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What are you baking? Anonymous 93018

I’m going to make Marzipan Kirsch Torte tomorrow.


What have you baked or made lately?

Anonymous 93020

I used to back all the time, most of the time I botched it, but I've been depressed and can't handle the failure

Anonymous 93021

Me and my girls (3 and 5) went strawberry picking last week and we made strawberry shortcake with them and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. Do you have any idea how delicious a drought stressed, ripened on the vine strawberry is? Then that on a hot, sugar and butter crusted cake? Amazing.

We're decorating red white and blue confetti cupcakes for the 4th of July.

I also bake rolls, breads, etc every other day but not counting those.

Anonymous 93083

WhatsApp Image 202…

What would be your first choice if you decided to bake again?
That sounds like a lot of fun. I wished we had strawberries here, they're pretty uncommon to harvest.

This is a cold cheese-banana cake with minced pistachios and ground biscuit base my bf and I did a week ago. He didn't like it as much as I did. It doesn't look very tasty on that pic but I can assure you it was delicious.

Anonymous 93091


I am going to make a Cotton Cheesecake next time, it's a steamed cake- no oven used, so its texture is super moist and fluffy.


Anonymous 93095

Sounds delicious
Expat in Germany :)

Anonymous 93110

It looks like vomit and diarrhea

Anonymous 93111

Probably better than what you can do, sunshine.

Anonymous 93117

I made hokkaido milk bread and custard buns last week (they used the same dough). It was really fun to try and it came out okay but not great because it didn't rise as much as it should have. The buns were better because the pastry cream made up for the dense-ish texture.
I used this recipe: https://kayannsbakery.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/creamy-custard-buns/

Don't be mean for no reason.

Anonymous 93118

I just moved and want to start baking again! My old apartment had no space. Any recommendations for smaller bakes? I only have a small oven. My cake tin is 18cm.

Hi expat anon! How are you settling in? Are you looking for German contacts?

Anonymous 93122

WhatsApp Image 202…

*feeds you a piece*

Anonymous 93136


I absolutely love to bake, but I can't do it often because
1) I don't want to get phat
2) my mother is a huge bitch about me using the kitchen and always has a meltdown when I cook anything even though I always clean up after myself
but I really like baking cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, lemon bars, brownies… AAAAAAA I WANNA BAKE

Anonymous 93140

side-eyeing you very hard right now. marzipan lovers are not to be trusted…

Anonymous 93201


*feeds you a piece*

I love pastry cream, it’s so tasty.

Mug cakes? I know those can be made in the microwave.

I’ve been here since 2019. I’m in the Rheinland-Pfalz area. I love it here very much.

Tell here you need to learn lest you die of starvation when you leave home then proceed to pretend to faint. Dramatic? Yes. Is she over reacting? Absolutely.

Anonymous 93203


I want to make a triffle but more importantly: I want to own the triffle's glass cup.

Anonymous 93208

it looks pretty, very nice work. but the closest i will ever come to ceding ground to you marzipan people is enjoying the actually delicious and not completely sacrilegious turrón de jijona.

Anonymous 93209


Can't believe that I found in my timeline a post that talks about turrón de Xixona. Did the simulation go nuts?

Anonymous 93219

it's popular in burgerland for hispanic families, along with a few other varieties, not all are popular here, just like three. but yema sucks, jijona and alicante are the best. anon sooo doesn't know what she's missing by staying faithful to marzipan.

Anonymous 93223

I like marzipan but I do like trying new things and I looked up turrón de jijona and I do believe I shall be trying this next time in place of marzipan. Cuz life is short.

Anonymous 93224

Ugh I love her!

Anonymous 93225


>jijona and alicante are the best
As someone from very near to that town and city: thank you <3
There are so many types of turrones, life truly is too short to taste all of them and try to make them at home!

Anonymous 93227

Could I roll it out and make it flat like a marzipan cake topper? They call them marzipandecke or marizpandecker here in Germany.

Anonymous 93228


Me too, Titli from Titli's Busy kitchen and Mrs. Crocombe are my favourite youtube cooking chanels.

Anonymous 93230

I’ll have to check out Titli! Cooking with Dog on YouTube is really cute if you like Japanese food

Anonymous 93233

It depends on how the texture is, maybe if the turrón is too earthy or caramel-based nope, but if it's soft you could use it as a topper. I wouldn't bake it afterwards tho, the only heating involving a turrón is the slow frying of the nuts and the melting of the paste with the sugar or milk. If you put it in the over afterwards you'll probably dry it too much. But I don't really know, you should experiment!

Oh fuck, the doggo is deceased :''''(. I'll definitely watch videos from this channel. I always liked asian gastronomy but felt like a weeb trying to cook it. Thanks!

Anonymous 93248

i'm just teasing with you, anon. but for real, try it and i promise that you won't ever look at marzipan again. it's just that good.

<3 <3

Anonymous 93310

Mrs. Crocombe is a bad bitch. I have immense respect for anyone who does living history stuff in general, cool stuff.

Anonymous 93324

I just realized it looks like I was eating this Godzilla piece by myself lol I was sharing this with my husband I promise

Anonymous 93363

Seeing all this I want a cc cake picnic so bad.

Anonymous 93371


Like this?

Anonymous 93374

71z6ekR H-L._AC_SL…

Or like this?

Anonymous 93376


Anonymous 93384



Anonymous 93390

Okay just no seances or I’m leaving lol

Anonymous 93408


awww okay

Anonymous 94055


Let there be
apricot cake!

Anonymous 94056


Anonymous 94077

a few days ago i made an mini oatmeal chocolate cake. i poured the mixture in a muffin tin, so it was more like a bar/brownie. it had a dark chocolate taste and i added a few semi sweet chips on top of it while it was still warm. it really feels nice to eat something you personally baked

Anonymous 94083

Yes, I love it! I think I’m going to bake some homemade bread next

Anonymous 94091


I’m making my snickerdoodle recipe for our 1st extended family gathering we’ve hosted since 2019.

I started making them during the coconut panini when my mom bought cinnamon sugar from the store by accident while panic buying and everyone loves them. This is there first time out in public so I’m excited

Anonymous 97681


Anonymous 97682

I’m also making Scottish tablet, feel excited to bake rn

Anonymous 97691


I have never made them before but I want to make a picnic with them with cold coffee and lemonade and just be a fancy lady. Maybe I could make one with ladybird spots on it.
Genuinely be careful, that stuff is clinically addictive. Don't get left alone with your tablet lmao

Anonymous 104764

fuck dieting. fuck this shit. i just want to bake all day every day and become really good at the science behind it and wash dishes, but no! i gotta practice moderation and every baking recipe either tastes like crap or waaay too good.

anyway, here is my favorite brioche recipe. https://youtu.be/mlDsvWwjS14

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