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Pinkpill #3 Anonymous 93567

Vent your frustration about males and the degenerate things that they do here.

Last thread:

Anonymous 93569

I was thinking about a post I seen on Lolcow. An anon had said she was sick and tired of her coworkers (all women) complaining to her about men but continuing to pursue them. All complaints were the standard things that really can't be fixed in men- selfishness, degeneracy, immaturity, etc. This anon said that she wouldn't have minded this if her coworkers had actually bothered to help themselves with the issue instead of continuously doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

I'm conflicted on this. On the one hand, straight women have needs that unfortunately require a moid. On the other hand, it's hard to muster much sympathy for someone who keeps putting their hand on a stove againg and again only to cry each time when their hand is burned.

Maybe I'm just being weird about it but I feel like a lot of people aren't willing to drop the illusion that moids are worth the pain they cause

Anonymous 93585


From a Nick Crowley video I just seen on a man infamous for documenting himself sexually harassing women on the street. I wonder how many men think the same

Anonymous 93612

I support this fully. Either accept that your male partner sees you as a helper side character and bang maid in the movie that is his life, or else raise your standards and risk being alone. Just stop crying about your hand burning.

Anonymous 93614

It mainly annoys me when they constantly complain about their scrote, but refuse to confront them or leave and then act like a martyr. Like complaining about unequal division of chores but still choosing to marry and have kids with the scrote, then acting like they're a helpless victim. I'm glad my friends are all single women so I don't have to listen to scrote problems.

Anonymous 93629

Imagine ditching your career aspirations and wasting 20 years of your life as a bangmaid, actual maid, and free child carer just so a moid can advance his career and then leave you lol.

The warning signs present themselves when we are young. We know moids are gross because the young ones don't know or dont care enough to hide it. If you fall into their snare because "oh but hes a good one" then you're a fool. I feel bad for you and I empathise and support you through your pain, but you're a fool and you walked yourself into their trap. Never trust them or get attached to one. They'll only ever disappoint you

Anonymous 93632

>Imagine ditching your career aspirations and wasting 20 years of your life as a bangmaid, actual maid, and free child carer
I don't know which is more pathetic, revolving your sense of personal value around wage slavery, or raising children.

Anonymous 93641

I think she meant "career" in a sense of self expression: like becoming an artist, a scientist, a ceo, etc. More about self actualisation than wage slavery per se (though the latter is pretty much unavoidable because capitalism :( )

Anonymous 93648

I said that because that as a default because I've seen it on several occasions go down like that. For example, someone I'm quite close to aspired her entire life to be a doctor. She actually got into medical school through a scholarship she worked super hard to get. And then she accepted a marriage proposal and decided to quit to have a child with her moid.
This happens all the time.

Maybe "career" wasn't a good thing for me to say specifically. "Life aspirations" might have been a better choice of words, but you can not deny that when a woman gets married the first thing that goes out the window is usually the career she applied so much work and energy into getting

Anonymous 93652


I know, thats why I said that wage slavery is "pretty much unavoidable" in the first place :/

Anonymous 93655

>how most moids stand the hellish environments they put themselves in
They get off on the pain they experience and inflict (read: mary daly's def of sadomasochism), clap each other on the backs for being so depraved and stunning and love having another reason for a dick measuring contest with their bepenised peers (this time because of job), jobs also give their useless lifes some sort of meaning

Anonymous 93658


Wageslavery is still better than a mother's lot no matter from what angle you look at it (paid for, has schedule, is regarded as an actual work not devalued, you still have time for hobbies, etc). Honestly whats up with you? Is "wageslavery" your sensitive spot or something?

Anonymous 93660

This. Motherhood and house keeping is everything wrong with wage slaving but without the pay

Anonymous 93688


Men will never understand

Anonymous 93690

Why do men care so much about being smart? It's like everything they do is to convince others of how intelligent they are. They don't seen to watch movies, listen tô music or read books for fun, they do this in order to convince the others of how they like complex, intelligent stuff.

Anonymous 93691

I've never met a man who wants to improve themselves like that, the opposite really, so arrogantly sure of themselves even when they're wrong, like they don't even consider it a possibility

Anonymous 93694

Wow, that's weird, it seems as if there is a range of behavior with men that can't be boiled down to the fact that they're just male.

To answer this though.
>Why do men care so much about being smart?
Because being smart, and, to a lesser extent appearing smart lead to more acquisition of status and resources. Hypothetically, with enough status and resources gained, a man can display dominance over other men by his superior status, and theoretically get access to more mates by doing so. Whether this works in practice, I don't know, do you think college graduate moids get more sex than high school drop out NEET moids?

Anonymous 93697

This is one of the most wtf behaviours moids have. Just… wtf? Why do moids do shit like not go to the dentist when they have a toothache or ignore medical problems instead of going to the doctor when they're in pain? They do both of these things as if it's the same stupid moid "I can walk over a freezing mountain barefoot shirtless in the dark" shit like WHAT

Anonymous 93699

Same reason our patriarchal system of labour relations encourages people to pride themselves on running themselves into the ground ("I haven't slept more than four hours a night for a month because of all the overtime I've been putting in", etc, etc)
Being a MAN is about how much you can ENDURE and how much DAMAGE you can withstand, it is quite frankly pathetic and these same moids will end up withered, bitter and shrivelled later in life

Anonymous 93704

They do it to prove they can endure more pain than other moids in display of dominance of prowess, not really hard to understand.

Anonymous 93711

That's retarded

Anonymous 93718

Okay, but it's not hard to understand.

Anonymous 93719


Anonymous 93729

damn didn't take long for the recrooters to flood the thread

DINK life here I come

Anonymous 93739

This isn't snide wordplay, do you think retard's behaviors are hard to understand? When the retard shits his pants, are you pondering the deep philosophical implications of what brain synapse firings occurred that lead him to that moment, or do you understand he has no concept of what a toilet let alone bathroom is and thus is unable to perform.

Anonymous 93758


Why does everyone watch porn?

Anonymous 93760


Because our brains are hard wired to eat that shit up, and the format of online porn makes it easily accessible and addictive.

Honestly I feel like smut/erotica novels are much better and less brain rotting but I don't know if that's actually true though.

Anonymous 93764

Erotica novels aimed at women are absolutely bat shit insane. The choices are 50 Shades of Grey, or one of those werewolf "the alpha wants to mate me. I dont want to, but can I resist him?" romances written by a Wattpad author who made it to adulthood.

Anonymous 93773

That's literally just porn for women.

Anonymous 93774

The people in porn are real humans usually being exploited.

Anonymous 93776

This sounds more like a system of capitalism.

Anonymous 93780

And yet they sell nonetheless, which should really tell you more about your fellow average women than you may want to know.

Anonymous 93784

Does it mean we all took the Jacob Blackpill during the Twilight years?

Anonymous 93787

It means werewolves are hot.

Anonymous 93791

"Soft romance" predates Twilight, though I would count Twilight as being the first one to specifically target teens in my memory.

No it actually means, Werewolves, Vampires, Pirates, Milloinaire's and Surgeons are hot. Top 5 most common female fantasies.

Anonymous 93792

ok thanks JP

Anonymous 93793

JP? Whose that? That's from an empirical study.

Anonymous 93796

I would have thought serial killers would rank higher than surgeons at this point but I guess Carlile Cullen (the dad vampire who worked in the Twilight hospital) is both vampire and medical professional and he was still pretty hot

Anonymous 93797

Kek if any anons want to read a normie vanilla romance/erotica novel I recommend The Kiss Quotient. It's like a genderbent Pretty Woman.

Anonymous 93815

which one was less insane? i only paid attention at certain points in those films. wasn't jacob less insane than edward? the fact that he wasn't 900 years old and was actually a kid automatically seemed more normal to me when i first saw the films as a teen, but i didn't really pay attn to the guys

Anonymous 93821

Jacob was less insane than edward until he fell in love with a literal baby, so they were both predators kind of, but Edward was like all puritanical and weird at the same time. Mormonism is a hard drug.

Anonymous 93823

going to disregard the bizarre baby plot because it was surprisingly stupid and contrived, even for stephanie meyer. he didn't choose to fall in love with the baby iirc, it was that werewolf random attachment thing. correct me if i'm wrong, twilight fans, but wasn't jacob actually more concerned with her safety where edward was too busy sulking and disappearing, then randomly showing up? so why the hell was edward so heavily favored? he was so boring, literally no emotion. people complain about bella being an emotionless mary sue but he seemed to mirror her boring, flat self

Anonymous 93850


lol I feel like if you’re gonna read erotic at least read Anaïs Nin, Rachilde (Marguerite Vallette-Eymery), Djuna Barnes, Gertrud von Puttkamer, Ann Bannon, Anne Desclos,
and Violette Leduc.

If you’re gonna read smut at least make it literature.

Anonymous 93852

They think that while women get less phisically attractive with age, they get more attractive.
>some dumb chart to prove that
The thing is that women never think only with their vaginas. If you qsk a woman who is attractive to her she will say someone that has it all. If you ask the same thing to a man he will say a person that is phisically attractive and nothing else.
No. Older men arent more phisically attractive, they just tend to be wiser and better companions.

Anonymous 93853

I agree. While porn being based on gaining something from a real person, written pornography is an idea on what a hypothetical experience between some two people could be. No one gets hurt in the process. No one, atleast in the ones for women, is degraded and dehumanized (except for the werewolf hehe). Its usually a sort of hero story with the woman "taming" the man, teaching him how to love and shit. Regular porn is just humiliation.

Anonymous 93867

Has anyone read Midnight Sun? It's the Twilight book that came out in 2020, its basically the first book written from Edward's perspective. It's got super creepy undertones. He starts off not caring and then he develops an obsession with her based on how badly he wants to drink her blood/kill her so he starts stalking her. Throw that on top of the fact he's a sulky emotionally abusive mess and you've got yourself possibly the worst example of a boyfriend ever. It's a lot worse when you consider the concept of vampires is said to be rooted in sex, and that his obsessive need to be near her because hes "hungry" is extremely rapey

Jacob in the very least seemed to care for Bella until you realise he actually just instinctively orbiting an egg that was inside her ovary the entire time. Still a big creep who kissed her without permission

Anonymous 93872

Edward was literally stone. Not just emotionally, like physically. The vampire lore in Twilight states that the vampires are a species of predatory rock. He wasn't cold and emotionless because he was dead it's just that he was made out of pavement or some shit.

They really gave concrete all the red flags of an emotionally abusive boyfriend and marketed that to tweens as the perfect man

Anonymous 93874

And yet it was and is popular. We can argue it was astroturfed to a certain degree, but you don't get to be the highest grossing teen romance without actually being something a large number of readers legitimately wanted.

Anonymous 93877

There are folktales in my country of married women being kidnapped by bears, and then the woman falls in love with the bear.

Anonymous 93883

Folklore that involves a woman falling in love with a horrible frightening creature is rooted in teaching women to submit to men that they're afraid of. This is most obvious in the tale of Beauty and the Beast. The moral of the story is "yes, this a disgusting beast, but as long as you're kind and well behaved then he wont hurt you and things can go smoothly, now go be a good woman and submit gracefully to your husband"

Anonymous 93888

No, the point of that story is that a woman can tame a man if she shows him affection.

Anonymous 93889

>The vampire lore in Twilight states that the vampires are a species of predatory rock
That is so fucking stupid kek. Stephenie Meyer needs to be arrested and put on trial for writing those books.

Anonymous 93894

What the fuck are you talking about? You mean a literal rock? He's a rock that can transform into a blood sucking vampire?

>He actually just instinctively orbiting an egg that was inside her ovary the entire time
What does this even mean.

Anonymous 93898


always make sure to make AIDS fags seethe fujosisturs

Anonymous 93899

Exactly. "Be nice to even the most disgusting cruel beastly moids because if you're nice and submissive he wont be a beast towards you"

Anonymous 93911

Bingo. In real life it just blows up "bad boys" heads. Like Becky the school shooter guy isn't going to tame you and turn into Edward Cullen just because you sit with him at lunch and tell him he's handsome he's just gonna be a greasy school shooter but think he's too good for you and will try to fuck Stacy instead

Anonymous 93915

The main point of Beauty and the Beast is her rejecting the beast until he civilizes himself. Using Disney's as an example, Belle doesn't show any positive emotion to Beast until he stops being an asshole, let alone starts liking him.

Anonymous 94018

Men weren’t always oppressive, but is it even possible to eliminate women’s oppression in the future with men? Does women’s oppression start from economic dependence? And if women were bettered economically with a new system, would men still leave workload to women, abuse them similarly and excessively as now?

