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Anonymous 91691

High functioning autism isn't an actual disability and I'm sick of people pretending it is
Your struggles are in no way equal to someone with actual mental illness
Autism is just an excuse for men to be creeps

Anonymous 91702


Most people would agree that high-functioning autism is not a disability, nor does it excuse someone of their terrible behavior
It IS a handicap for behaving in social situations, but it doesnt mean they can just be creepy and offensive.

I mean, to capstone this, for fuck's sake, look at Chris-chan. Should've gotten the help he needed as a kid but his parents refused, and his autism opened him up to the path he's on today
But he was and is an absolutely terrible human being whose behavior towards the people who cared about him went above and beyond any possible excuse of him having high-functioning autism

Anonymous 91704

>Autism is just an excuse for men to be creeps

they got a whole autism diagnosis, just to creep on you? narcissism at its finest

Anonymous 91705

god men are retarded
men use social autism to excuse their creepy behavior all the time

Anonymous 91711

I agree with the rest of your post but chris-chan is by no means high functioning.

Anonymous 91713

Ah, well I believe he's gone on record saying it was high-functioning, but yeah it was probably bullshit

Anonymous 91717


>t. neurotypical
Did you forget high-functioning autistic women exist?

Anonymous 91723

autism in women presents itself differently than in men and yes they also often use it as an excuse to be an asshole or say they're disabled
being autistic isn't comparable to bipolar for example

Anonymous 91728

From having observed people with high functioning autism it would seem they're still handicapped more in a social sense. Do you equate autism with stupidity, op?

High functioning autists seem to lack awareness regarding things like their personal appearance or strange things they say. They still have to deal with sensory overload or, in the case of aspergers, a constant feeling of emptiness.

So while I see that you mean HFA isn't comparable to something like severe mental incompetence it can not be denied that most high functioning people struggle even to a minor degree.

(And usually HFA girls are quite friendly and seem to have an affinity for interesting obsessions)

Anonymous 91812

God fuck off. You don’t know what it’s like being on the spectrum or the struggles that come with it. Executive dysfunction, not having any friends, being terrified of social situations, intense burnout, comorbidities like depression, OCD, misophonia, etc.

Anonymous 91889

what about women on the spectrum?

Anonymous 91890

this is what I mean by autistic people pretending like their issues are as bad as actual mental illnesses. All of those things are common in literally every mental illness except worse you're not special

Anonymous 91895



Anonymous 91897


Anonymous 91899

I used to believe I was on the spectrum. Turns out I'm just an anti-social piece of shit.

Anonymous 91901

It's not about being special, wtf. How do you even quantify how bad a mental illness is compared to other anyway, this is stupid. Either you lack empathy or you're projecting.

I'm not saying we should behave like moids, but the fact that girls always try to conform can be harmful sometimes.

Anonymous 91920


>le attention craving
autism is social retardation that's all kek

Anonymous 91929

Anonymous 91939

Autism is a disorder caused by incomoetent parents that didnt bother to socialise their children. The problem stays when no one says to those people that they can and should do shit to get better. They think that they dont have to because "its hard and not muh fault". Well sorry, life is a bitch, some people have to try harder than others.

Anonymous 91942

Fun fact and IIRC because I no longer have the study in my bookmarks (just google around yourselves). Sperm begins to degenerate in quality at around 30 in males and the chances of an child being born with a disorder such as autism, ADHD, and schizophrenia increase furthermore with age. Start asking such individuals how old their parents (see: father) are. It's interesting to see how prevalent it is. Sage for obvious.

Anonymous 91944

funny how it's blamed automatically on the woman though

Anonymous 91950

Uh this is not true at all. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disease, which means it has to do with the way the brain is formed before the person is even born. You can't "catch" autism, by bad parenting or tap water or vaccines or whatever. The reason some children don't seem autistic at first and then suddenly do is because that's when the lack of interpersonal skills becomes evident, according to normal child development.
Try not to be a dick and blame parents for something they couldn't have prevented.

Anonymous 91960

Imagine thinking all the complications of autism can be prevented by raising kids a certain way. Nah girl, it's very obvious especially when its moderate to severe autism that it's not just a behavioral issue. It's very clearly a handicap.

Are the autistic people you know just the girls on TikTok who fake it for attention or are you surrounded with retard moids?

Anonymous 91971

>girls on TikTok who fake it for attention
I wanted to make a thread about this but it seems to fit this one. I am so tired of seeing these fakers begging for attention through other people's misfortune. I remember the "neurodivergent" and "actually autistic" community on Tumblr back in the day used to shun and make fun of self-diagnosed attention whores, but now it seems like they make up the majority of those tags on Tik Tok or Twitter.
They will complain about the "neurotypicals" and list completely normal and common traits as "neurodivergent", and call anyone who only takes diagnosed people seriously an ableist racist classist because diagnoses are not "inclusive" enough. When the whole point of those communities was to exclude normals like you!
They've also been invaded by genuinely horrible people with cluster b personality disorders who are attempting to normalize abusive behaviour because it's "ableist" for victims to speak against it or expect them to work on themselves.
Not surprisingly, the community of neurospecials overlaps with the genderspecials. Horrible people, the lot.

