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Anonymous 93856

how does cc feel non binary people? afab and amab

Anonymous 93868


You mean breaking gender stereotypes and going against gender norms?

Anonymous 93869

NBs and "genderfluids" don't break any stereotypes nor go against norms. They only perpetuate and cement them more - especially fluidity nonsense, as if putting on a skirt is what makes you a woman.
The only way to attain true gender neutrality is to forget the word gender and the notion of "assigned x." Only thing that matters is sex, and whether you have long hair, short hair, pants or skirts, is irrelevant to your identity.

It's impossible to break norms while still using the idea of "gender" (even as "gender neutral"), because the essence of gender is based on stereotypes, unlike sex, which is based on reality, and actually matters because it describes bodily functions.

By trying to appear androgynous, you're not helping society destroy stereotypes, on the contrary, when you cut your hair short, and wear stereotypically boyish attire, you're recognizing that those stereotypes ("skirt, long hair") define you as a "girl." By bragging about how you play in the mud or do carpentry like a "man," you're just perpetuating the idea that a woman partaking in these activities is exceptional.

Simply treat it naturally and neutrally.

Anonymous 93878


get out

Anonymous 93879

Not like other girls/get-out-of-male free card

Anonymous 93884


best post ITT

Anonymous 93891

"Non binar" people are usually cisgendered white girls that dont have an identity that earns them oppression points so they pick one thats the easiest to play. Its usually either that or already pretty degenerated homosexuals/transsexuals.
Just a made up identity that makes 0 sense taking into consideration the definitions of things like sex, gender, male and female.

Anonymous 93896

Self hating women and liberal men who want a “get out of jail free” card.

Anonymous 93900

>how does cc feel non binary people?
For men: they are degenerate perverts, autistics, and/or both. For women: cringe, mostly from the teenagers, and depressing. A lot of NBs are self hating women and the like. The Not Like Other Girls. The movement also takes advantage of autistic individuals who have body issues from their autism.

Puts it well.

Anonymous 93903

>NBs and "genderfluids" don't break any stereotypes nor go against norms.

As far as deconstructing language they certainly are breaking stereotypical lingual behavior.

Anonymous 93905

>>93868 here…sorry I was being sarcastic. Hence the don’t get crazy. I agree with you >>93869

Anonymous 93908

I believe that there is a Living, Divine Androgyne and that in our society and with the direction that it's heading a great many people who embody this Divine Androgyne believe that they can't do so while "identifying" as their natal sex. It's a shame. And of course it's not true of a lot of the NB-identifying people. But in some cases, there is a genuine part of the soul from which it springs, although naturally influenced by current discourse on sex and gender.

Anonymous 93909

normal girls who don't feel like a stereotype of femininity (ie. everyone) and grew up extremely online with other nb-identifying friends.
groomers and pedos, no exceptions.

Anonymous 93913

fuck off please

Anonymous 93925

snowflake attention seekers

Anonymous 93937

no offense but you lot got a blatant moid typing style :X busted!!!!

Anonymous 93938


>get-out-of-male free card


Anonymous 93955

Feel how?
>my feelings towards individuals with these identities
Basically what everyone else said. Every one of these people I’ve met were autistic or were just uncomfortable with being seen as female for whatever reason. I’ve never actually met an amab nb but it sounds like predator male feminist shit.
>will I respec proffered pronouns?
I like the singular they/them a lot actually. I used it long before “nonbinary” left tumblr to describe any singular person regardless of gender. Pronoun sperg: I refuse to acknowledge “he” as neutral, “he or she” is too long, “you” is too familiar and doesn’t work in most contexts, and “one” is too formal/confusing outside of very specific settings. If a singular they was good enough for the proto-feminist Jane Austin it’s good enough for me. Pity it’s seen as woke nonsense now but I still use it out of habit. I guess I cause genderless euphoria by accident sometimes.
>are they valid uwu?
They are valid in the way that trans(gender/abled/racial) people and animalkins are valid if that answers your question (:

Anonymous 93982

>But in some cases, there is a genuine part of the soul from which it springs
Not conforming to gender has nothing to do with someone’s “soul.” It’s just being human, you psued.