Anonymous 94032

I know exactly who you’re talking about.
Mainly, it’s a way to seem superior to others without much effort. Also, keep in mind that men (high average and up intelligence) receive a positive feedback loop regarding them being smart since birth. It’s the same as a girl gets but without all the baggage that comes with being a “smart” girl. It’s just constant praise for the smallest shows of success. Smart is an identity to the men you talk about, and being an “expert” in your field from being a wiki warrior is the least cost-prohibitive way to do it.
I don’t follow much of the intelligence=has resources evol psych reason because being as smart as these guys claim doesn’t actually do much for resources. It’s just a way to stroke the ego without actually needed to do much

Anonymous 94156

I literally cannot believe I had to see a clip edited by a man of a woman regretting filming for porn and combined that with her actual porn scenes. It’s literally posted for men to Jack off to her distaste and they comment about it themselves. But what do I expect from reddit moids

Anonymous 94243

If you liked that you'll love the Trolling of Wannabe Pornstars on efukt

Anonymous 94246

You have to be pretty stupid to get into something like porn. Its actually just sad when people do it. But still, getting off to someones misery is another kind of fucked up.

Anonymous 94341

definitely fucked up to get off on their misery. i remember the men who laughed and harassed that girl who allegedly financed her women's studies degree at Princeton or some other Ivy League school with her porn… she got shit on for years. the worst part is that she paid 50k a year for a degree so shit, while also doing porn, which naturally, is degrading and hypocritical. pretty sure they did a similar type of video on her regret. the porn she did was really hardcore too, so her soul looked about as broken as it could get, while cutting to the clips of her on CNN or whatever claiming she's happy and empowered and porn is driving her academic career etc etc

Anonymous 94347

It’s so gross to me. Men will recognize and masturbate to these faces of distress and blankness. This is just desensitization. Not even human to them; that’s what they wanted in the first place. But the world doesn’t care and men will still harass, fantasize upon, and make fun of women that was or is in that industry

Anonymous 94464

I always hope the man behind that camera gets AIDs and dies slowly

Anonymous 95252


this is in support of prison abolition

Anonymous 95256

Poe's law.

Anonymous 95257


Anonymous 95258



Anonymous 95264

I hate their hairlines and the sordid, poisonous internal clip of punch-and-judy that just plays on repeat all day beneath it

Anonymous 95278

does anyone who works a retail job get disillusioned seeing ugly moids constantly? I hate that our target audience is mostly older people, and while I like older actors seldom are real life older men not ugly. The ones around here are especially uglier and usually manlets

I abandon a little more of my hope for the male species everytime I see another ugly moid come in. Whenever a better looking one comes in I'm genuinely flabbergasted. This is why I have to get out of the fucking south. Scrotes down here don't take care of themselves, look like shit, or they age like shit

Anonymous 95282


forgot this one. forgive me if i don’t view a rapist with humanity! forgive me if i view a rapist’s life as worthless and unnecessary, especially when “living” among women

Anonymous 95294

>I hate their hairlines and the sordid, poisonous internal clip of punch-and-judy that just plays on repeat all day beneath it
KEK. seriously though, now that everyone knows propecia works, there's no excuse for men to not be on it as a prophylaxis like as young as possible. tons of girls are using retinol or retinoids at 15 but moids aren't interested until they start losing their hair. testosterone is a poison that makes moids so unattractive, honestly.

Anonymous 95295

these people can get fucked

Anonymous 95299

Twitter users will really say that we should forgive pedophiles and rapists but then go and burn Harry Potter books they already bought and talk about how JK Rowling is literally Hitler.

Anonymous 95317

Evo psych is so fucking retarded. Scrotes really tried to create an entire discipline off of untestable hypothesis’ and faulty assumptions about what the environment was like 10,000 years ago to justify acting the way they do now. Evo psych’s entire origins as a field came about in the 80s anti-feminist backlash, as a way to find cement inequality in biology. I think it’s very telling when they start rambling on about how qualities like intelligence exist because “male resource acquisition” because they see women as passive participants in human evolutionary history.

It annoys me when even radfems will sometimes pull out the evo psych to try and explain women’s behavior. 99% of what it says are a fabrication of the male mind with a scientific veneer tossed over it at the end. Some of the literature you can find on display is “women who want clitoral stimulation instead of penetration are actually mentally ill” and “female homosexuality probably exists because men think it’s sexy.”

I find the fact that it’s getting more popular in the mainstream to be troublesome tbh.

Anonymous 95319

My partner kind of does this, but still he is an autistic arsehole. It seems all you can choose from is selfish egotistic or autistic alien

Anonymous 95320

Isn't it just the testosterone making them go into full damage mode in their life? Also most often then not doctors give you just false cures, so among the dominating shits there are shurely men that know that doctors cant help them. I wouldn't go into excruciating therapy if i was diagnosed with cancer, because i know my body is disposable and i will die anyways, so why suffer therapy and false hope when you can just suffer dying.

Anonymous 95324

Yeah, getting your cavity filled when your tooth is busy rotting is a "false cure." A lot of doctors are full of shit but you've gone full quack if you think there's no point in going to a doctor when you're ill because some of them are wrong or overly profit motivated sometimes.

They're not going full damage mode, they are literally just retarded because they think seeking medical care is feminine and weak.

Anonymous 95326

If evo psych is legit, it's way more damning towards men than women. All it does is prove that most men are biologically useless canon fodder with sub par genes, and that women can and should be picky enough to exclusively reproduce with 10/10 chads. Men love evo psych when it benefits them and hurts women, but can't handle a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous 95327

Aren't we all canon fodder and roting apes in the end? Is them finding any gratification in false stories is any better that us felling special because we so bether then tham.

Anonymous 95331

them finding gratification in false stories is pretty shite when they're using those false stories to convince women that their ultimate most fulfilling purpose in life is being a stay at home mommy bangmaid. and when those false stories have joined together into an entire field pumping out literature saying that the status quo is the biologically natural way to be.

so yes, it's different than women thinking that they're better than a bunch of coomer scrotes.

Anonymous 95336

hate all men except the ones who feel powerless and hopeless in life. a very specific type, who are humble and accept my constructive criticism in hopes to make them feel better about themselves and have a good life for actually respecting me as a human being. i also love my bf because he never does anything to hurt me either. aside from that most men are carbon copies with the same types of behavior and motives and better than thou personality.

Anonymous 95352

Arent we all alike but with attention replacing the affection and kindness.

Anonymous 95399

Anom this is so true. I used to speak to a guy who was a self proclaimed asshole, like the whole 9 yards he loved the Joker and everything, but he also cracked open and poured his heart out to me a few days after I met him because I was polite and friendly to him. I thought it was just that German men are all fucking weird but turns out it's fucking most men everywhere

Anonymous 95715


I've never met a dude who was cleanly unless he was a diagnosed sociopath or he was known to like to assault women in his free time, those were literally the two cases.
what are everyone's experiences with this? can I even make a clean room a green flag in my book or is it just a sign for a whole other kind of male degeneracy

Anonymous 95717


>your husband, even in his early 20s, has always kept a meticulously clean apartment and does the laundry regularly
>In your relationship he calls you the mucky pup because you keep throwing your used clothes in piles around the bed and forget to help with chores so he just does them. All of them. Even loading and unloading the dishwasher.
>tfw he actually seems to enjoy it and he hums the same song each time.
>tfw it's the buying music from the Sims 1.

Anonymous 95721

Sorry but to add to this, he even cleans under the couch and he CLEANS THE VACCUM after use, like he strips it down, removes my hair from the spinning brush, removes the lint from the air holes in the crap chamber, and uses an old toothbrush to remove the caked dirt. He says it's because if you let the dirt sit that's what makes a vaccum smell bad when you turn it on and it affects the suction power.

I must say however that in spite of his weirdness about cleanliness he is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. My family makes fun of him and call him gay. It really isn't fair. Guys aren't bought up to be clean and being grungy is seen as a male trait but his family are janitors and industrial cleaners so it makes sense he is the way he is even if he's a programmer by trade, he's a cleaner at heart.

When my mom was selling her house he scrubbed off 25 years of shit caked wax and applied 3 fresh coats of high gloss and spent hours buffing it up, it made the floor shimmer and you could see your reflection in it. The buyers made a big deal of how beautiful the floor of the main room was and my mom was very grateful to him for a few months, now they make fun of him for it. Guys really aren't allowed to be clean and still be seen as men. It sucks.

Anonymous 95733


It’s just cultural at this point. Men are taught that it’s manly to be filthy pigs.
Just like they’ve become socialized that it’s manly to not be hygienic. Even the the silent generation and boomers scrotes knew how to keep hygienic and their apartment clean when single.
Then comes gen x and the late boomers made them feral latchkey kids. Combine that with grunge and there you go: it’s now seen as unmanly to be hygienic and keep your living area the most basic level of clean.
I do see basic old school men’s hygiene coming back so that’s a plus. Like actually caring about your hair without going into metrosexual territory.

Anonymous 95736

Men are statistically pre-disposed to care less about cleanliness than the average woman. This is speculated to be caused by either genetic or socially factors, but we actually see men on average care about cleanliness less as cultures get more egalitarian (i.e. Scandanivia compared to US compared to Saudi Arabia), which seems to indicate there's a genetic predispostion towards men caring less. What implications does this have? Statistically, you are going to be disgusted by the mess far before the moid is.

Anonymous 95738

How do I get a similar husband?! And which Sims track does he hum? He sounds ideal.

Anonymous 95739

>moid friend falls down on concrete while running
>knee horribly bruised, blood everywhere
>friend tries to help him, ask if he's okay
>"haha yes"
>acts as if nothing happened, refuses to get any help at all, puts some bandage over his legs and tries acting like nothing just happened
What do they gain out of doing shit like this? Do they think it's masculine?

Anonymous 95813

He likes to Hum the bossa nova one and the buy mode ones. He doesn't even know he's doing it half the time. As to where you can meet them? Online.

Anonymous 95814

reddit letter to m…

"A Letter to my Husband Who has No Clue Why I Asked for Separation."

I'm subscribed to /r/breakingmom just so I always remember never to have children with a moid.

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210710201050/https://www.reddit.com/r/breakingmom/comments/ohpwcd/a_letter_to_my_husband_who_has_no_clue_why_i/

Original Post (edited and removed): https://www.reddit.com/r/breakingmom/comments/ohpwcd/a_letter_to_my_husband_who_has_no_clue_why_i/

Anonymous 95822

It's not a big deal to him/he doesn't want to look weak/his friend couldn't really do anything to help anyway. Any or all of those.

Anonymous 95835

Online where? What the heck? All the people I've seen on Reddit seem insane.

Anonymous 95841

Women have a stronger disgust response in all contexts, obviously with mess but also people. I guess whatever instinct protects us from wanting to fuck gross moids also makes us want a clean environment.

Anonymous 95860

Try not to laugh too hard, and know that I am 100% serious, and I know full well how lucky I am not to have ended up flayed. But know this was 9 years ago when that place wasn't as horrible as it is now.

Omegle Chat. /r9k/ in interests field. I always like video chat because moids have no time to construct lies and nowhere to hide. We always video chatted, every day.

Anonymous 95862

Women have a stronger disgust response in all contexts, obviously with mess but also people. I guess whatever instinct protects us from wanting to fuck gross moids also makes us want a clean environment.
Think you've got your cause-and-effect out of order. If anything the most likely cause of that instinct is that gross things can easily kill babies, and as the product of evolution, you are the latest in the long chain of mothers who have successfully not had their children killed by filth.

Anonymous 95863

Good on her for arranging a seperate with that mongrel

Anonymous 95891

women are more orderly whereas men enjoy destruction and chaos. hence their obsession with war, violence, porn, etc

Anonymous 95893

Male obsession with nationalism comes not from wanting to protect their culture and traditions (thats the motives of right wing women) but from wanting to pillage, rape and enslave other nations (+get hardons from domination of the land they have no right to own) under the disguse of enlightening the savages and spreading the superior euro culture (that moids routinely ruin by being 50/90, their preference for elitism&domination over justice, animalism and opposing national charity&anti-oppression movements, ie by slowing down the progress). I am fucking tired of fake scrote """"nationalists""""

Anonymous 95898

Migtoe evopsych is different from scientific evopsych, though there are still retarded misogynists in this field, but there are also based researchers who say that the less absolute number of males is the better it is for the society (the ideal is some what 10-20% of entire population), because they are destructive degenerates with negative net value who have a possibility to be beneficial only in small numbers. Or the ones who dont deny moid animalistic/demonic nature and say that its inherent instead of whitewashing them as everyone does (thus implying that women are better). All in all there is an end less discussion not an agreement in this field, I think if we (women) got hold of this sphere we could transform it into something very-very interesting

Anonymous 95899

>I changed "jew" with "man" in this hitler quote and this unironically makes sense lol:

Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one man involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light — a scrote!

Anonymous 95900

I don't understand, why would women working the field change the conclusions that were being drawn? You sound like you like the abstract policies you can develop from evopsych, but that doesn't require women to be in the field itself does it? Are you expecting women to find facts that contradict evidence most men are sub-par genewise?

Anonymous 95918

You are so clearly confusing nationalism with imperialism.

Nationalism doesn't need to be imperialist at all.
Armenian nationalists are not out there enslaving africans.

Nationalism and imperialism should be seen as 2 completely differen't things.

Nationalism means you want a cleary defined country for your ethnic group.
It was very popular in 19th century europe, which was at that time made up of kingdoms, which borders were not made up by ethnic lines, but simply by whatever land the king could manage to grab for himself.

Anonymous 95921

Even though nationalism is often associated with xenophobia nowadays, if you live in europe, your country probably woudn't exist without nationals, be it poland or even montenegro, so I would't be too negative about nationalism.