Anonymous 91976

>the community of neurospecials overlaps with the genderspecials

Every single tourettes and DID faker on TikTok has that hair which is short on the sides but long and blue on the top. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Looks like a stereotypical 2014 Superwholock sperg

Anon, make that thread. I fucking adore the topic and I have a particular issue with one quite famous TikTok personality

Anonymous 91977

You have obviously never seen pants-shitting levels of autistic retardation before. Don't get confused, the high-functioning spergs that can even manage to speak language before uttering obscenities against women are the cream of the crop when it comes to autism. You can't educate the literally retarded.

Anonymous 91984

op here, im fine if this thread is derailed with those. i guess part of my problem is from a huge amount of people suddenly diagnosing themselves with autism and they use it as an excuse constantly. it's like their entire identity. DID seems common for this too

Anonymous 92046

Kill yourself, neurotypical.

Anonymous 92095

No surprise a literal autist makes these statements
Retards don't hold wisdom regardless of gender, this makes as much sense as saying a girl in a wheelchair is more capable than a moid in one. For fucks sake you accept they're retarded in the first half of the sentence
>being this jealous of autists

Anonymous 92120

Rancid male energy coming from this post…

Anonymous 92138


>They've also been invaded by genuinely horrible people with cluster b personality disorders who are attempting to normalize abusive behaviour because it's "ableist" for victims to speak against it or expect them to work on themselves.
>the community of neurospecials overlaps with the genderspecials
>Every single tourettes and DID faker on TikTok has that hair which is short on the sides but long and blue on the top. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
They're identifiable on sight with their hair dyes and piercings, like aposematic animals.

The majority of the tourettes, DID/OSDD, ADHD/ADD, ASD, etc etc fakers are your normal insecure teenage girls seeking validation and a community to ass-pat them while lacking things such as better adult supervision - to name just one issue out of many - but there's a lot of these teenagers that are absolutely cluster B (if not in the making) and the older ones and adults that are already deep into their delusions, nonsense, and etc are infecting them faster. Even if they're just teenagers, I lack total sympathy for them for ruining important mental health spaces, opinions, and etc by crying bigotry and forcing people to cater to their role-playing horseshit. I know I'm far from alone in being further unable to discuss my disorders with other people due to these lunch-table rejects.

I could talk about this topic for a long time, and I have some personal encounter stories, but it's hard not to come across as raging or loathing over these kids. Hope you make the thread, Anon. picre, no sage cause op seems ok w/it

Anonymous 92165

Thats the autism im talking about. It really is a neurological disorder but unfortunately it has become an excuse for people to stay children (like said tiktok girls).

Anonymous 92166

I have. I should have been more precise. I understand thar there is that autism. But these days its diagnosed to people who are kust raised by adult children who couldnt socialise them properly.

Anonymous 92325

Wtf is misophonia is that one of those made up zoomer disorders

Anonymous 92338


No. It’s not made up. I’m sure a lot of people say they have it for attention though. It’s an affliction where you cannot stand certain repetitive noises like chewing, finger tapping, coughing, sniffling, etc. It isn’t just thinking “omg chewing sounds are so annoying!!1!” It causes genuine mental distress, like rage, depression, helplessness. It has affected my life so drastically that I am almost always wearing headphones when I’m at home and I haven’t eaten a meal with any of my family members for close to a decade now. I also had to stop attending my classes in middle school because I could not stand the sniffling of other students. People like OP piss me off so fucking much. Autism is a real disability.

Anonymous 92740


Anonymous 92743

what we consider functioning changes based on someone's age

I'm sure he was considered high functioning when he was a literal child and didn't actually have to take care of himself

Anonymous 92745

this is literally my life what the fuck. i'm not even autistic but have to cover my ears whenever anyone in my house uses the bathroom because it's within earshot and i hate the sounds. i also hate the sounds of their chewing and i feel bad about it

Anonymous 92746


Isn't high functioning autism considered autism without intellectual disability? I heard IQ is mainly genetic and decreases as we get older but change isn't drastic.

I believe that just because he is delusional doesn't mean he is low functioning. Schizophrenics can have high mental abilities and can problem-solve really fast but still believe that faces live in the walls or that CIA is after them. The same was with Terry Davis, that programmer guy.

And Asperger syndrome is also considered High functioning autism now so I would say it clearly has genetic factors. I may be wrong about these things. I would like to hear your opinions.


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