Anonymous 94360

You're not welcome

Anonymous 94501

tenor (1).gif

Fuck around and find out.

Anonymous 94507

Can we please stop shitting on people for being autistic, it's icky

Anonymous 94511

Based, understandable, justifiable, usually cool.
9/10 times a sexual predator, the other 1/10 times just autistic and annoying. 99.99% of the time extremely ugly.

Anonymous 94569


I could dig it as a political statement, but I think it's super cringe to assert that you identify as or are non-binary.
Probably >90% of people don't have a strong sense of internal gender identity, but are just more or less OK performing their assigned gender role to varying degrees.
It just strikes me as incredibly unaware when an 18 year old with liberal and genderspecial friends "comes out" as non-binary, like they've discovered their truth. Like, no, honey, you've discovered the truth. Most people don't feel like a "man" or a "woman" unless they've internalized some really bizarre ideas (cis and trans alike). You just so happen to hang in social circles where you're told that this phenomenon is actually unique and special.

Man, if only the enby response to being misgendered was "lmao this fucker believes gender is real/ should be upheld / whatever" and not "omg ur literally killing me… ur making me so dysphoric I can't believe you would call me by the name I used up until a month ago, I–".
I would join in on the they/them train in a heartbeat if that were the case. But, as things are, I know that I'd make people feel the need to walk on eggshells around me for fear that I'd be gravely offended by being called "she". I'm not willing to be a lone pioneer of sane enbyism.

Anonymous 94577

It is made up bullshit and just invalidates the very idea that we can be dynamic in how we express ourselves. I hate it so much!!

Anonymous 94580

I feel like the addition of all these pronouns has actually squashed the self expression it originally set out to help with. The people who do all this non binary enby blah blah stuff are unironically the most nazi behaving people on the planet.

You have to be queer or you're inferior, and theres a hierarchy within the LGBT community that puts trans people at the top of the food chain and literal actual normal cis gay/lesbian people at the bottom for all the rest to rip apart.

I dont like non binary because it forces gender into sexuality and now I'm stuck in a position where I am now afraid that I may come day have my life destroyed because I, a lesbian, don't want to fuck a man who identifies as a non binary transbian foxkin.

I will be labelled a bigot and I'll just be an old faggot eaten alive by the new type of faggot

Anonymous 94584

Attention whores

Anonymous 94585

aside from distancing yourself from society is there anything you can do? I do not see any of this as a way to express yourself and be an individual it is just a way to box yourself in.

Yet to meet any irl but I have had some social workers ask me if I have pronouns lol

Anonymous 94874

Absolutely hate them, but at least those tucute/enby people can grow out of their phase mostly unharmed, except maybe for a bad haircut and embarassing memories.
Because unlike transmedicalists they usually don't encourage for surgeries or hormonal replacement theory that often.

Anonymous 94875

hormone replacement therapy* sorry

Anonymous 94876

nonbinary is the demisexual of gender

Anonymous 94879

Tucute/enbys get surgery and hormones all the time, what are you talking about?

Anonymous 94886

we lost emo and scene girls to THIS

Anonymous 94927



Anonymous 94945

Non Binary is the "I'm 1/24th Cherokee" of gender

Anonymous 95846


take me back sisturs….

Anonymous 95850

what the fuck
how is madthad back on the internet

Anonymous 95864


Don't think much of them. It's pretty obvious that they are just very disordered children. They will grow out of it hopefully. If not, then they will remain very disordered adults who refuse to grow up.

Anonymous 95878

twitter doesnt have a rule against sex offenders like facebook does

Anonymous 95892

I'm just surprised that he's allowed back on in the terms of his release. Most child porn hoarders aren't allowed back on social media. But maybe that's just a temporary thing. I guess madthad has been out for a while. I can't believe it.

