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Any horse girls round these parts? Anonymous 93112

What is your favorite breed? Do you ride? I'm starting English lessons soon, and I am really excited!

Anonymous 93119

I love horses. I've dialed back the outwardly obvious obsession as I aged, but internally I'm still crazy about them. My whole room was decorated in horse posters and literally all my toys were horses. I would only read PONY mag (UK and Ireland horse hoes will know) and my first proper books were about a magic horse. I also used to take riding lessons

Most people would never guess that I was a ginormous horse dork growing up but it comes out when I start sporting about the Irish Draught, the only horse for me.

Anonymous 93156

a saw a horse today. :)

Anonymous 93157

Why do horsegirls claim to love horses while also wanting to ride and commandeer them? They don't want to be your slaves

Anonymous 93173

>she doesn't rider her horse bareback with no reins just believing in the bond you form between each other
Just because you only know how to act as oppressor doesn't mean we can't have a nice relationship with them.

Anonymous 93174

i've literally ridden them bareback at the insistence of my horsegirl friends, please. they don't want to work for you and be beholden to you

Anonymous 93176

Well, I suppose another reason I like horses is they can definitely tell when they're around someone bad and they won't listen to them or make their ride pleasant at all.

Anonymous 93178

but why do you want to ride them at all? i wouldn't want to ride on any animal that i claim to love. huge sign of disrespect to me to want to forcibly climb on them and ride them, very disrespectful to the animal

Anonymous 93235


The Irish Draught is such a studious, lovely horse. I guess it is probably pretty basic, but I love Clydesdales. Really any gentle giant horse is a lovely one, especially with lots of fetlock feathers. I also would really love to be able to meet a Shire someday. (pictured for those curious)

They are so beautiful in general, though- even the most basic coloration of horse can be lovely with good grooming and a healthy coat.

Anonymous 93238

Well, how does one respect an animal? Do you eat any animals? Are you 100% against any human interactions with animals? Why is riding a horse degrading vs raising a cow vs raising a hunting dog?

Anonymous 93243


I'd love to live in the countryside with a shetland minihorse /pony. I'd never ride them but I'd love to brush their hair and give them all kinds of care.

Anonymous 93244



Anonymous 93255

Can you people keep it light? The idea of a nice horse thread discussing breeds and how much we like them is a lot more fun than acting like riding a horse to bond with them is a sin greater than snuffing the poor fucker put with a baseball bat

Anonymous 93262


the spotty ponies are the cutest!! I love how goofy they are, too- having a little herd of them would be magnificent! though I have heard that they are not really any cheaper to care for than a normal sized horse, which surprised me. (might not entirely be true, though I think they can have health issues.)

Anonymous 93276

man's walking

Anonymous 93278

no this shit is cringe

Anonymous 93387

aaaaaaaaa I want a pony

Anonymous 93422

This "shit" is just a normal part of living in the countryside for many people.
Where I live literally every girl in my class was a horse girl.

Anonymous 93597

Is every person that is in charge of people a slave owner?

Anonymous 93600


Did anyone else have a ton of horse toys growing up?

I had a bunch of Sclech horses. I also had a ginormous amount of My Little Pony dolls that I posted about in the MLP thread over in media

Anonymous 93602


Anonymous 93604

I'd love a herd of these short bitches awwww

Anonymous 93606

hey now pretty fucked up thing to call a child

Anonymous 93611


Hell yeah, I had an obscene amount of horse plushes- just about every equine Webkinz they ever made, if I recall. And Bella Sara cards- I was gutted when I found out the site shut down.

I don't want to derail a (relatively) wholesome thread, but I just want to say how much I love that horses are such an intrinsically female hobby. And it involves these massive, elegant creatures, whether you just like them or ride/care for them. It's a sport and hobby dominated by women and I fucking love it.

Anonymous 93613


Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro are such a powercouple.
(seriously, watch Dujardin in a dressage performance, even if you know nothing about horses, she will sooth and impress you at the same time.)

Anonymous 93669

I also love the relationship between women and equestrian sports. I wonder how that happened seeing as equestrian sports are mostly derived from cavalry things which is traditionally moid stuff

When it comes to dressage, any performance by Moorlands Totilas is elite. Such a beautiful stallion. Only died recently too

Anonymous 93679


Totilas moves so gracefully that he almost looks like CGI- utterly incredible.

Anonymous 93684

I've never actually met a horse girl, are the stereotypes true or are they just incel propaganda? Perhaps they are only true to a degree, like only 25% or 33% true.

Anonymous 93726

The concept of the annoying horse girl doesn't exist in girls over the age of about 15. At most, they're just early teens who are growing out of their childhood horse obsession while also acting like a normal kid who is growing up.

I'm not sure how the stereotype of wolf tails and the Warrior Cats novel series fits into the horse girl stereotype but they're just normal dork interests for their time so it's not exclusively a horse girl thing.

