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"Does anybody else...?" thread Anonymous 91003

Post unusual things you do or think and wonder if other people also do.

Anonymous 91268

Does anybody else seriously think about killing themselves? I've been looking online to see what rope can hold the weight of an average human body.

Anonymous 91339

Just you.

Anonymous 91485

i used to be like this but with pills and ive tried everything but i have like a superbody that can only get high and never die 0_0

Anonymous 92854

Does anybody else feel like 2012 was somehow the last real year?

Anonymous 92859

Yes, I kind of miss 2012, and the blue haired tumblr girls at Warped Tour.

Anonymous 92869


I'm weird I know.

Anonymous 92883

You're not alone, it's common for people to point out 2012 or sometimes 2016 as the last time they felt normal.

Anonymous 92891

dance around the house at night when I'm alone or when it's quiet, mostly contained to my own room

Anonymous 92897

I do that too, sometimes instead of dancing I just walk around the house in circles while imagining scenarios to match the music.

Anonymous 92909

I also walk sometimes too
If only I could astral project dissociate myself out of this reality into the scenarios I'm thinking about

Anonymous 92913


I know someone who eats peppers.
You don't happen to love arson do you?

Anonymous 92952

Does anyone else kinda fantasize about how it would be like to punch or slap someone? I feel like a real weirdo to be wondering about it. Like would it hurt, would it be fun etc. It's not that I want to beat someone up exactly kek I just find myself sometimes thinking about it

Anonymous 92963

How is using bell peppers in your food something special? I just like to pluck all the seed with tweezers once only the stem is left. I've always been fascinated by fire though…

Anonymous 92968

The moid fears the indoor bell pepper farmer
I also really, really like fire

Anonymous 92974

Does anyone else find themselves becoming more grossed out with fast food/take-out as they get older? There are so many things that don't taste good anymore or make me feel ill now.

Anonymous 92988

Yeah, I can definitely relate. I think it's probably a combination of your palate developing and getting used to eating good nutritious food because you're capable of providing yourself with it. I'm 20 and I don't really crave garbage anymore like I did as a kid. I just want to eat home cooked meals with veggies

Anonymous 92989

Yes, and I'd actually say 2005 too.

Anonymous 92996

I've been starting to realize how gross soda is lately and feel less cravings for fast food. It's not just you.

Anonymous 92997

Yeah when you're a kid you don't really know any better. The worst thing is cookies. I gag when I try to eat Chips Ahoy, Little Debbie snacks, and Lil Keebler and that other garbage. It tastes so repulsive. The chemical aftertaste is terrible. That shit should be illegal.

I actually kind of hate most chocolate now too. M&M's I can't even eat. They have a really wretched aftertaste themselves.

Anonymous 93023

does anyone else just fondle their junk genitals? not even in a masturbatory way

Anonymous 93025

I don't grow them myself, after I pluck the seeds I just throw them away.

Anonymous 93026

Are you american? In american chocolate they put a chemical found in vomit in the chocolate to mimic the flavor of milton hershey's chocolate. He used spoiled milk when making milk chocolate because it was cheaper and now all american chocolate is sour.

Anonymous 96017

I've heard that spoiled milk doesn't make a difference in baking and that older people still regularly hold on to old milk to bake cakes with. Would it not be the same for chocolate?

Anonymous 96021

All the time. It’s like nail biting or finger tapping. Plus, it’s at the same height where your hands start. I think it’s normal.

Anonymous 96041

does anyone else not work or study and not really like talking to anyone so they spend all their time browsing obscure imageboards or watching anime or reading?

Anonymous 96067


Does anyone else walk in circles over and over again while visualizing various imaginary scenarios in their head?

Anonymous 96069

I've been doing this my entire life and I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me the name of whatever the fuck this is called

Anonymous 96083

Don’t call me out like this…

Anonymous 96100


i fall into these maladaptive daydreaming loops that are impossible to break, feel this.

Anonymous 96130

!!! I started doing this before I can remember myself. When I was a kid, I would be very active and not just walk, but gallop across the room back and forth, only the walls would stop me and change my direction. I didn’t care if I was alone or not, so whenever my mom looked at me doing it, she laughed. I called it “running”. At 13, I found out my friend also does that and we were both pleasantly surprised. She gave it another name but I can’t remember it. Nowadays I rarely “run”, and when I do, it’s just walking.

Anonymous 96142

>When I was a kid, I would be very active and not just walk, but gallop across the room back and forth
I did exactly this, i would also often throw balls around while galloping (tennis balls for example).
>I didn’t care if I was alone or not
I didn't care until about 12 or 13, after that i only did it in my room, or in the basement.