Anonymous 119254

I've yet to find a (female) nonbinary that isn't just an autist who's been sort of forced into a corner by current culture to define themselves. If you don't naturally take to social norms, you're not going to be acting "female" in the way people expect of you.
And in years before, this just meant you were a "tomboy-ish" girl. But now it must mean you have to use they/them pronouns or some shit.
On the other hand, (male) nonbinary always seem to be narcissistic. They weren't getting enough attention as run of the mill men so they decided to start using different pronouns on the internet in order to get attention. Posting photos of themselves to twitter looking like the most normal, average man but with long, unkempt hair so they can get called "brave" and "iconic" or whatever
I also see a lot of "nonbinary trans lesbians" which literally just translates to "I want to be called a pretty princess while keeping my cock"
Freaks, in any case. I'd say get therapy but that'd probably make it worse actually.

Anonymous 119257

i have a "love the sinner hate the sin" outlook on most of them, i feel like unless they're naturally androgynous it doesn't make much sense and is just reinforcing gender roles. i could be friends with one as long as they could tolerate that i see their "gender" as a belief (since i see most transpeople the same way i see christians or other religious people, they can have their belief/lifestyle but they can't force me to agree), but most endlessly want to be validated and have the english language changed for them

this is mostly for female ones, though, since they tend to just have personal issues that make them not want to be girls. most male-born nonbinaries are creeps

Anonymous 119266

trans-identifying and nb-identifying people are the cis people of gender nonconformists
TERFs and detrans people are the true gender revolutionaries and you know it

Anonymous 119268

Is the blatantly obviously non-trying "Lily" supposed to be a reference to infamous pedobrony Lily Peet/Orchard? Because if so Ell Oh Fukken Ell

Anonymous 119270

Reinforces gender roles. Annoying. I wish the trend would end but it just keeps getting stronger.

Anonymous 119275

I honestly don't take it seriously whatsoever. The concept and idea of going against gender norms is excellent and I'm all about it. It is quite ironic however that just like transsexuals and other umbrella transgenders they go so hard into it they end up reinforcing gender stereotypes so it's like a boomerang that comes back around and hits them in their own head. The few people I've met in real life that are either gender fluid or non-conforming are all so hyper fixated on avoiding something that's very masculine or very feminine they end up shooting their own ideas in the foot.

Once you stop caring about labels and expectations and just live your life the way you want to live it then you're truly gender nonconforming. These people are just trying to get special attention by basically doing nothing and you can't change my mind.

Personally, I'm a very androgynous or ambiguous looking individual. Depending on how I feel like dressing that day some people will call me sir and other peoples will call me miss. It doesn't matter to me either way I don't correct them because it doesn't matter. I'm just living my life and they're just calling it as I see it. It really isn't that big of a deal.

Anonymous 119280

I'm fine with all people unlike a lot of cc anons.

I do agree that it seems to me a lot of nb people unintentionally reinforce gender notions by being afab/amab and only dressing in the stereotypical clothes of the other gender. I do follow an nb person on instagram who is afab and still wears "feminine" clothes along with their "masculine" ones and I think they are cool

Anonymous 119283

i think some can be cool people personality-wise so i tolerate the identity in those cases, i think it's because i used to be in artist spaces growing up and liked some animes with gender-bending themes so that's why i'm more trans-tolerant than a lot on cc, i don't know lol… but then a lot of the "cool" ones i knew end up realizing that they're just gnc and sort of revert, which is probably a healthier mindset in the long run

Anonymous 119299

>probably a healthier mindset
Yes… realizing that not conforming to sex-stereotypes doesn’t make you any less of a woman IS a healthier mindset. Not “probably.”

Anonymous 119369

NB people are just trying to escape the gender roles that society forces on them. It's not like "I'm LITERALLY neither male nor female", but rather "I'm male/female but I don't like to be sterotyped and this is my way of saying that I'm different from what society would expect me to due to my biological sex". It's trendy so they keep calling themselves NB.
However, in the process, they end up reinforcing, or at least not really doing anything to challenge gender sterotypes.

Instead, they could say, for example, "I'm female, I'm a woman, and I reject what society wants me to be like, what it wants me to do, and what it wants me to like, and I refuse to have my behavior limited and feel restricted by my biological sex". But apparently that's still too radical for many people, and I guess it does take a lot of "balls" to be able to publicly declare something like that, and you must be even stronger to live your entire life that way, because not enough people are ready to do away with gender sterotypes.
Hence, zoomers call themselves NB.