Anonymous 95949


>like 40 paragraphs of her listing his abusive, narcissistic, cold, behavior that doesn't appear to be motivated by anything but callousness, laziness, and selfishness
>"I need you to understand something. You are not a bad person."
they are bad people, that is all! you need not attempt to psychologically or emotionally dissect them any more than that! this "a man only acts like a douchebag because he is just secretly deep" trope destroys so many lives.

Anonymous 95962

there is a whole subreddit dedicated to this: r/menkampf

Anonymous 95964

this is the opposite? these people are claiming people are sexist and racist if they criticize men or white people.

Anonymous 95966

this is just cringe ass white boy tears. no thanks. (funny how there is no analogue anti-misogyny subreddit, even though it would have 10000x more content, makes you thonk…)

Anonymous 95967

I just said that moids get into nationalist movement for imperalist reasons. Get some reading comprehension please.

Anonymous 95970

…What? If men are the dominant majority in evopsych then the conclusions that would be drawn from this field would be beneficial to their values and interests, not to female ones. Scientific theories are never purely objective, they depend on value system that the researcher has (=paradigm), different scientists can form different ideas and theories based on absolutely the same evidence. I am just saying that while men are the dominant majority here they will always make self-flattering misogynistic theories and given that evo-psych is an interesting and influential field it would be good for women to get hold of it.

Anonymous 95980

>Scientific theories are never purely objective, they depend on value system that the researcher has (=paradigm), different scientists can form different ideas and theories based on absolutely the same evidence.
I see the point of disagreement. I suppose if you're seeking political advantage to set an agenda than it makes sense.
>b-but everyone is trying to set a political agenda
Sure thing honey.

Anonymous 96015


Posting moid pandering "uwu men should be praised just like us women" pickme tweets is so embarrassing.

Men aren't pretty. They're objectively ugly. We describe ugly monsters as smelly aggressive apes and that's literally most moids???? I hate people who try to uplift moids like this I swear they do it so they can be a "feminist" but level it out with moid pandering so men don't lose interest

Anonymous 96025

Nigga, is this a bait? I’m still gonna take it cause this site is slow as hell. The girl must have got a crush or two and expressed her feelings toward him/them in a generalized statement.
t. your cap

Anonymous 96051

No it's not bait, it's just that this specific behaviour is my let peeve. I can't even fully explain why it gets on my nerves as much as it does.

Something about creating a positive space for women and then someone has to bring the mood down by "oh but men are pretty too owo don't forget to tell a man hes handsome today" or some shit equivalent. There's just no need for it

Anonymous 96074

>I feel like a lot of people aren't willing to drop the illusion that moids are worth the pain they cause

That's the root of the entire problem. This would be less of an issue if women didn't find comfort in complacency. Straight women especially tolerate men's shit because they think they need to and think they get the biggest reward from doing so.

If you ever do tarot reading or anything similar, you will meet a lot of them who want to get some supernatural justification for staying with them.

I saw this. The fact it took so long for him to get shut down on youtube despite being a registered sex offender and is back on TikTok says something.

Anonymous 96082

>a positive space for anyone at all
You had me going for a minute there.

Anonymous 96234


Before anyone says anything, yes I know it's a depiction of the Salem witch trials and yes I know he got the tattoo because he's a faggy edgelord.

But I feel like theres something seriously wrong with a moid who just decides to get a tattoo of a bunch of women hung to death permanently on his body.

This shows up on my Pinterest a lot under tattoo inspiration and it's kind of disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I love tattoos, and being a bit edgy is fine, but I hope the women who know him are smart enough to stay well the fuck away from a man who has dead women on his body

Anonymous 96235

A "friend" I've known since elementary started venting to me. Talking about his wife abusing him and not letting him do what he wants, in the same conversation he turned it around and started hitting on me. The wave of sad I felt was a proper reward for thinking men ever have friendship on their mind.

Anonymous 96238

Yeah, his wife definitely isn’t “abusing” him.

Anonymous 96244

He is only saying his wife abused him to make you feel pity

Anonymous 96249


Nta this is just funny men in historical fashion is sexy af

Anonymous 96254

Yeah aesthetically it was awesome.
But come on.
Even looking past human rights issues, they didn’t take better care of themselves. THERE WAS ZERO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE If you got something you couldn’t heal from, you just straight up fucking died. That’s not TaKiNg BeTtEr CaRe oFf yOuRSeLf.
Your teeth rotted out of your mouth hole.
Antibiotics weren't a thing yet.
Smallpoxs, syphilis, everything bacterial just fucking killed you.
Childbirth was fucking deadly.
Water was deadly.
Dude that’s why people had so many fucking kids. Most died before adulthood.

Anonymous 96263

It sometimes feels like men love, adore and respect a woman when they don't have her, when she's at a distance and not 'his'.

But after a few months, and her giving her vulnerability to him, he respects her less. And she is no longer beautiful to him, or worthy of respect and care. He seems bored and distant.

Even more, she could have his children, which is giving the most she could to him, and now that she's done the most for him, she becomes less attractive and worthy of respect, but something like a tissue for his snot that has function but no respectability. When she is available on demand she is detested, but when she is distant and half in it, she is adored.

I have never dated a male, or talk to them in my daily life, as I'm 18 and went to school in classes separate from males. So my speculation is only from friends' relationships, or women our family know.

It's weird when you get harassed by old men with wedding rings on, knowing that the probably have a wife who gives a lot to him, educated and intelligent women, and they probably choose to disrespect her and harass teenagers who hate them and give them nothing instead. Do they go home and be a family man again?

Why can't people just give to each other without being taken advantage of?

Anonymous 96264


He apologized. He says this after asking me to raw him. He tells other guys about how he wants to do disgusting things to me. I feel like a fucking moron for ever thinking he wants to be friends. He just objectifies me without ever even offering to commit to a relationship and sullying our friendship. Are all men this way?

Anonymous 96269

Are you for real?
Stop watching so much fucking Outlander.

Anonymous 96366

Delusional take and over romanticism of a time period which you’ve never even lived in. Women were destined to be bangmaids and not write back then. Maybe read a book for once about how women lived before they had rights in place. From eve of dawn details it well.

Anonymous 96368

Even the most attractive looking moid is just ugly to me, I no longer have empathy for one or view them as persons. Most women lose their shit whenever I say this and act like I’ve committed literal murder lmfao. We are the true cucks and simps in society.

Anonymous 96377

nta but in my personal opinion, yes.

Anonymous 96426


Nightmare fuel; I couldn't read the whole thing.

Anonymous 96474

I had a fat old man in his late 50s with a wedding ring on hit on me AFTER he had backed into my car at a supermarket once. After I told him he was dreaming he called me a fat white bitch and told me I wouldn't get a penny from his insurance. I pointed to the dashcam and told him it records for 30 minutes after it detects a collision and that after his insurance company was done with it I'd send a copy to his wife. You've never seen someone go from swine to scared puppy so quick.

Anonymous 96505

I swear they will be looking like a diabetic shrek coming out of his swamp and then get offended when you don't kiss the ground in front of him…im glad you stood up for yourself as im trying to do that more too

Anonymous 96515

This is how I feel except I don’t even have a kid

Anonymous 96520

Screen Shot 2021-0…

Honestly, when I spend too much time on Twitter, I understand where the "not like other girls" mentality comes from. Not saying it's right, but I can understand why some women might develop that attitude. I see so many tweets from pickmes, like "men who do [x] deserve their dick sucked", "the feminism leaving my body when I'm the bedroom", tweets by women talking about how they want to be slapped in the face and experience other violence during sex, etc. All with usually at least 40,000 likes. Meanwhile I never see men making similar tweets about women. I start to feel really alienated but thankfully there are always some women in the quote retweets calling these dumb tweets out which makes me feel better.

Anonymous 96527

This. Don’t use Twitter but it has leaked to everywhere else. The worst part is the “haha fuck women am I right boys” type jokes or “lol ur 20 old hag” type clapbacks. Men will still think of you as subhuman, even if you posture as a “cool girl” online.

Anonymous 96539


> " lol ur 20 old hag "
did these pronouns in bio kindergarteners forget they aren't on tiktok/neopets

Anonymous 96558

The worst thing in the world is that the women who call out handmaidens for dumb tweets always get mocked, called a prude, or some retard shit

Anonymous 96712

i like to think a lot of them are just joking and being silly. unfortunately, this is what happens because men encourage women and girls to be like this. i don't know that a lot of NLOGs are NLOG-y because they see an issue with this. a lot of the time NLOGs are pickmes that bend over backwards for men, they just don't declare themselves feminists and often call themselves egalitarians, or anti-feminists, even.

Anonymous 96776

My future tranny senses are tingling with his one.

Anonymous 96791

his troon friends will looooove the homicidal misogyny. perfect base for him to scrawl "TERFs get the rope" above it.

Anonymous 96813

>virgin femcel
Women who yas kween women into prostitution and abusive relationships think the only unit of value in a person is sex, hence why they choose these specifically. They """sexually liberated""" themself so far that they've made it all the way back to "sex and fuckability is value with which I can judge your worth as person", and then the uneducated swine go and tweet about why moids call them sluts and never want to stick around for them.

Handmaidens, bangmaids, whichever- you have deluded yourselves. You have adopted the moid brain way of thinking that a womans value is linked to her sexuality. You are not feminists

Anonymous 97188

It's okay to want the aesthetics, but not with the principles. Imagine these men in a women-centric society.

Anonymous 97189

Christ, Queen. Good move on the dashcam footage. I would have paid to have seen the look on his face.

Anonymous 97191

The absolute foreshadowing. I give him a few more months.

Anonymous 97562


I'm so fucking tired of scrotes taking out their bad mood on others. I need to move out before I snap. If dad's in a bad mood then you're not allowed to be in a good mood, he'll patrol around to nitpick and order everyone around and if I don't 100% submit it's his green pass to have a mantrum. Once he retires it's life policy time.

Anonymous 97570

That just makes them chimp out more.

Anonymous 97598

Why are some girls into the kink scene while having an eating disorder? Literal cope.

Anonymous 97615

Because the moids involved are obsessed with having a girl who will let them act out violent sexual fantasies, so they prey on the vulnerable (read: severely mentally ill) because a girl who hates herself enough to starve herself is easier to manipulate and abuse.

A huge majority of women in the kink scene are women with mental illnesses or horrific trauma from abuse. I've read posts by actual women admitting they use rape roleplay as a way to cope with trauma from being sexually assaulted, and all the comments under those posts are moids drooling over how she let's men do these awful things is so hot to them.

There are genuine moids who seek out anorexic girls specifically because they 1) want the power trip of controlling that poor girls food intake for extra control and 2) have emaciation fetishes.

Walking blobs of cancer, the whole fucking lof them.

Anonymous 97616

I should have added this to my post:

Vulnerable women are attracted to kink stuff because self harm through letting people use them for sex and having people validate you by calling you fuckable are two things mentally ill women are susceptible to

Anonymous 97879

if you keep falling for it then you deserve it
god i fucking hate heteros

Anonymous 97981

Just sharing:
I'm reading The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch. the protag is a 60 year old retired moid who is an utter would be womanizer. the entire novel is just him reminiscing on women he's toyed with and past relationships and how all the women are head over heels in love with him, and he's judging the shit out of them saying how they aged poorly and got ugly or are kind of dumb. His high school sweetheart married another man so he spent years harassing her parents and putting ads in the newspaper trying to track her down. He finally finds her when they're both 60 and she's married still (he never married) and he keeps saying things like, "why won't you get close to me again? are you afraid you'll fall in love with me again?" and the woman is trying to escape him and acts super uncomfortable around him and obviously is a devoted wife, but this guy just won't take the hint.

The moid is meant to be an unlikeable protag, and I'm just stunned at how well the author represents exactly what is wrong with moids. Even at 60 they still think the entire universe revolves around their penis. I'm only halfway through but I hope the moid falls down a staircase.

Anonymous 97982

>you said you were in too much pain
Reminds me. I had an ex who would say he had back pain and used that as an excuse to lash out in anger, act bitchy, make me cry, and never want to do anything except sit and play video games (because that is just great for your back.) and the entire time i never told him i had plenty of crippling physical pain of my own that i never let show. men are such bitches with pain. i've never in my life been a cunt to someone because i was in physical pain, but men take the excuse to be a dickhole and run with it. they really are the weaker gender.
>ohhh waaahhhhhh i lived a sedentary lifestyle and now my back hurts now i get to act like a princess and be a dick to everyone
men are just humans who never grew up.
>that letter
too much to even make a post about. if i was that woman's friend i would track that moid down and pull out all his fingernails.

Anonymous 97983

i see no problem with prison abolition. just murder the offenders and you also get out of jail for it.
>oh that pedophile you let out of prison? yeah haha so i loaded the rifle and put it on a tripod one night. good thing prison is abolished, now, excuse me, out of my way. i think i just spotted the village rapist.

Anonymous 97994

there's a lot wrong with the idea of prison abolition. besides, your ass will just get murdered by vigilante chomos and rapists. more men have sympathy for rapists than they do for women with righteous anger.

