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What is a saying you like to... well, say? Anonymous 91107

I'm kinda theatrical sometimes so I like using quotes or lines. Feels like it gives an air of grandeur to what I'm saying lol.

Mine is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Anonymous 91121

different strokes for different folks

Anonymous 91123

The truth hurts
Usually after Im insulting someone

Anonymous 91130

It's not actually a saying but I say this phrase often
"It seems like the pressure of life is finally getting to you"
I usually say it when my sister or my friend says something retarded and I can't think of any other way to respond.

Anonymous 91204

“I highly doubt that”
Usually when kids say something super ridiculous (like they rode on a dragon to meet Santa)

Anonymous 91207

“It’s not rocket appliances” (trailer park boys lol)
“Ah yes: the ever elusive (whatever I’m looking at)”.
In response to someone sometimes I will just rip my glasses off dramatically like some 90s action suspense movie

Anonymous 126313

worrying is inviting

"oh yes. oh yes." when someone doesnt believe me

Anonymous 126329

you sound pretentious as fuck

Anonymous 126330


Anonymous 126334


Most of these are, when is sarcasm ever helpful?

Anonymous 133681

pick up the pace no time to waste

Anonymous 133705

you must be popular at parties

Anonymous 133720

"Life is suffering."

Anonymous 133737

For me, it's
>seethe, sneed and dilate

Anonymous 133746

only americans like the sneed meme

Anonymous 133753

yeah because its funny

Anonymous 134194

YEP, that's a hum-dinger!!

Anonymous 134214

*only scrotes

Anonymous 134223

i say "that's fair" far too much

Anonymous 134234


no scrotum on me and i think it's the best meme in the last decade. sorry you got filtered by the simpsons.

Anonymous 134245


BAD OPINION i do not accept you as part of the crystal.cafe community, go away now

Anonymous 134577

i use the phrase "so to speak" a lot, though it's mostly in my head.

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