Anonymous 119414

that's just how i talk lmao, i know it is

Anonymous 133293

satan is androgynous

Anonymous 133392

I am so happy I can't understand many of the words in that picture. Being able to read the whole thing must be very disturbing.

Anonymous 133395

You enbie scum have the entirety of twitter and tumblr for your retarded existence. Why the fuck would you want to invade spaces where people clearly don't want you. I swear, it's the same with troons. Just a bunch of parasites.

Anonymous 133405

Adults should be able to make their own choices and I'm trying to be less of a hateful person overall but I think it's a little silly and usually rooted in sexism. I don't think anyone should ever be ashamed of what they were born as.

Anonymous 133559

We don't like you

Anonymous 133561

Dumb kids still finding themselves, dumbasses, or just generally unbalanced people. I have yet to meet an "enbie uwu" that wasn't at least one of these things.

>It doesn't matter to me either way I don't correct them because it doesn't matter. I'm just living my life and they're just calling it as I see it. It really isn't that big of a deal.
^ This. Be you and live your life, what pronoun someone uses in a sentence is so fucking unimportant. It's the fluff around what should be the focus. All this over-concentration on what sex/gender/whateever you are as part of your actual who-you-are identity is retarded.

Anonymous 133744

its unimportant to people who arent narcissists. ever noticed how self aggrandizing those types are when you dont want to follow their dumb little rules?

Anonymous 133748

i've seen female enbies get mad about being referred to as a girl/woman but then suddenly speak about misogyny when it benefits them in the argument.

personally i'd want to gatekeep womanhood, either you're "not a woman" or you are you can't just flip flop.

as for male enbies its so obvious they just want to repent for their crimes against women by "distancing" themselves from malehood.

Anonymous 133784


Anonymous 133923

enbies drink gender roles like koolaid even though they pretend they're beyond the gender binary. either that or they're trying to escape their gender.
afabs tend to get sucked into the "evil cis" narrative and think it'll make them special and give them gendie cred. then there's the ones who hate being female and dealing with misogny and think wanting to be treated like a human being makes them not a woman. they're often completely gender conforming and only use she/they pronouns. see also women who are alienated from standard womanhood in some way - autists, gnc women and lesbians as prominent examples and since they don't relate to the average woman they think they're not one. this one pisses me off personally because now there's dumbasses running around calling lesbians non-men attracted to non-men because they're nlol.
amabs are either gnc gay men who again, are too absorbed into gender stereotypes to think they can be a man or men who want to escape their role as an oppressive cis male. it's basically the modern version of the soft boi to appear non-threatening to women, often because they themselves are abusive/predatory and want easy access to women.

it will always be more boundary breaking to be an openly gnc woman/man than to be a non-binary genderfluid demi-boy.

Anonymous 133929

I think I'm much more sympathetic towards transwomen/transmen than I am of enbies, which isn't saying much. Enbies from the start have had a very regressive and convoluted definition, as explained by many ITT, yet it's heralded as progressive.

At least with binary trans there's a reason, gender dysphoria, which is linked towards harm reduction. I can get behind that. "I have to perform gender EVEN MORE so people can take me seriously" explains why they come off as caricatures. Not that I'm justifying it but it's an explanation which is better than nothing. I've become a bit more skeptical towards gender dysphoria since I started spending more time on trans-critical spaces.

But nonbinary on the other hand is one giant larp. I used to not really think much of it and was very accepting despite my hang-ups, I used to diligently refer to people with their preferred pronouns. Until people close to me started coming out at as nonbinary and I listed to a specific person, I think I was seeing red because of the misogynistic and sexist reasoning this supposed progressive person was giving me and not agreeing with outdated views on sex makes me transphobic bigot. Every time we talk about it I'm more convinced by how insane it is.

No one "feels like a boy/man" or "feels like a girl/woman" by their own words gender is a construct that changes, the only consistent thing is sex that links people together, arguing that sex is a social construct is beyond stupid. If you listen closely you'll notice many are afraid of being seen as adults especially women, maybe this is a language thing? people use girl so often to describe women in their 20s.