Anonymous 98009

Fuck scrotes, fuck trannies, fuck jannies, fuck jannie trannies

hi cc from lolcow.farms

Anonymous 98022

Likewise, look at countries with proper rehabilitative prisons as opposed to punitive ones. Their crime rates are much lower. I think rapists and murderers should be executed and everything else should be properly rehabilitated.

Anonymous 98030


I’ve never been in love
I sometimes think there truly is no one out there, you know
But it sounds fun

Anonymous 98112

that they dont understand or know women's bodies yet insist they do and only perpetuate misogyny based on ignorance

Anonymous 98689


Anons - is it worth dating now? Literally everyone I've met for the past 8 years has been addicted to porn. Porn addiction manifests in relationships in all sorts of weird ways and for the most part something most porn addicts have in common is that if you try to accommodate one you'll just end up dissatisfied, disappointed, depression, financially exhausted and emotionally exhausted as well as the heaping amount of body issues and eating disorders being with the scrotes gives you and the health effects along with it all

I just got out of like the fourth LTR with a porn addicted coomer. I don't even know if it's worth it anymore. I just want to feel properly loved and protected for once in my life with a guy but all of them just turn to porn and end up hurting me and I just fall in the same cycle. I guess my best bet would be to invest in a good vibrator and get a rent a friend to cuddle with and do things with like go on dates, I'd rather play pretend for a while because even in relationships I always overly invest too much and get hurt constantly. I just want to feel loved and happy

Anonymous 98923

Because I'm a human being and desire having a relationship and sex with a man. There's nothing wrong with admitting to your or others human qualities, because then you can take the next step to fix them. I would love a relationship but porn addiction in every single man completely ruined that for me. My best bet is a very butch woman or a man who someway somehow has little to no internet exposure

Anonymous 98926

Call me a prude but it's a combination of the fact moids have shit for brains and young girls and women feel the need to put what is basically softcore porn everywhere they possibly can. The bra stuffers and video editors on TikTok, titty streamers, constantly doing any pose possibly to make your proportions look extreme, the normality of fakeness, etc. Sure there's a time and place for that but when so many men and women are struggling with porn addiction it's not fair that you can barely watch music now without seeing big fake tits or hell, sometimes you can barely see cat videos without people shoving porn in your face. Even Billie eilish resorted to bra stuffing and coomer baiting and making her stuffed-bra boobs her personality after trying to convince everyone not to sexualize her. On top of this the women who defend these actions and say there's some moid grooming women into this is also in the wrong, and even if that was true, how are they going to even learn that what they're doing it wrong if no one tells them its wrong?

I don't search porn or watch porn but if I go to YouTube or reddit right now and even searching innocent stuff gets coom baited or how reddit is like 70% porn now and the fact slutty tiktoks like the "outfit change" tiktoks will appear on YouTube for no apparent reason. This is ridiculous that a culture allows unrealistic body expectations for women, expect sluttiness from women but also coom bait men regularly

Anonymous 98931

Well, it would be for the better if this country wouldn't exist. Europe just being one country like the US would benefit everyone here

Anonymous 98933

This is so disgusting and of bad taste. How can people approve of it?

Anonymous 98936

That would just end up being Big Germany, which no thanks.

Anonymous 98941

So a naive Catholic guy or an amish bloke

Anonymous 98943

Western Euro here. Nah, I'm fine with Europe not being one country. The only people who really benefit from something like that is a country that doesn't handle itself too well

Anonymous 98965

Trust men.png

>kill,lie,cheat and rape
>why dont women trust us?

Anonymous 98968

The US would benefit from being more like Europe. It's clear that different groups in the US don't get along and need their own territories.

Anonymous 99006

That's what a scrote would say. There are always impirialistic and supremacist ideas behind a statement like this. It would only lead to war. I'm actually for the abolition of all borders because I'm not schizo or retarded

Anonymous 99010

well said sis

Anonymous 99014

Paranoid much? I'm not "imperialistic" or "supremacist", I'm not even American.

Anonymous 99038

My post will most likely will be reported, because people here are about as insecure as on lolcow but anyway
Most of the problems men blame on women are their own. The same goes the other way around. If you blame men for being selfish - you’re most likely an egoist, buttblasted that they pursue their personal aspirations, while you are too meek to do the same. If you blame them for cheating, most likely you’ve either done that yourself, or at least thought about doing it unironically.
The only thing moids can be REALLY blamed for is sexual harassment.
All your petty stories here are one sided for a reason. You are not a trustworthy source.
Not a moid, not a troon, just jaded enough to see both incel and femcel communities for what they really are.

Anonymous 99043

Narcissism and external loci of control are genderless and universal

Anonymous 99044

Okay retard. This is just "no u" the post.

Anonymous 99059

>If you blame them for cheating, most likely you’ve either done that yourself, or at least thought about doing it unironically.
and what exactly do you recommend to women to prevent cheating?

Anonymous 99091


I swear to God men think they're the only people in the world sometimes
>Kim k and reality show ladies are often made memes of when they cry
>It's male oppression when it happens to a man though
>Men get told to man up when they cry
>Nevermind the fact women are constantly called attention whores if they cry, as if dismissing emotions wasn't enough trying to convince women there's actually a sinister intention behind their own feelings
>Women like Amanda Todd become memes for suicide but men committing suicide is serious and suicide is suddenly bad

Anonymous 99098

>Women like Amanda Todd
She was a teenage girl who got groomed and blackmailed by a pedophile so that makes it even worse. I was around her age when it happened and it was so disgusting to see literal adults making fun of her tits and calling her a whore. Hell world.

Anonymous 99139

>>99091 seriously reddit is filled with

"gIrl nOt DePReSsEd they just listen to billie eilish and think they can experience deep emotions like men"

women getting called hysterical, anti woman terms like 'entitled bitch' and 'karen' are widespread and although sometimes valid are mostly overused and against women

and people assuming everything a woman does is for attention or to be 'quirky', can we not just exist without being perceived so misogynistically?

and yeah, the 'man up' is definitely caused by men bullying men, and only caring about it to silence women when they talk about their problems

Anonymous 99145

No, this isn't good, either.

Anonymous 99150

>tfw blackmailed and groomed by the same dude (Aydin Coban)
FBI came to my house and wanted me to testify but I refused
What's even worse is the jokes continue after she died
Wtf was wrong with people during that era
All the victim blaming toward her, I would internalize toward myself

Anonymous 99157

let's be clear: the people who harassed in life and death her were largely teenage boys and men. horrific. i'm so sorry you were blackmailed by this fucking demon.

Anonymous 99177


Do you live in Canada?

Anonymous 99194

Am Canadian and would rather have a bear as a boyfriend.

A bear will never make you doubt where you stand with them.
And you can always shoot it.

Anonymous 99207

>insecure as on lolcow
butthurt much, handmaiden-chan? got your ass punched on lc because you are a retard, so you decided to come here and whine about women's problems being projection? not trusting women when they tell about male atrocities and victimblame them (telling that all our problems with men is a "projection" is victimbalming, ok?) is not new - you are not breaking new ground here. there is an actual cultural tradition of that.
>The only thing moids can be REALLY blamed for is sexual harassment.
as if institualized misogyny doesnt exist. you are either really stupid or really naive. gtfo from my board, fag.

Anonymous 99241

Do you even realize how awful open borders would be for women?
The scrotes in westernized countries are barely human, what about all the 3rd worlders who would literally FORCE you to be a bangmaid rather than just fantasize about it like the coomers we're surrounded with.

Anonymous 99252

What is your problem with sovereignty?
Why does europe need to be an immigrant republic, like the USA?

Anonymous 99282

My dad had a cousin who got married to an African, and he took her back to his village to "meet his family", but it turns out people in his village share the woman so she was raped by all the men before she could come back. Truly the European dream.

Anonymous 99330

I'm considering writing an anti male manifesto. Something along the lines of the SCUM manifesto, but I'm unsure of how to go about it. I have about 3 topics planned out but I want to make sure I don't miss anything by accident, anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous 99366

This is the most male thing I’ve ever read. Some of the points aren’t even wrong but damn, women just do not talk like this

Anonymous 99368

Yes many ideas, if you make a new thread id love to lurk see what people are saying and possibly contribute. Have an anti-feminist tranny male in my life that makes me actually cry in frustration. Write the book. Save our souls.

Anonymous 99374

> Also which points do you disagree with?
a moid wants to ~debate~, what a surprise

Anonymous 99380

Why do you think she's male? There are a lot of moid apologizers out there. 10 bucks that anon has a boyfriend or a crush on a guy and can't stand that other women talk about men negatively because it sours her fantasies of them.

Anonymous 99388

> to find better men
but I don't want to
if you meant as in "work on your surroundings to find better men to interact to and work this" then loooool - it just doesn't work this way

Anonymous 99389

i hate unwanted men intruding on my life and not leaving when told they are unwanted

Anonymous 99397

>Sure finding a good partner is hard but the alternative is… well just imagine living your later years all alone. Does that really sound like something you want?
Hmm, why don't we consult the multiple women who have lived past 100 and partially attribute their longevity to staying single?

Anonymous 99402

>Does that really sound like something you want?
NTA but yes that is literally what I want, how fucking brainwashed are you that you think it's the worst case scenario? Oh no what will I do with all my peace and quiet, money and independence. I need a moid to use me for my physical and emotional labour, my life goal is to be a nurse and a purse for an old bald man one day.

Anonymous 99408

NTA but she was talking about being alone, not longevity.

Anonymous 99410

Read the links, dumbass. All of those women have zero fucking regrets about not chaining themselves to some worthless moid through marriage and openly say so.

Anonymous 99414

pooranon here, even my dad is sick and my mother is working and i am The First Born and can conrifm you are youre wrong go home and be your own housewife because men wrote the story and a beast is a beast, dont change yourself to make a man more liekable

Anonymous 99436

What do you think about MGTOWs? I don't understand why they need to harass girls and why there even needs to be a movement and a philosophy about just living your life normally when it's always been an option for moids and is in fact a very common way of life for our generation anyway.

At least back when women had to declare they'd like to be independent they ended up getting jobs and buying their own houses while MGTOWs just sit in mama's basement crying about not getting pussy, what's the fucking point?

Anonymous 99445

the point is just misogyny. It was never about going your own way it was only a support group for middle aged bitter moids who had nothing to do besides bitch about their "evil wife" or "evil ex wife". misogynistic incels in their 20s jumped onto it because males love to circlejerk over their hatred of women. Thats literally it and nothing deeper. They try to paint it as some specul epic club but everyone knows what it is.

Anonymous 99455

Men love the idea of rejecting women and almost obsess over hypothetical fantasies where it's actually them who are doing the rejecting and never vice versa

MGTOW aids in this because most men who are in MGTOW are either incels or their wife/gf left them and it's cope, because in their head they're all Greek level gods that are playboys no woman could resist, when women reject or no longer want them they can't stand that. Just look at how they talk "you'll come crawling back you'll see!!" Or just constantly insulting women for no reason and then getting insanely offended by women for simply just existing in their presence. Its insane how much men are obsessed with the idea of rejecting women, I once knew a man who would make up scenarios to his gf about how his ex totally came over crawling and begging for him back, I asked her, the ex, about it and it turns out this never even happened! Men are so pathetic

Anonymous 99513


>statistics would be more reasonable in this case.
Statistics also back up the fact that single women are the happiest and live the longest kek. Cope and seethe.

Anonymous 99547

I can't remember what it was said exactly but there was tea on LSA about him by a former co-worker, a year ago. I think the alleged tea was he was such a control freak he demanded to take over the design of a parking lot, a simple job apparently, but he was so lazy, incompetent and unreliable it took months, and he ended up fucking it up costing masses of money. He was eventually pushed out altogether, which surprised us, but this font said he doesn't have as much power as you'd think. Apparently he's not as rich as he makes himself out to be either (has HUGE debts) nor influential, and hasn't been for a long time but various powerful men were willing to help him keep up the illusion/good press because he's popular and his name brings in investments/interest to projects. But he's such a cunt he's burned a lot of bridges and they're letting him fall/fail. A font predicted increasingly bad press coming his way. So, this interests me.

Anonymous 99550

the majority of his wealth anyways comes from the stock he owns in tesla, doesn't it?

Anonymous 99554

wizards seem to actually try to live their lives without female influence in it (sometimes sperging about """succubi""" tho). but migtoes are all frauds

Anonymous 99557

Elon Musks Tesla stocks are worth about 200 billion dollars. I don't think he has enough debt to cancel this out. People with this wealth, like Bezos or Bloomberg have shown, that they can just throw billions out of the window without being affected.

I may have been different a few years ago, but I really can't imagine the 2nd richest person also having an equal amount of 200 billion dollars of debt.

Anonymous 99561

When I was younger, due to media and general stereotypes, I thought that scrotes hated relationships and only tolerated them because women wanted them. Then when I started lurking scrote spaces online I found that having a girlfriend actually seems to be a huge deal for straight scrotes, to the point that they will consider suicide or start shooting up public spaces if they can't get one by the age of 21 or whatever. So apparently scrotes are desperately in need of a single positivity movement, since romantic relationships are probably the #1 most important thing for them in life.

