less shameful. Then you can all laugh about it afterwards and you will never feel bad about it anymore.

Anonymous 91521


>picrel the universal experience of farting commands you to surrender

Just imagine it's your mum.

one time I traveled to meet a crush. at some point when we were hanging out, I took a nap because I was tired from traveling. I have a sensitive, weird digestion. So he told me that I farted a lot in my sleep. He found it cute. I was mortified

Anonymous 91530


I will never sleep with anyone EVER AGAIN

Anonymous 91532








Anonymous 91558

I’ve been married like 8 years. My husband and I try and compete to out gross each other.

He has said my farts sound like a cow.

His farts have made me throw up once.

Me: 0
Him: 1

He may have won the battle but the war isn’t over.

Anonymous 92620

This is the funniest shit I have read on this website

Anonymous 92712

I send him videos. Nothing scares me.

Anonymous 92735


I fart once a week, it's always like a mini occasion for me but idk how I can fart more so I stop feeling excluded. I guess it's fomo.
>>91515 ok Stacy, no need to brag

>>90572 this is our new queen

>>91461 I recommend getting a fart chamber, a room to store most of your farts that is mostly soundproofed, or a fart container, to silence the sound. Otherwise, the fart pillow may do the trick. Make sure that this is exclusively for farts and wash in intervals. DO NOT make mix ups.
But one day, you will need to put on the big girl panties and just let it go. In front of people. Be unapologetically you, I believe in you queen!

Anonymous 92803

i fart in front of people on accident sometimes i could care less

Anonymous 92823

> i could care less

So it’s embarrassing?

Anonymous 92838


I try to keep eye contact while farting to assert dominance.

Anonymous 93349

My boyfriend has a fart fetish so he actually begs me to fart in his face and mouth

Anonymous 93354

Do you enjoy this?

Anonymous 93366

Does nothing for me but I'm happy to do it for him

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