Anonymous 93779

I think that there are two concepts involving "horse girls," one being the offensive stereotype that effectively works as moid repellant, and then what I actually consider a legitimate "horse girl."

In the first category, all you have to do is search around a bit on reddit for moids screeching about how weird and gross girls who are into horses are. They rarely go into specifics. Just "girl like horse"="weird and undateable."

I personally think that the average moid hates the idea that a woman is capable of providing full care for a massive beast that can kill you with a kick, and still call them silly names like Freckles the Pony and braid the thing's hair.

For the second category, a real horse "girl" (woman) is a tough lady who dedicates her life to caring for horses, or just simply gets into the sports/games/etc that involve horses.

Not touching on teen horse girls, because that was explained well above.

Anonymous 93828

what part is incel propaganda about horsegirls? do they say they want to fuck horses or something? they didn't want to fuck horses as kids and teens, no. they just had a spergtastic fixation on horses.

Anonymous 93901

The same people who claim women only buy ever buy male dogs and are disgusting because all women fuck their dogs are just bitter incels who can't stand the sight of a woman giving her dog a pat on the head when they can't even get a second glance. Similarly, moids think its abhorrent that women can live horses so much when the moid cant even be spoken to, so he makes up an insane lie about women onlyiking horses because horses have big genitals and we're all terminally slutty

Anonymous 95441


Thinking about this classic recently. You know what's funny?

I always thought Spirit was a great allegory for what down in the wild west. If you haven't seen the movie, it's about a wild horse who gets captured by a a group of people trying to tame the west by building a railway and running off the natives. Spirit fights back against being tamed and ends up escaping alongside a Native American who gains his trust. Theres a lot more in the movie but I'll shorten this by saying there is a conflict between the Natives and the Colonisers and the Natives win. Spirit returns to the wild as a free horse, a metaphor for the untamable spirit of nature and the wild west.

And then they recently made a fucking reboot where Spirit is a tame horse owned by fucking cowboys what the fuck why would you take a wonderful work of fiction and just totally remove the message like that

Anonymous 95444


I have not watched it, but from the trailer/response Spirit Riding Free sounds like the most tone-deaf TV move in a while. Rarely do old films hold up a better moral standpoint than their newer counterparts. Utterly bizarre decision, they would have been better off making an animation about a herd of wild horses doing wild horse things than backpedal on the original message of the movie so hard.

Anonymous 95488

I was under the impression it was a series show. I've seen clips of it. The animation is very cheap looking, a huge disservice to the animation of the original movie (which, while not revolutionary, was certainly very beautiful).

In a political climate like our own I would think Netflix would jump at the opportunity to make a show with the message carried in Spirit. But like.


How do you screw something up THIS badly?

Anonymous 95538


I love coldbloods. All of them.

Anonymous 95541

My sister was a horse girl. Lots of posters, magazines, took lessons, watched shows and movies, etc. I inherited all of her my little ponies etc but was never a real horse girl. I don't know what the stereotypes are but it was pretty harmless, the same as liking a band or actor.

Honestly, unless there's more too it than I experienced, I suspect that the horse girl negativity is just because it's something attached to teenage girls. The queen, sheiks, and many upper class people love horses and riding but no one is hating on them. Same for cowboys and gauchos. Teenage girls aren't breeding or racing them and are arguably the least problematic horse-likers out there.

Calling them weird is just a general meaningless insult thrown around at anyone who dares to be different. Girls and women are also tend to be demonised for liking anything that can give them independence and possibly discourage them being a marriage and baby slave, no wonder incels hate them, despite horse girls being the complete opposite of the type of women on onlyfans, which incels also hate. Women and girls just can't win with them.

Anonymous 95542


I love coldbloods! All horses are perfect, but big thick chunky horses are the best

Anonymous 95547

absolute UNIT alert- jesus, I don't even know if I could hold that guy's hooves to pick! Looks like a chunky Skyrim horse. What breed is he?

Anonymous 95578

Percheron if I'm not mistaken. That lovely sable cost suits the breed very well. They're one of the mega thick breeds that I adore

Anonymous 95580


Samefag, but just look at the size of this bad boy compared to a human

Anonymous 95581

that's a really tall human too

Anonymous 95583


Hind legs like tree trunks

Anonymous 95584

Horses should be predators

Anonymous 95588

Fun fact: while horses aren't predators, they are absolutely omnivores.

More accurately, they're what's known as an "opportunistic carnivore".

People were confused as shit when those two short clips of horses just eating baby chicks off the ground like it was nothing started circulating on meme pages. People who have spent a long time around horses will often tell you that they'll eat chicks, dead rodents, happily take bites out of hotdogs/ham sandwiches at public events, or even reach out of their fields to catch a bite of roadkill.

Theres a nomadic group in a much colder country than my own that supplements their horses doets with dried fish meat. The horses are happy to eat this

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