Anonymous 99565

>So apparently scrotes are desperately in need of a single positivity movement, since romantic relationships are probably the #1 most important thing for them in life.
this isn't common knowledge?

Anonymous 99646

They use pickmes for money, ego, things, etc and purposely keep them around for punching bags until they find a woman to provide those things for them all while stringing them along to fall back on. It's honestly sad how many plain and lazy and disgusting men have pickmes and it just makes other women be treated terribly because everyday women are expected to cater to every whim of some broke uneducated uggo

Anonymous 99660

"this mogs everything and regular women who aren't this are gross, nasty, and useless"
>t.moids who just discovered preferences being a thing
Why are they like this?

Anonymous 99828


Woke liberal moid: jerking off = giving birth

Anonymous 99891


Starting to hate gay scrotes too honestly. They should just stick to playing with makeup and doing hair.

Anonymous 99900

What the fuck have I read right now. This retard can't even form a sentence

Anonymous 99903



Anonymous 99906

I find it easy to understand.
>You are a misogynist. I, too, am a misogynist. I don't think women should express their sexist opinions on the internet, though. Because they were women. And they shouldn't talk.

Anonymous 99916

I can't fathom the suffering of being taken advantage by being paid to jerk off! All of their precious genetic fluids going to who knows where! Moids endure so much, we should be more sympathetic to their pain.

Anonymous 99921

men famously HATE cumming, it's so tough for them.

Anonymous 100023

Most of the quotes on the original tweet are calling it homophobia and dismissing radical feminists. People are scared of actual feminism.

Anonymous 100345

no amount of sucking moid's scrotes will make them see you as a real person, no matter how hard you try to convince them you're "one of the good(read: obedient) ones" you will always be just a hole to them

Anonymous 100347

faggots are still moids and just as misogynistic and whiny as any other moid

Anonymous 100380

I'm pretty sure they are not referring to physical attractiveness, but overall attractiveness. Basically they think men have their peak in attractiveness when they are older

Anonymous 100467

I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate but when I see this kind of thing it pisses me off. So, tmi, but I bought a dildo and since I've never used one before I decided I'd google a guide expecting advice from women for women.

I came across a guide that seemed off. The guide spoke about womens bodies, how women feel, and how using a dildo will making learning how to "please a man" fun. I thought this was off because it seemed to written in a very weird pornsick "women only experience sexuality to benefit men and to enjoy men" kind of way.

I get to the bottom and it's a fucking a moid. This moid started an entire website as a "guide book" for women who need advice. A moid has written hundreds of articles talking about how to make men be addicted to you through sex and encouraging pickme shit ("oh, if you practice sucking this you can make men addicted to you").

Idk if I'm just being retarded over nothing but I feel angry that there are men who think they can teach women these weird perverse views as if they know what's best for women. It all reads like the fantasies of a pornsick scrote who has only seen women on a screen

Anonymous 100471

It's the way he was encouraging a certain perspective, ya know? I have 0 problem with sexuality (which is obvious from my story, so it's not coming from bitterness) but it's the fact that he wrote everything from the perspective of "all women enjoy sex for men and use sex as a tool for men and that is what female sexuality is" that angers me.

The article I was reading about dildos offered nothing about safety or any sort of buying guide like articles written by women. It also takes breaks in between the article to refer to other articles on the site, but the way it was done was so weird. "You can also use suction cup dildos to learn techniques. You can read all about it here on (insert ridiculous title). Side effects include other women being jealous of your relationship, your man cancelling plans to be with you, etc." and it's like???

Do women actually read this and believe what he says? Did I accidentally find a website for AGPs and I'm just too autistic to see it? It's called Bad Girls Bible if anyone wants to disgust themselves

Anonymous 100489

Moids idea of "pleasing" is a whole paradox in itself. On one hand they seem to enjoy female moaning, squirting, wetness, etc. On the other hand they want to put forward no effort into that at all but expect women to just get off for no other reason outside of being in their presence. The fact that the average woman is expected to squirt now is ridiculous. They don't listen to women at all when women tell them how to please them but also want to pretend like it's them doing the woman a favor by fucking them even though both parties are supposed to be enthusiastic to do it? Who the fuck knows, men nowadays are so bad at sex but thanks to women who fake liking them and fake orgasms you have absolute low effort men who think they're sex gods

Anonymous 100505

Why are men's favorite way to neg is always to attack teeth, nose, boobs and butt? Lol I've seen several beautiful women with amazing looking noses and teeth who get their teeth and nose insulted daily. As for boobs and butt go I've seen this as well. Jen selter gets called flat butted daily and there are people who think Emily Ratajkowski has small boobs lol. Why are these the first things men attack? Do they just think everyone will take them seriously if they believe the entire female population just had zero curves and fucked up teeth and noses or? Like how do they even determine what's a "normal" size in their head?

Anonymous 100515

Leaving people alone and not doing anything to them is the opposite of imperialism. Imperialism is when another group comes to the same land you've already built your home on, and says that half of your home (or most of it, or all of it) belongs to them now. All wars and human rights violations happening in the world right now, and probably all that have happened in human history, are a result of two or more groups wanting to live on the same land.

Exchanging food items, spices, ideas and music is wonderful. But two groups living next to each other without an ocean inbetween seems to always end in violence. The only reason we haven't seen big countries take everything from small island nations in the past few decades is because almost every small island has nuclear weapons nowadays, and can threaten to destroy the whole planet if you try to hurt them. That's the only thing stopping this species from doing that to each other (and it still doesn't stop big countries from doing that to small ethnic groups that don't have nuclear weapons, like the Uyghurs) but this is the best our species can do and we should be grateful it's even this good.

Anonymous 100522

Haha this is my bf. ;_;
I never fake it but he still doesn't care enough to keep making a big enough effort. He literally once said he was a "sex machine" and I just tried to ignore the comment to avoid hurting his feelings. But the fact that he believed that despite never being able to make me cum was just mesmerizing to me.

Anonymous 100527

I once saw a guy who got called out for doing this, his excuse was that he claimed his exes were all triple D's, I saw two of them and they were complete football shaped hamplanets, boobs weren't even that big compared to the rest of their body, to answer your question I assume it's because if they get called out then can just pretend they gave high standards for said body part, as if calling a woman with full C cups small ever made sense in the first place

Anonymous 100641

I think you need to learn that it's okay for other women to vent. Sure, it feels threatening, and your handmaiden conditioning makes you want to defend nigel under the guise of telling everyone to move on. But, you'll have to get over that.

I'm sure you don't go to male-centric communities and police their misogyny that come up in actual absolutes, and not 'mean girl said thing!!1'

Anonymous 100646

Manifesto chan on LCF once explained that men kinda function around the idea that their penis is magical and that they're entitled to the constant admiration of women. Theres an actual psychology to the thought process behind "my penis isn't weird and useless like those tinder sluts said. My penis is great, I HATE THOSE STUPID WOMEN, and I'm going to fuck them so hard (violent treatment) that they wont go anywhere (violence to gain submission)".

Anonymous 100700


>Manifesto chan
She's quite a gem.

Anonymous 100701

you are still part of the problem retard, you need to make him feel bad or he's just going to keep doing the same shit

Anonymous 100705

It's not my job to make him care. We can discuss it, and we do, but it's not my responsibility to create empathy in him. He will just have to deal with the consequences of less sex.

Anonymous 100718

ok, but you're still contributing to moid behavior by letting him think he's some sex god and rewarding him by staying with him

Anonymous 100726

god she's insane but it's a good read

Anonymous 100729

He is aware I am not being satisfied, we had a more recent discussions long after the sex god thing. But I'm not about to dump him for average sex when everything else about the relationship is fine.

Anonymous 100733

so true

Anonymous 100764

What should a man be? Like?

Anonymous 100795

A good person, and trying to be

Anonymous 100809

Not coming on crystal cafe to body shame

Anonymous 100854

Imagine fucking a man retarded enough to say something like that.
And then imagine not calling him out for his retardation.

Anonymous 100948

>always been an option for moids
Yeah but alot of men's egos revolve around women, or are shamed by their peers for not getting laid, etc. Simply because of how much men desire sex.
Mgtow is essentially a single positivity movement that helps men cope

Anonymous 101013

I'm not entirely sure if it's weird or inappropriate to ask here, but what peaked you to moids?

For me it was a handful if experiences that proved all men pretty much follow their penis. The exact moment I lost the illusion of any moid being a good person was when a moid I was familiar with turned out to only support feminism and BLM because his fetishes included femdoms, girls being "blacked", and because he was super into libfem tard move of equating extreme degradation kinks to liberty.

I'm asking because I'm working on a writing project (pinkpill literature) and I want to hear the stories of other women and not just my own

Anonymous 101042

>open up /b/'s catalog
>see what looks like a cp advertisement and that retarded scrote's hideous dick

i despise men on a level so visceral it scares me. their repulsiveness makes me want to a log so fucking bad.

Anonymous 101071

He keeps posting the same picture of his dick every few days. Every time I see it, I have to wonder, are they surprised we choose clean visually appealing toys over their dirty visually grotesque parts?

Most moids can be outdone with a pinkie finger sized piece of vibrating plastic and yet they sit around shrieking "b-buying a t-toy instead of d-dating us is a c-cope for us n-not wanting to fuck you ugly femcels" as if being literally less favourable than the handle of a hairbrush isn't the most tragic thing ever.

Sorry for phallus sperging, I just fucking hate that one specific picture you're talking about and I never see people mention how fucking annoying it is having to see it

Anonymous 101077


>as if being literally less favourable than the handle of a hairbrush isn't the most tragic thing ever.

Anonymous 101079

Like other anon, nothing in particular really and I've known more abusive moids than seemingly normal ones. Just getting to know enough men while being an adult with a high enough emotional intelligence and understanding of psychology. Even the seemingly most normal moid can be exceedingly vile, and obviously the vile ones know no rock-bottom.

The "good" ones overwhelmingly have some sort of savior complex or "I can fix/help/change her" mentality if it's not totally or really about them domineering a situation or woman, and in the end they still feel entitled to some sort of reward and it's more than usually related to their penis. (And a lot of their effort is usually subpar.) They save or do X for the girl therefore they get the girl, there's not just being a good person or friend to some female.

I don't wanna get into a philosophical conversation about how there's not really such a thing as true altruism and how a lot of good deeds are for ourselves, for others to like us, for recognition, or whatever, but it's worth mentioning. Because moids never think of their actions or impact on others, they also fail to recognize their own motivations among many other things.

Anonymous 101080

I've dated men with savior complexes and most of the time as soon as you start getting better and they can't romanticize your mental trauma they'll just cheat on you with the next girl. Or even worse when you're still trying to recover and they just leave you for the next girl with problems all while they made you completely mentally dependent on them as soon as your trauma is no longer interesting to them. If anything savior complex moids are worse, they don't see women who've been through trauma as people they just see them as easy to manipulate objects to just throw away when it no longer interests them

Anonymous 101086

I kek'd, thanks
It's more about the grammar - that asshat's writing ability is negative

Anonymous 101088

Old moids just need to try harder to get something, like be a better atm or not behave like a total asshole, that's the only way I can see that incel claim work (funny how even if it turns out to be true the only thing it will prove is that women are more willing to compromise on shallow attributes to get stability, prosperity and respectful treatment, ie that women are smarter, more practical and rational than men are). I remember my mom telling me that scrotes learn how to court properly only later in life, when they are young they just don't give a shit, because of their lack of self-awareness and their entitlement.

Anonymous 101097

Internet. Seeing women being degraded, insulted and dehumanized for nothing but shits and giggles (or boners) made me realize "the banality of evil". Many years of encountering such an amount of unjustified hate for a population that did nothing to deserve it (all their justifications for misogyny are always about "female nature" and not female actions, because there are none. you can rationally hate someone only when they do something malicious to you, not just exist and piss you off) fully blackpilled me about men. I think internet is a shortcut to all life long misogyny a woman can possibly experience (one could argue that the physical part is not present, but our brain perceives physical and psychological pain just the same. so no difference here).

Anonymous 101111


I hate moids so much, holy shit.

Anonymous 101113

This isn't right, it has more to do if she hates herself than loving someone else. You can love someone and still walk away from it.

Anonymous 101114

Most moids idea of love is to torture the woman and her ability to stay and be loyal means she loves you

Anonymous 101126

Yeah, moids basically see their female partners as subservient extensions of their ego. (Who are also mysterious and difficult and simply can't be communicated with directly. Better to break them as to not have any troubles.) It's part of what feeds into family annihilators*.

*Not specifying male family annihilators, because that's like specifying male school shooters.

Anonymous 101139

It's almost as if the entirety of second wave american feminism and it's derivatives like third and fourth wave feminism and pink pill feminism are an entire intellectual tradition about missing the forest for the trees.

Anonymous 101140

Aren't there more ftm trans than mtf?

Anonymous 101153

What do we think about no sex before marriage? I’m not sure what to think of it…

Anonymous 101154


Thought it was the other way around

Anonymous 101172

It's almost you can't differentiate between systematic oppression and "few bad individuals". Institualized misogyny is a proven fact, so shut your mouth, you gaslighting fuck.