Anonymous 96152

Same. I do it in front of my family and they think it’s quirky. But I’m trying (and failing!) to stop because….it’s sort of pathetic. I actually couldn’t go on with my job because I couldn’t stop. And I’m academically behind. Years and years wasted in fantasy land.

At some point you have to face reality and deal with it, no matter how good that universe inside of your head feels. Else you’ll be miserable. Hopefully I’ll succeed, and you will too.

Anonymous 96153

It’s called maladaptive daydreaming. Not a lot of research about it but people have speculated that it’s mostly caused by depression. It’s hard as hell to quit. Some research reported that taking ADHD meds & some antidepressants might actually help with it, but nothing’s concrete (as far as I know) yet.

Anonymous 96154


Yup, but I tend to spin in my chair like a retard. Thank god that no one caught me doing this shit, it's embarrassing. Music seems to trigger my MD the most.

Anonymous 96158

>that it’s mostly caused by depression
I've been doing this since i was 3 or 4, including the galloping someone else mentioned above.

Anonymous 96165

Is this a whole mental illness or is it just the symptom of my another problem I have?
>running back forth while daydreaming
>fantasy world that stunts my real life
>starting so young I can't even remember when it began

All of these apply to me as well and not once have I ever met anyone who has similar tendencies nor have I ever seen it discussed. Well, until now. I'm 21 years old and I still pace while totally enveloped in an ongoing loop of fantasies. I talk to respond to people in the daydreams and often break down into fits of laughter when funny shit happens.

Anonymous 96170

I’ve been doing the galloping too, anon.

Try to think back to your childhood, though—were the nature of your daydreams different? Everybody daydreams as a kid, but in my experience I was more “in control” of it as a child. I did it intentionally to fill time or to distract myself, and I could pull myself out of it in a second if I wanted to. It wasn’t chronic. It didn’t get in the way of daily activities, and it didn’t leave me feeling embarrassed. Also: it didn’t take hours.

Right now, I can’t control it. I get an urge, like an itch. Especially when I listen to music. Sometimes when watching films too. I walk for hours, completely immersed, laughing when something funny happens, and smiling when something endearing happens. It feels more pathological than daydreaming in my childhood felt — I used to be in control, and now I’m not.

Another point is (I’m using my personal experience again, unfortunately there’s not a lot of research to draw from — and the available research just draws a link between depression, ADHD, and OCD to MD) is that my current MD stems from dissatisfaction, unlike my childhood one. My childhood was all fantasy and wild imagination, while my current is narcissistic: it focuses on an idealized version of reality where I am the main character, and I am perfect, and every situation and plot line reinforces my intelligence/wit/good characteristics. This is not who I am in real life.

Finally, I’d say another factor is time. I spend 2 - 3 hours daydreaming (with music), and I’d say 1 or 2 hours daydreaming without music.

This has affected my immensely in the last few years. I have lost all my ability to focus. Zero. I lost all discipline—and I will do the absolute bare minimum to get that dopamine fix, which is why I’m addicted to MD. It’s the most damning feedback loop ever. Worse, you may not even notice you’re stuck in it. Everything feels too good in your fantasy.

Come to think of it, chronic MD isn’t that different from using non-anonymous social media. You can use both to engineer a nuanced and idealized version of yourself and project that image with the lowest effort possible. But when push comes to shove, you have nothing to show for it. It feels good, in the short term. In the long term? Well, no.

If you’re interested, check out Paranoia Agent. It’s an anime by Satoshi Kon, and it discusses similar ideas: how modern people use fantasy and memories as forms of escapism to cope with their own lives.

I realize none of this prolly implies to you, but I thought I could share my perspective.

Anonymous 96172


yes holy shit i talk to myself ( imagining im in a different world ) while walking around everywhere ALL the time i mean i talk to myself anytime i can even if im with people i dont even notice and i do it even more now that people cant see my mouth moving because of the mandatory mask thing
ive been this way my entire life just yesterday i got yelled at because i was talking to myself in the taxi im pretty sure ive been doing this all my life to fill the hole inside me caused by not having any friends ever
i also cannot sleep until i talk outloud imagining im in my fantasy world where i have friends and i tell them about my day and what i thoughtabout until i tire myself out i always get scolded for this but i cant stop
sorry this is all over the place i just got excited because this is the first time i heard anybody do the same

Anonymous 96173

Anyone have any idea how to stop doing this?

Anonymous 96175

kinda cute but i see how it could get annoying if i knew you in real life

Anonymous 96194

One of my daydreams as a really young kid was that I was a polar bear and I would hurt the map from Dora the Explorer with my claws on purpose. Idk why I was the villain or why I was specifically snuffing a fictional map as a child but I'm ready to farm this out to someone if they can tell me that it's an issue with control

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