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Felt Crafts Anonymous 9151

Any other anons here enjoy making Felt Goods? Either with regular felt fabric or wool felt.

I just love it, specially making sweets and food in general, but anything cute is good☆

I just bought two books from Japan on the subject, and while I wait for them, I figured I could make this thread to post inspo and trade patterns, ideas, templates and such.

Feel free to post your felt crafted goods as well, dear anons!

Anonymous 9152


Anonymous 9153


more cakes

Anonymous 9154


Some cute needle felted matryoshka animals

Anonymous 9155


and cats

Anonymous 9163

I don't have any but these are so beautiful <3 I also love handmade soap that looks like candy and cake.

Anonymous 9205


Anonymous 9206



Anonymous 9245

Seriously how the hell do you do it? I tried stabbing it a gajillion times but the thing wouldn't harden.

Anonymous 9268

i do some needle felting and fabric felting. i have a cute cake i made and will take a pic later if anyone wants to see. i mostly do sweets deco clay, but felt sweets deco sometimes as well. I have a japanese pattern book that teaches you how to make cake shaped felt-covered boxes for jewelry, but i haven't tried it yet!

Anonymous 9270



I want to buy cute little felt cats like this. Where do I get them?

Anonymous 9271


sorry for japanese but this youtuber is pretty easy to understand probably? i don't know english speaking ones.

Anonymous 9286


It's hard to tell what you may be doing wrong without seeing what you are actually doing, but here's a video with some tips. The one anon posted is pretty cute and nice as well, but this one is in english so I figured it could help?

Anonymous 9287

And, speaking of Maqaroon (RIP her old videos), I really love this cat kit. I wish I could have it, it's so cute. Watching her making it is also pretty relaxing.

Anonymous 9291

You can either buy them done on etsy or something like that or buy a kit and try to make it yourself. I recommend it, it's a fun and relaxing little hobby.

Anonymous 9593



>japanese pattern book that teaches you how to make cake shaped felt-covered boxes for jewelry

Omg, anon! I really wanna do these kind of boxes! Would it be too selfish of me to ask for some pics of that book? I understand if you don't want to, and thanks in advance!

Anonymous 9594


More cake box inspo I have~

Anonymous 9632

Do these look just as good as bought ones if you diy? Are they easy to make as they look? I'm fucking terrible at anything handmade but I really want to make one of these.

Anonymous 9799



If I am being totally honest, I wouldn't go as far as to say "just as good", because those are made by professionals, after all. Unless you are a great seamstress yourself. However, I am as noob as one can get and even I could make some pretty cute stuff. I was really happy after making this cute cake kit I bought from Daiso, it was quite simple to follow.

Anonymous 9800


Anonymous 10080

Not felt but this is SO CUTE

Anonymous 10081

Anonymous 10088

Omg these are so cute and sort of realistic lol I was scrolling down and thought it was real for a second

Anonymous 10097



Ikr? I never knew pompoms could get this kinda of effect.
But now, if you wanna get real realistic, needle felt is the way to go. Some shit is absurd. pic related.

Anonymous 10108

I cannot believe this isn't a real cat ;_;

Anonymous 207911

I just started to learn this and was looking everywhere for a thread about it. Anyone know how to get the scraggly ends to stay down?

Anonymous 208045

usually you poke them with a needle, but you can use a tiny crochet hook (or just bend the tip of a needle) poke it in from the side (or bottom if the project is small enough), then just hook around the straggles and bring them in. You can also burn them, but I wouldn't

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