Anonymous 101224

Autism and narcissistic personalities are more common in men so this makes sense.

Anonymous 101288

If it's entirely your choice and not due to others pressuring you in one direction, just do what you want. It's a lose-lose scenario for women either way, moids will dehumanize you no matter what option you pick. If you have sex before marriage you're like used bubblegum to them, and if you save yourself you're either a prude waiting for a business transaction or some inhuman symbol of purity.

Anonymous 101347

Screen Shot 2021-0…

Keep it up ladies

Anonymous 101352

this is so inspiring!

Anonymous 101691

The mental health of men shouldn't be taken seriously, it's a natural prevention for the bio hazards they are. We need to increase their suicide rates.

Anonymous 101704


476 men would unironically punch their girlfriend for money. Even if she died from it.

Anonymous 101705

I'd fucking let my husband punch me in the face for 1 billion god damn.

Anonymous 101707

Yeah true, our idealized men can only exist in fiction because the reality is disappointing and they'll never be enough. Unironically i can only love anime characters, i have never been able to love real-life men bc of picrel

Anonymous 101708

Is your husband a skinny twig or is your face made out of stone?

Anonymous 101709

Not a skinny twig, been slapped by him (consensually) before and survived. There's a distinct possible he could kill me but I really want that 1 billion and the chances of him killing me in exactly one punch is extraordinarily low.

There's no mention of setting so we could even do it on the hospital lawn to increase my chance of survival.

Anonymous 101710

>been slapped by him (consensually)
this place really attracts the mentally ill, huh

Anonymous 101711

What? I was curious what it felt like. Turns out it really hurts.

Anonymous 101723

Don't know, you can't know until you try. You can assume you know, but that never really satisfies me when I'm curious.

Anonymous 101728

get curious about less stupid things, that's insane.

Anonymous 101729

>be less stupid
I'm an idiot and even I know that's bad advice, what does that make you?

Anonymous 101770


Anonymous 101772

As much as I dislike sex-work positivity he isn't wrong, it is simpler to just pay to fuck someone rather than wine-and-dine a woman. It's why allowing sex work increases the objectification of woman.

Anonymous 101852

This also happens to be the best argument against sleeping with moids unless you're already in a committed relationship, because they fucking use you and treat you like a hole.

Anonymous 101853

>not using commas and appropriate capitalization
Opinion disregarded.

Anonymous 101892

this is a website

Anonymous 101978

moids not thinking about raping kids for 1 nanosecond challenge

Anonymous 102189


Anonymous 102229

Words words words

Anonymous 102236

I hate lolocons and i don't get shotacons

Anonymous 102238

You don't also hate shotacons? Is it because young boys "want it" in your head, so that makes female pedophilia "acceptable"?

Anonymous 102240

They’re both disgusting. Any pedophile is abhorrent

Anonymous 102241

No, you don't understand, because the pedophile has a vagina that means it's okay.

Anonymous 102263

Anonymous 102268

Abs and a 6 figure salary or gtfo.

Anonymous 102271

Fuck you shotacon I'm glad Admin got your shit off /nsfw/

Anonymous 102280

??Weird paranoid scrote.

Anonymous 102772

i mean it is true to a degree, if she doesnt leave it does imply a level of love/attachment

Anonymous 102776

well yeah thats because men are involved and have built almose any structure present in society

Anonymous 102778

i mean only retards wouldnt take that deal

Anonymous 102779

why cant you just treat them as a fucking machine so its mutual?

Anonymous 102787


Absolutely retarded shitpost but I didn't know where else to put it. I saw this photo of stinkbug eggs. The stinkbug's scientific name is pentatomoid. Haha potato moids

Anonymous 102789

Grace picture tran…

>Men USED to be pretty. That's the tragedy. I'm an artist and I can't tell you how badly I want to live in older times. Seeing portraits and photographs of men from the past makes me realize how much better they used to take care of themselves.
Finally, a sentiment I would agree with!

Anonymous 102790


This should ideally be the peak masculinity…
I also wish men would wear peruke wigs and dress better. :( My sadface

Anonymous 102794


Me too.

Anonymous 102844

4chan is the most disgusting website I ever came across and it's obvious it's run by moids.
Browsing /b/ lowered my morale.

Anonymous 102845

Exactly, my feelings. it's obvious 4chan is run by moids.

Anonymous 102846

Moids are amoral bunch of pigs who would rape kids, if they had any opportunity.

Anonymous 102847

I think you mean "immoral" instead of "amoral".

Anonymous 102861

lmao must be fake

Anonymous 102867

NTA, but you may be right. I haven't looked at that particular article or its sources, but The Sun is a tabloid that's known for posting verifiably false celebrity gossip and other false or questionable things that are "edgy" to get views.

Anonymous 102876

Do men actually think that women are more "lookist" than them? I mean, most women I know don't care if the guy looks like George Clooney. Of course it's good, but if he's not bald before 30 and grossly overweight a nice dude is a lot better than a handsome jackass.

Meanwhile most men I know only care about the size of our breasts and our asses, and even if you're a terrible person they'll date you just because you're hot.

Anonymous 102889


Actually a lot of them think that. Especially on 4chan. Meanwhile most women around me including myself don't have the kind of interest in looks that they think we have. And at least I'd say it's 50/50 of women and men who are superficial but somehow they think it's just women and all women.

Anonymous 102890


Also while we're at it… something I also hate about men.

Anonymous 102903

Its because they are young and used to dating apps like tinder, where there are more men than women so that women can be picky.

Anonymous 102906


why do even supposedly leftist moids always defend sex work? i'm not talking about defending the people that do it, cause i think that's a good thing, but as a concept why do they defend it? it's clearly degrading and harmful and they love to pretend you're completely retarded for pointing that out even though it is OBVIOUS

Anonymous 102949

Me neither. Every time I see loli threads on 4chan, I either want to commit suicide or just cringe. THis show a lot of moids are pedos.

Anonymous 102953

THIS. My godmother is a fully qualified and trained Doctor and she just fucking left and never went back after having kids. TBF her husband is well-off, but this particular story is why I am terrified of having a baby.

Same with my aunt, did a History degree and just never worked again except for online blogwriting after having 5 kids.

Mum was a midwife and gave that up to wipe my arse and drive herself into the ground trying to cope with a useless husband (love him as I do).

I will not have kids until I'm 38. I just won't.

Anonymous 102956

>My godmother is a fully qualified and trained Doctor and she just fucking left and never went back after having kids.
Good for her. Being a doctor is stressful as fuck. Sure it pays fucking well, but there's a point where the money just isn't worth it anymore if your husband is also high-earning(as career-minded women very often happen to marry, surprise, high-earning career-minded men) and unless you're in the highest 1% of Doctors you're not doing any world-changing work. People really fucking overestimate how illustrious the average person's working life is.

Anonymous 103103


Anonymous 103108

I hate How everyone,including women, seem to think we gossip less than men. Literally all their conversation is about the others, especially people that aren't present when they are talking.

I know because I was listening my brother and his friends yesterday, also my ex-bf and his friends could only talk about their "friends" and stuff they did years ago.

Anonymous 103182

bro i hope you realize they provide meals and showers for everyone they serve right? also i think ratty hair is one of the things that makes you stand out as homeless, and looking 'better' would probably help at a job interview. not to mention the benefit to well being and happiness i think being cleaner would provide. your sentiment is kind of like telling poor people that they aren't allowed to ever have tiny material indulgences that make life feel better

Anonymous 103207

NTA, but the article said she was feeding them McDonalds and dying their hair bright unnatural colors. I doubt that'll help at a job interview, and unless she was cutting/styling their hair shortly before an interview, their hair could easily get ratty again by the time they have an interview.
>tiny material indulgences make life feel better
sure, but only momentarily. What actually makes life feel better long-term isn't indulging some desire for hot pink hair, it's a healthy lifestyle with lots of physical exercise. Maybe instead of wasting money on hairdye, this company should provide better quality food than McDonalds and organize some sort of workout class for people?

Anonymous 103209

As much as No Fap is based on bro-science anything that gets moids to indulge in less porn is a positive.

Anonymous 103239

Shit, I'm in my fourth year of medical school and I'm tempted to just bag a moid and not work anymore. It's soul-sucking dehumanizing work where people are skeptical of your expertise despite their only evidence being anecdotes from their aunt's friend's neighbor. I've had scrotes talk to me about making their hypothetical future wife eat their own placenta because they don't want to deal with post-partum depression.

Anonymous 103280


God this account is depressing sometimes. (She only matches with older men with kids)

Anonymous 103284

She knew what to expect

Anonymous 103286

Uh yeah it's a theme account making fun of dads on Tinder

Anonymous 103605


Anonymous 103633

>tend to be wiser and better companion
I think the word you're looking for is "richer"

Anonymous 103680

I've seen enough men with a coddling mommy/sporty tomboy fetish to know this isn't true.

With how common this is, I'm of the belief the last generation of women just fucked up men completely. You ask any of these guys about how their childhood went and it always involves their mother being distant, abusive or just not there. So because they think with their dicks, they've manifested this desire to have a girlfriend who will protect and emotionally support them.

Anonymous 103758

Maybe around every fifth girl I know has a thing for older guys/DILF fetish. They are the substantial minority just like girls with mommy fetishes.

I think the issue is more statistical in nature. Men at all ages, minority exceptions notwithstanding, strongly prefer women 18 to 25. So maybe 15% of the female population attracts 95% of the male advances. But women usually go after their agematch. This creates a huge disparity and creates the impression of older men preference because there are many more older men then young ones. Even if sub 25 hear old women had a strong preference for men their age, the whole universe of men is beating at their doors, and a lot of them will date them.

Anonymous 103781

I suspect they're far less damaging because they're more obviously just fantasy and require you to use your imagination. When you watch porn films, you're desensitizing yourself to actual sex/voyeurism, not just to daydreaming about sex. Porn films also often look real and are much more easily mistaken for being realistic than fantasy novels, so they create unrealistic expectations for how people look and how their bodies work.
The novels probably still mess with your brain's reward systems if you consume them too much, and probably do create unrealistic expectations about relationships to some degree, but I've never seen or heard of people experiencing erectile dysfunction, getting labiaplasty, or developing a bunch of ridiculous kinks/fetishes, and losing the ability to enjoy normal sex after reading novels.

Anonymous 103788

I admire dedication.

Cappa 103789

there’s this guy that sits next to me in my english class. i hate him with every fiber of my being. he’s one of those types that thinks he’s an “alpha” and try’s to fuck anything that moves. he’s also doing that super gross flirt with every women that comes in contact with him. he asked me a question that he already knew the answer to and then after i replied, he gave me this gross smirk and said “i really like your voice, it’s really pretty” ughhh i want to strangle him!!!!

Anonymous 103805

if the life of a moid is deprived of meaning by default, and they must find/conjure meaning through jobs or inflicting/receiving pain, then..

what do you perceive our meaning to be? i find myself with no meaning or desire to move in any direction, and of course most "reasons to live" that i come across are directed at the scrotes.

sorry if this is off topic, but your post brought it to the front of my mind.

Anonymous 103820

I am so frustrated by anyone saying "Its a guy thing" especially when its used as an excuse to be immature or disgusting
Most recently it happened when a f commented "Oh none of the boyfriends I have had clean up by themselves, Ive always had to make them in some way" and the other people just said "Yeah its just a guy thing" NO its people expecting women to be the mature ones and just accepting moids getting away with anything
I know theres bigger problems but im so sick and tired of this

Anonymous 103890

There are some studies that have found married men use prostitutes the most.

Anonymous 103991

What really pisses me off is that whenever women have flaws no one ever says "it's a girl thing". Moids can get away with awful behaviour and it'll be brushed off as a part of male nature. But if women do something mildly annoying or unfeminine then they're seen as insufferable bitches or crazy.

Anonymous 103992

>But if women do something mildly annoying or unfeminine then they're seen as insufferable bitches or crazy.
Men dismiss behavior they perceive to be stupid/irrational all the time as just being a "girl thing", I don't know what you're talking about. Yes, men won't dismiss masculine behavior as being "just a girl thing", because instead, the dismiss feminine behavior as "just a girl thing".

Anonymous 104002

you must be 18 years or older to post here

Anonymous 104005

What I mean is that when people acknowledge negative behaviours in women, the woman is usually expected to change her behaviour. Where as acknowledging "guy things" is just an excuse to free a moid from responsibility for his own actions.

Anonymous 104090

Arguement I've had with one of my best friends, whose a guy.

>mention that online communities thinking people are male as a default is annoying

>mention that you're a woman

>they either act weird or call you an attention whore
>don't mention anything
>constantly get assumed that you're a man instead which just feels weird

>the friend says that im imagining things and that it's not an issue and that there's no scenario where gender is relevant, so it's my fault for feeling weird about it

Like yeah no shit, easy for you to say retard, but being dismissive of the fact that it makes me feel weird is the fucking point I was making by saying that there are times where gender perspectives are relevant, and that it's weird that the default position online is male.
I love him but gotdamn do I hate trying to discuss these things with him, I dont know if Im crazy for expecting him to understand

Anonymous 104094

I just want to talk about how men have seemingly forgotten how to wash their hands after having a shit. Come on bro

Anonymous 104111

Your friend is an idiot, and it's not because he's a moid (for once). I've discussed this with my moid friends, and the only one who disagreed with the fucky way women are treated in online communities was the typical right winger of the group that everybody knew in school but doesn't really know what to do with.

