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Anonymous 92750

How are you holding up, s?

Anonymous 92766


I'm holding up okay. What about you anon?

Anonymous 93074


Anonymous 93631



Anonymous 93686



Anonymous 93689

don't tempt me to form online attachments, love

Anonymous 93921

Don’t tempt me with a good time

Anonymous 93973

It's too late, love.

Anonymous 94022

Can I just be holding sideways?

Anonymous 94362

You really don’t

Anonymous 94365

Of course, it's a subjective things. For example, if you're a Hitler-character type, you'd presumably just not get lonely either way.

Anonymous 94425

What’s a hitler character type?

Anonymous 94583


Anonymous 94592


As an INFJ I literally can’t

Anonymous 95061

Anonymous 95086

Anonymous 95175


Anonymous 95693

Oh god, keep those things away, away!!

Then again, I may have a somewhat warped perspective from having had the displeasure of just being intensely acquainted with male ENFPs. Still, better safe than sorry!

Anonymous 95807


Anonymous 98996

Please convince me not to move to another city, I’m holding on to here by a thread

Anonymous 99003

Why do you want to stay?

I'm in a pretty good place right now and I hope all of you are too

Anonymous 99146

I want to stay because I don’t wanna leave all my friends yet. Idk, I’m gonna go downtown tonight to think about it more

Anonymous 99268

A lot worse than without the particular varied cabal of those acting like they care. Especially the most slickly backhanded ones.

Anonymous 99303

I feel you but I try not to burden the people that care with the brevity of the situation :(

Anonymous 102400


Anonymous 102815

Finely balanced on a knife edge

Anonymous 103134

like shit

Anonymous 109867

Bretty gud :DDDDD

Anonymous 109868

im okay just getting stressed out by school

Anonymous 109872

I hope everyone’s had a great day regardless of whatever bullshit

Anonymous 110748

Screenshot 2021-10…

I want to make meaningful improvements in my life but I'm stuck wondering from each day to the next comparing to the next. I then have one bad thing happen and it ruins my whole day, then the silliest of nice things will happen to me and will brighten my whole day

i mean oops this isn't the vent thread

Anonymous 111020

I am in a phase of a lot of acceptance. Not necessarily "turns out this thing makes me happy :)", but more seeing my personal world and myself for what they are and not what they could be. It's really good in some ways but ultimately rather than good or bad I think it's just necessary. So I think I am growing, but I am not doing particularly good or bad.

Anonymous 111024

i hate having ptsd and the fact that ive had it for most of my life

Anonymous 111025

I know that feeling, it's harder than people realize

Anonymous 111033

Try shrooms or MDMA. They have been shown to help PTSD long term

Anonymous 111816

I got a job (!!!!)

Anonymous 111823

Fuck yeah!!!

Anonymous 112136

Anonymous 112140

the real question is where to get them besides TOR tbh

Anonymous 112145

make some friends

Anonymous 112799


Anonymous 112806

:( sorry. Is a new phone not in the picture? Must’ve been a fun night

Anonymous 112815

I grow them myself, I don't even take them, I just find the process relaxing. I also grow regular edible/gourmet mushrooms. I can teach you if you want!

Anonymous 113428

Have you heard of Trauma Release Exercises? TRE for short. an anon on 4/biz/ used to make threads about it and I wound up trying it. Far out it actually works.
Let me do my best to explain:
Basically the idea is that your nervous system stores tension after trauma and injury that plays keeps you from healing fully (which is true), and there are exercises you can do to sort of work this tension out.
I've explained it so badly but watch this youtube video and you can see the two exercises that the women do.
I'm going to look for his posts and copy paste since I can't explain it well.

If you have PTSD or any type of stress at all please watch these videos, it really does help and only takes a few minutes

Anonymous 113628

Like a fish out of water without a leg to stand on, yet somehow I’m jogging

Anonymous 113854

For fucking dicks sake!

Anonymous 117292

I done got the covid

Anonymous 118210

anytime now.jpg

I still want to die after all these years but I still keep on kicking.
Maybe I'm a masochist.

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