Anonymous 104115

I mean I don't want to sound like I'm just adding to the pile-on that IRL people are giving you, but guys can't seem to keep a routine and hate being locked into one.

My brother will go weeks doing the absolute bare minimum in terms of cleaning, and then one day it's like a light switches on and he cleans his entire apartment from top to bottom. He gets really enthusiastic about it, pulling out every tool and product imaginable. And then the next day he's right back to being a slob.

Anonymous 104119

Do you think guys are like baseline autistic more often than not? Because that's how it feels to me, and the dating scene feels like trying to find the most caring and thoughtful manchild.

Anonymous 104155

Not autistic, more like narcissistic or sometimes sociopathic if I had to pick between mental conditions.

Anonymous 104158

He can't really assume you're imagining things since he's not a woman and it's not possible for him to come across the same problem as you. The only reasons he would say that is because: 1) he wants to dismiss the topic because misogyny is uncomfortable topic for him 2) He really does think you're not really facing any (even if it's mild) harassment.

Anonymous 104224

He just doesn't believe you because he has never experienced it. Start showing him clips of women getting insulted the second they open voice chat.

Anonymous 104232

I can't think it is, at least based on my brother. Maybe it's like guys see things as pointless unless what they do makes a big change? But then again, that sounds kinda narcissistic.

Anonymous 104261


>when pickmeism goes wrong

Anonymous 104263

imagine being too deranged for varg vikernes

Anonymous 104275

i remember being mutuals with her when i used to have a twitter lol

Anonymous 104462

Anonymous 104464

Yeah I didn't believe that for a single second, if I spend a week all by myself I end up feeling miserable.

Anonymous 104476

This is some ridiculous outlier or plain false, what reason would we gravitate to bonding and wanting a partner if it was bad for us?

Anonymous 104517


Literally picrelated. The fact that married women are not as miserable as this scientist dude pictured them to be doesn't disprove the fact that single women are happier than married ones (this shit is well documented, not in just one book, but in multiple studies). Your half-assed vox article wont save you from the truth, scrote.

Anonymous 104518

We can gravitate towards bonding as much as we want and it still wouldn't contradict the fact that some types of bonds are genuinely harmful and problematic. Say, trauma bonding, which is also the strongest form of bond a human can possibly have, or power gap relationships, or marriage. Learn to fucking read, dumbass, the text on the screenshot is about marriage specifically being unsatisfying, not all forms of human bonds being that way.

Anonymous 104523

Explain what marriage does that is so harmful for women and beneficial for men? It's literally no different from regular pair bonding as a couple, but with a piece of paper that says you are in a union, and if you happen to be religious you are also bonded in the eyes of the Lord. There is literally no other differences.

Anonymous 104532


Anonymous 104553


Holy shit saved

Anonymous 104571

Holy shit, that's Varg? LMAO

Stop trying to change his mind about it, it's not worth it. Maybe if you stop talking about it with him he'll eventually reflect on it on his own.

And yeah, I also despise this idea that there's no way that women can post on anonymous imageboards (especially). And if you even do so much as suggest you're not male, they DEMAND that you prove it by posting a photo of yourself, because in their retarded minds, they only reason why a woman would talk about being female instead of enduring an environment that glorifies maleness and treats femaleness as this alien thing, and which punishes her for being female, is because she wants attention and isn't a "real" member of the community, therefore her only worth is as a sex object and she doesn't deserve the same treatment as the other members.

Or, alternatively, the only reason why someone would talk about being female is because they're not actually female, they're just a male roleplaying, and nowadays you get accused of being a tranny. This one's annoying for sure, but the other one is what bothers me the most.

Anonymous 104573



Literally just two gay guys and one jaded dominatrix in a trenchcoat.

The idea that there's anything noble or admirable or even just unremarkable about this kind of activity is gaslighting on a cultural scale.

They do it because they take too many drugs and drink too much and spend too much money and as a result have lost the intuitive aesthetic and moral sensitivity to distinguish between things that should be made public and things that should be kept private in order to give other people space to have their own thoughts and feelings. Either that, or they are Dark Triad and therefore never had that sensitivity to begin with.

They also do it to hijack people's sexuality and put it to the purpose of profit.

Anonymous 104577

I guess NoFap also works to shame men for being normal fucking human beings, not either a coomer who only sees women as sex objects to pursue at all times, nor a conservative woman-hating fuck who sees women as inferior and sinful beings undeserving of respect.
It's one of the things that are turning moids into incels who can only think in absolutes: incels think if you're nice to a woman either you're a pathetic "simp" (or, formerly, a "white knight"); those who aren't incels often think if you're nice to a woman she's gonna fuck you.

>why do even supposedly leftist moids always defend sex work?
Because either they're not actual leftists but rather they're liberals (who support capitalism), and/or because they're coomers, which prevents them from being fully committed to their cause. Actual leftists who take it seriously advocate for the improvement of the material conditions of all the population so that it can lead to the abolition of sex work, and sometimes also of pornography (real porn at least) because it's a form of exploitation, and they're against all kinds of exploitation. They know that the efforts towards mixing "sex positivity" and prostitution (therefore conflating being opposed to the existence of sex work with hating sex and the prostitutes themselves) are malicious and mostly benefit only the rich. But they also know that as long as we live in capitalism, sex work will be an option (a desperate one, perhaps) for poor people to try to survive their shit conditions, unfortunately.

Anonymous 104581

>a moid I was familiar with turned out to only support feminism and BLM because his fetishes included femdoms, girls being "blacked", and because he was super into libfem tard move of equating extreme degradation kinks to liberty.
I'm so sorry you're American
Unironically all the moids like this I've ever seen were Americans (or Anglos) on the internet and/or middle class, BLM and this racist and misogynistic BBC obsession aren't a thing where I live except with extremely Americanized young people who spend way too much time on the internet

Anonymous 104582

You're basing this opinion on romanticized ideas of the rich elite of those times.

Grace wtf are you doing here, aren't you male? GTFO

Anonymous 104604

Sorry for the multiple posts but I was looking for a thread I posted in a few days ago. Guess it got deleted for being a duplicate of this one.

Anyway, what I said was that I fucking hate how moids think everything has to cater to them. They always assume something they don't like (because it was made by/for women but they don't know that) is shit. They can't even entertain the thought that maybe, JUST maybe, it's not meant for them, and that's why it doesn't appeal to them at all. They judge everything based on their subjective standards and they don't even realize it.
Additionally, when they think about stuff made for women, they automatically assume it's of lower quality. Like, everything has to be made for males for it to be good? Go fuck yourselves. It's like this is what they think:
This is so annoying especially if you spend a lot of time in places where hobbies are discussed. I've discussed "reverse traps" AKA "bifauxnen" on different sites and it's like males never once had stopped to think that those types of characters aren't all about "muh cute tomboy fetish!!", that it's not supposed to cater to them most of the time, and that it's a popular character type in girls' media meant FOR GIRLS. But no, they use this character type as a counter to all the "muh cute femboy trap!" retards, because liking "reverse traps" is "the straight option". Um, hello?? It's actually the lesbian option

Anonymous 104926


I hate males so much its unreal.
Love from Poland.

Anonymous 104930

Sure, unless you're a moid

Anonymous 104932


Anonymous 104934

what do you mean by 'put effort into'?

Anonymous 104936

Well what kind of moids do you like?

Anonymous 104941

Go back to /r9k/ with your moid cuck fantasies.

Anonymous 105201

men do it because they think women would resent a weak man, so they suffer to prove they can handle it and are not weak.

Anonymous 105218

And to be fair to them, I saw a Twitter chain where multiple women said they'd disown their man if he broke down and vented his emotional problems. There are women who perpetuate the self-destruction of men which leads to toxic masculinity.

Anonymous 105246

i think that depends on if you count the teenage ftms or not, there's a lot more of those at that age than mtfs

Anonymous 105249

I'd let Arnold Schwartznegger beat the living shit out of me for a billion dollars.
Its a BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS and you can't take ONE punch? Pain is temporary, money is eternal. You could do lot of good with that kind of money, you don't need to use it on yourself. I wouldn't use it on myself, I'd save up a couple million for me and my family and then give the rest to something productive.
Its gross when a man punches his gf without consent and uses the money all on himself, but I'd forget all about it if he handed me 500 million dollars.

Anonymous 105252

Are you telling me you wouldn't punch your partner in the face for a billion dollars?

Pre-warn them, tell them the stakes, but understand that a billion dollars would mean you could do pretty much anything you want for the rest of your life.

Anonymous 105282

Don't forget to write your will before he punches you into a coma.

Anonymous 105296

Oh god I'm so curious about this, I came here too late to see the seething moid it seems

Anonymous 105310

>imagine thinking this tweet represents the average moid
some of you need to get off the internet for a little bit

Anonymous 105353

I'm so tired of the male superiority complex that has forced its way into every part of society.

Anonymous 105368

I hurt a man today.

I met him a month ago. He's been very clingy since the beginning. I was very upfront about the fact I was already dating someone, and that while I was happy to meet him as friends in the future I couldn't do it for a few months because I can't walk at the moment. Despite this he kept trying to pressure me into going on a date and making uncomfortable sexual remarks about me.

He kept pushing and pushing. A lot of men just can't form a friendship with women because they don't see women as people. They see either a set of holes or a source of validation for their narcissism.

He kept pushing to meet me. I've always been polite about this, but he took it too far and started saying that he would try to be kinky with a few drinks on him and offered to give me a call to give me his dom voice. I decided this was too much. I lied and said I have a lot of kinks, but they perfectly matched by the person I'm dating, and damaged his stupid male "I can just push myself on women even when they say no" ego by rubbing this completely fake scenario in his face.

He was seething. He kept trying to remain polite while I praised this other person, and eventually he said he thought it was best to cut contact with me because it would only lead to heartbreak. I hope whatever part of him makes him think it's ok to pressure women into dating him no matter how many times they refuse has a permanent limp.

Anonymous 105369

Tbh a lot of moids will break up with women who don't let them practice softcore BDSM (choking, anal, "Daddy") because they get sexually frustrated by not letting them roleplay abusive sex. They think it's boring and prudish if you don't let them degrade you like this, so while he might be referring to abuse in the more conventional sense of the word, this is still very much a true thing moids will do

Anonymous 105372

Should have cut all contact with him the moment he made you feel uncomfortable, tbh

Anonymous 105373

Ayrt. I'm not American, I'm from Ireland and I still live in Ireland. The man I spoke about in my post was from Baton Rouge though so tbh you pinned that spot on

Anonymous 105375

You didn't hurt him. You did good. Hell you should've done worse

Anonymous 105376


She hurt him and that's a good thing.

Anonymous 105386

Thank you, I'm kinda proud that for once I stopped being polite about it. I acknowledge that I should have outright stopped him and explained why he his behaviour was wrong, but men don't learn like that. It's far more effective to strike them in their ego. If he hasn't learned how to not be pushy when hes almost 30 then he needs a good bollocking to put him in his place

Anonymous 106011

>money is eternal

Anonymous 106017


Another incel moid (this time he's russian) decided it's a good diea to shoot random people because women.
Is anyone surprised? Incel retardation knows no national barriers

Anonymous 106019


They are retarded teen scrotes who are getting inspired by american retarded teen scrotes. They want attention and they want to be edgy

Anonymous 106025

What does #1 #2 and #3 mean in this context? Is she freemealmaxxing?

Anonymous 106028

he wasn't an incel (he had gf) but he was a deadinside 2chfag rightist retard, the edgy "anti-sjw" kind

Anonymous 106030

So he just had an incel mindset, then. I just saw a rus incel community defending him, which isn't surprising at all.

Anonymous 106717

I understand negging on scrotes for making less than 50k, but six figures? Six figures isn't necessary for any family spending less than 8000$ a month. I live just fine with my husband at 1600$ a month in the first world. Even assuming two children triple our expenses, that still only needs a salary >50k$ a year to be sustainable, >60k$ to be somewhat comfortable.

I dunno, what expense are people having that demand six figures a year to live comfortably at?

Anonymous 106720

>wants a tradwife
>doesn't want to be a tradhusband


Anonymous 106736

In a lot of cities now $1600 only covers rent/mortgage, and you still need to pay for utilities/groceries/insurance etc.

Anonymous 106738

Well yes, that was what was included in my tripling of price. 1600$ is approximately 3x what I pay in rent. 60k$ a year puts you at 3x that amount per a month. You don't need a six figure income to afford a house with that mortgage.

I'm also confused what part of the trad lifestyle implies living in an expensive city to begin with. Does anyone know what Varg pays to live where he lives? That's what defines trad lifestyle for me, whatever it is that Varg is fucking doing.

Anonymous 106765

""Conservative"" Moids nowadays are the opposite of anything trad
>shitting on people who want to make more, work in better conditions, and have better insurance for their family
>shitting on people who want their kids to be able to go to college without paying an arm and leg
>shitting on people who want to work a healthy amount of time per week so they can spend it with their wife and kids as well as support all of them sufficiently
>most conservatives are porn addicts and are unable to reproduce anyway after they break their dicks and are unable to be attracted and romantic towards their wives
>mocking women for doing things like yoga and following healthy diets

lol, those evil soyboys make better nuclear husbands than most of the men who screech about it, maybe it was jealousy all along

Anonymous 106774

It even seems that some man would hold back if some woman wanted him. Most are fake "mgtow" just because no attention is paid to them. Sad end.

Anonymous 106776

How can anyone honestly want a relationship?? Every relationship I've had I've wanted to get out of. I know I'm not the only one. Its so much more simple and enjoyable. I've only liked 2 guys in my life. People tell me all the time "love is something you develope" But it sounds like a lot of extra work for a bad tradeoff.

Anonymous 106779

and most liberal guys are well at grooming, fashion, and have hobbies that help with the family such as gardening, some sort of food or drink making like bread making, and just things that would benefit the family as a whole. Liberal women are the same with this as many take up family oriented hobbies like sewing, baking, etc. Most conservatives just like to say they're super traditional and then put no effort outside of being religious and bragging about their kids and doing half ass attempts at these things

Anonymous 106917

Does he say he only enjoys it when it's involuntary? Otherwise nothing really wrong with it. Not even anything that out there as a fetish.

Anonymous 106937

He's in France so he's paying peanuts. As a french anon the six figure salary and even 60k a year seems crazy to me, you don't need that much to live here, even to live very comfortably

Anonymous 106956


Anonymous 106972

Not uncommon tbh, moids fetishize helplessness I'd go as far as to say it's one of the primary traits they subconsciously look for in women. it just manifests in different/multiple ways.

Anonymous 106973

I hate either of sides but the thing I also hate is that the only ones you see the most criticizing either of those sides of the same coin are their opposite ones, so it's either cons shitting on libs as if they're better, or vice versa.

Anonymous 107002

>most liberal guys are well at grooming, fashion, and have hobbies that help with the family such as gardening, some sort of food or drink making like bread making, and just things that would benefit the family as a whole.
The vast majority of self-described liberal "men" I've had the displeasure of meeting hage been soyboy consoomers and/or creepy male feminists.
The kind of moid who unironically whines about being "friendzoned" if a woman doesn't put out simply because he's totally not one of those "patriarchal men" (just ignore the entitlwment, mansplanning and repeated attempts at taking charge of conversations he has no business in)
Political moids are the worst tbh.
Arrogant and full of self-righteous smugness.
Avoid at a costs.
Very true

Anonymous 107043

> https://i.4cdn.org/g/1633080012020.png
A reminder that men like these are taken completely seriously, while a woman would be shouted down as ”whiny Karen”.

Anonymous 107048

Did you write that blog post anon

Anonymous 107049

No, because I couldn’t ever work in STEM. Just noticed that their tone would be deemed outrageous, were they women.

Anonymous 107060

I have no idea what I just read.

Anonymous 107061

Well I do work in STEM. They changed the blog but the original version had this line
>It’s not known why Let’s Encrypt has allowed their root certificate to expire without having another ready
That's a pretty brain dead comment and I too would not trust their alerting. I'm not seeing a parallel with Karens.

Anonymous 107086


Why do men wanna be oppressed so bad? but they can’t even take what they dish out. i swear moids care way more about ‘muh false allegations’ then women who were actually raped (even though the latter is probably more common). they’ll be so quick to rally behind celebrities they didn’t care about before and call women liars and attention seekers but wonder “why didn’t you say something sooner?”
they’re so hypocritical, moids will love dark humor and making ‘jokes’ about how women are inferior and raping and killing them (even though deep down they probably believe it) but the second a woman says #kam they’re offended and we suddenly live in a matriarchy…

Anonymous 107088

It's not that they want to be oppressed, they want to minimize others' struggles to avoid thinking about such issues and their responsibility in them. This happens in every group that oppresses another.

Anonymous 107089

>Why do men wanna be oppressed so bad?
Because no one wants to lose advantage.
>i swear moids care way more about ‘muh false allegations’ then women who were actually raped (even though the latter is probably more common)
One concerns them more than the other does because they are men and not women. What is so hard to understand? It's unlikely one of them will be raped, it's a nightmare to personally imagine getting sacked from your job for unproven allegations. Kind of a fucked up part of the US media in general, reporting on suspects of crimes before they're actually convicted, male or female. Just looke at the OJ Simpson case.

Anonymous 107106



Because they can only understand society and relationships in terms of competition. They see how women speak about oppression and see an advantage, or a way to "win". They don't understand the suffering or emotional pain of it because they have limited empathy and again, are only concerned with maintaining power and "winning". They can't understand relationships in terms of care, connection, or mutual growth.

They don't care about us and they never have been oppressed in that particular way, so they don't know what they wish for.

Anonymous 107107

>post a pic of my notepad on my bed on 4scrinz
>"you just know this isn't a woman, there's no body part in the pic"
>"tranny ywnbaw"
>has nothing to do with the thread topic, just seething over a notepad on a bed
I wish I knew why men were like this tbh. This is also a thread where some folks jack off to futanari anyways so I don't see why even if I were a tranny they would be sperging like this.

Anonymous 107109

>This is also a thread where some folks jack off to futanari anyways so I don't see why even if I were a tranny they would be sperging like this.
You think troons and hermaphrodites are interchangeable?

Anonymous 107111

It went badly because all interactions on 4chon will go badly.

Anonymous 107113

Futanari isn't herm, anon. They only have male parts downstairs.

Pretty much, I used to post there frequently and got used to the toxicity because I wanted to grow a backbone instead of how Tumblr used to just constantly be full of meltdowns over people putting "kys" anonymously in their message box, letting it ruin their whole day.

Anonymous 107114

>Futanari isn't herm, anon. They only have male parts downstairs.
On the one hand I don't want to post about shit like this on crystal.cafe, on the other hand, you're objectively wrong and don't understand the difference between a futanari and a newhalf.

Anonymous 107115

I wouldn't say that's exclusively a moid thing, it's just that /pol/ has poisoned a lot of 4chan users whether directly or not. It's impossible to talk about anything relating to any type of minority on boards (outside of japanese!) without getting dozens of copy pasted replies

Anonymous 107119

Well, whatever you want to call it, it's the stuff where they don't have both, which matches up with the troon experience.

Agreed, and race fetishism creeps me out even worse honestly. Seems to bring out the worst in people. All of it can go in the bin.

Anonymous 107122

The SS soldiers got really sad when Jew brains splattered all over their uniforms :( :( :(

Fuck these people.

Anonymous 107123

If you're conflating consensual BDSM with spousal abuse I can't fathom your ability to differentiate rape from sex.

Anonymous 107125

>Well, whatever you want to call it, it's the stuff where they don't have both, which matches up with the troon experience.
Because much like how most women don't look like pornstars, most trannies don't even look close to anything that fetishizes them.

Anonymous 107128

Keep it up puritan pickme, I sure hope you're able to find a man without falling off that high horse of yours.

Anonymous 107131

The only joke here is you.

Anonymous 107132

>calls other anon pickme
>taunts her that she might not find a man

Who's the pickme in this exchange?

Anonymous 107133

The one who decries BDSM to be "uwu look at how pure I am" so she can snag a man. If you don't believe "trad"-pickemes exist you're fucking delusional.

Anonymous 107136

>>enjoys simulated rape
Simulated? If a moid engages in BDSM it's rape you retard.

Anonymous 107138

Not likely scrote. You can't sit with us.

Anonymous 107139

The only joke is you pretending the larp rapist really is suffering mentally.

Anonymous 107140

Who the fuck cares about the sadistic asshole? I just hate to see retard like you fail to differentiate properly.

Anonymous 107142

>Uhh be specific when mocking the man in the specific image, else I might get offended that you're implying all men
Moid or retard. Not sure which would be worse here. Regardless stop posting.

Anonymous 107143

Feel free to take your advice anytime scrote. Just because you want to sexually shame women women doesn't mean anyone will fuck you retard.

Anonymous 107146

Good thing I didn't mention it. Is your brain as small as your penis moid?

Anonymous 107147


Anonymous 107151

Imagine thinking this behavior is healthy

Anonymous 107152

I know right? After sex I just want my moid to walk away and leave me in a puddle of our juices.

Anonymous 107154

As a femdom, lmao. Usually subs need the aftercare more than you and are happy to give you some comfort too. What is this dom pitypost shit.

>tagged #brat

Every time doms complain about brat taming it feels like either they are actually not as dominant as they think they are or the sub is having a genuine melty within a scene, which is awkward and moodkilling as fuck because it's blurring the line between sexual fun and treating a sex partner like a therapist. That's not the dom's fault and if the sub is doing that shit, no aftercare that they give to you is gonna help because they started throwing real shit into something that's supposed to be simulated.

I wouldn't post a "uwu doms need aftercare too" thing about that, I would just genuinely drop that partner after if they pull that and start being weird without apology.

Anonymous 107155

Just because you want your one night stands to go easier doesn't mean I'm the one who has to leave moid. You can't sit with us.

Anonymous 107156

Do you believe aftercare for sub exists as a need?

Anonymous 107157

If your sex is so bad you're depressed and need aftercare like the other moid in that photo I feel bad for you son

Anonymous 107158

Tell me you don't know what you're talking about without telling me you don't know what you're talking about poltard.

Anonymous 107160

>The moid in this photo is totally not trying to pretend like he's emotionally scarred from the "trauma" he just went through

Anonymous 107161

>emotionally scared
You fulfilled my request wonderfully, thank you.

Anonymous 107162

Does PTSD actually exist for men?

Anonymous 107163

I think it's a nice gesture and I like doing it for subs that satisfy me well. If it's not a good session/partner I just cover the bases but kinda distance myself from it and focus on caring for myself.

Anonymous 107165

>using reaction images to react

Anonymous 107166

A nice gesture isn't a need. Do subs need aftercare yes or no? If yes, why?

Anonymous 107167

This moid visibly has PTSD :( >>107121
He just had mean sex with a lady :( :( needs aftercare cuddles :(

Anonymous 107168

The question was kind of serious, but thank you for responding at least.

Anonymous 107169

He was very very mean during the sex :( he needs someone to calm him down :( people don't know how hard it is to be mean during the sex :(
I hope he finds someone to calm him poor thing

Anonymous 107170

Didn't ask, don't know why you responded again.

Anonymous 107171

:( :( :( I'm crying thinking about his pain
I need aftercare

Anonymous 107175

Always how these people are created. Doesn't happen naturally

Anonymous 107176

Anonymous 107177

>I just beat the shit out of, insulted, and raped someone by my own regards all while most likely manipulating them into it
>But but II feel bad why won't someone comfort me
Men being men like usual. I know bdsm is practically abuse but women who are not into BDSM get abused like this too
>Man is violent, abusive, pedophilic, etc
>Woman shoes signs of trauma
>Instead of comforting her he makes it all about how bad he feels and most of the time the traumatized woman is the one who is comforting them instead

Giving men the idea to express their feelings more is the stupidest thing society has ever done because men haven't changed their abusive ways but all they get is asspats and yet another way to manipulate women

Anonymous 107187

If your sex needs aftercare to not make you break down then maybe, MAYBE, you shouldn't be doing that.

Anonymous 107188

Tell me you're a millennial who spends all day on TikTok without telling me etc.

Anonymous 107189

Hate the fact that these retards walk around on the same Earth as me

Anonymous 107191

>Impact play

Anonymous 107198

I mean, my boyfriend's ex pressured him into doing some pretty harsh bdsm stuff to her and it really screwed him up. I don't see what the problem is, other than bdsm in general.

Anonymous 107204

Does anyone have that comic of men trying to get into female spaces or something and the women are telling them to stay the fuck out and setting them on fire with a flamethrower? I remember seeing it here awhile back and thought it was really cute and I regret not saving it at the time.

Anonymous 107268

A moid who is completely vulnerable and open to women abandoning them. Oh wait, moids already are. according to this post

They just hide it haha :)

Typical Asian incel face paired with comments like those are what makes me sick to my very core. That comment section is representative of what moids really think. Insecurity masked behind a futile shield that they call "jokes" that are easily pierced by my eyes. You look at that comment section you see the falsities, each one of the replies being a fully form human being and you say "I cant understand what they are saying and why they're saying". I look and see into the minds of very scared boys that have no other purpose other that to drop their pitiful ball juice and then disappear. I am the all seeing eye. The one above all

Anonymous 107309


So many of the posts in this thread are variations of “I hate that I can’t go to the park without looking like a creep” or “I hate that I can’t interact with kids without people thinking I’m a predator.”
Men make up the majority of violent crime and sexual abuse. It’s their own fault. I don’t feel bad for them at all. It’s not like people’s prejudice against men is completely unfounded.

Anonymous 108865


Anonymous 108907

Screen Shot 2021-1…

you know the list was compiled by men… some of these are straight up sexual harassment. cool

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