There's no real reason to what they do and they take pride in it, it's a stupid counter culture movement at best. What makes me even more pissed off is the historical revisionism in order to insert themselves into different cultures despite. They're larping as revolutionaries and they're so smug about it, "fuck your binary" like bro you're the one obsessed with it that it apparently makes you want to kill yourself if someone says "he".

Anonymous 133967

>being sympathetic to trans "women"
Other than that, yeah, I agree. They claim to reject the binary while they call themselves "non-binary" because they don't fit either gender stereotype, thus acknowledging the binary. As if GNC women suddenly stopped being wonen for not fitting into societal expectations.
Also, I think trannies are just as worst if not worse when it comes to reinforcing gender stereotypes.

Anonymous 133979


Anonymous 134021

afab mowab lepap whatever the hell keep that stuff out of my sight. I hate 2022 language. And nonbinary is a meme as well.

You like wearing different types of clothing who gives a fuck. I hope you dont look cringe on it though and often the people that associate with those words do look cringe.

Anonymous 135122


I was thinking the exact same thing. We need a thread about picking up on moid posts.

Anonymous 135124

Actually nvm we have one.

Anonymous 135396

Unfortunately, nothing more than cowards. I despise weakness in character and so judge others harshly for it.

Anonymous 136217

Teens and young adults expressing their desire to be unique and important through adopting weirdo identities that they will eventually discover is frivolous, and kind of embarrassing.
In other words, It's just a phase.

Anonymous 136219

I hate it why can't you just say you're gnc? I DO NOT understand. I will never understand. Why make a big deal about establishing that your nonbinary, when gnc has been around for ages now

Anonymous 136247

Why explain how well you adhere to gender norms in the first place instead of just telling people who ask how feminine you are to fuck off?

Anonymous 136249

its stupid words for different styles.

Anonymous 137159


>she must be a male because she doesn't type like i think a female types

jee wiz sis!!! Ssmells like MOID!!! moid alert!! errmm sure sounds like YOU might be the moid!! ! stfu retard

Anonymous 137189

Attention whores

Anonymous 137235

As an actual attention-whore I can say that's not true, by saying you're nonbinary you alienate people who are not into nonbinary-stuff and that's a lot of people, so that's not what you do when you want attention

Anonymous 137239

Nope. Disagree. Any attention, even negative, is good attention for someone who calls themselves nonbinary. They enjoy the alienation because it plays into their victimhood narrative.

Anonymous 137325

Why do you feel the need to explain attention-whoring to an actual attention-whore? That's like explaining how surgery works to a surgeon while not even being involved in anything related to surgery field, but unlike with surgeons people actually take it serious. Or men explaining how women work to actual women :(
A lot of people who call themselves nonbinary don't even seem to be extroverted like me, so I feel no connection there, they don't seem to be in need of a friend which is essential for an actual attention-whore, we want friends and most of them seem to be introverted and wanting to be left alone, not a good predisposition to become an attention-seeker, very counterproductive, actually. Negative attention is OK but only as a fickle thing, you don't change your whole identity for it, you just do something that provokes reaction and retreat when you get it, negative reactions to such stuff are usually fickle and often gets ignored after few times, they don't provide seemingly stable source of attention, it's just a matter of luck to stumble upon people who give you negative reaction and you don't make something fickle your whole identity, you gotta be more flexible. It's not what an actual attention-seeker would do

Anonymous 137326

Do enbies exist outside of the USA? I've never seen one here.

Anonymous 137346

Why is it always the autistic ones

Anonymous 137355

When will enbies understand that you can be a woman and simultaneously not be a hyper-feminine steriotype.

Anonymous 137368

it's easy to dupe those that tend to be ostracized for being 'weird' and generally want to adhere strictly to 'the rules'. They tend to have rigid thinking, especially when younger and more susceptible to bullshit. The head hons in tranny spaces have no problem voicing when you have broken 'the rules', so it's easier to 'make sense of' and follow them, unlike trying to read & follow typical social queues. There is an autistically long 2016 essay written about transgenderism and autism that goes into more depth than i would ever sperg out about on here (~100k characters, ~375 references):
> https://stcarchives.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/transgenderism-autism-regulatory-failure-political-correctness-death/

Anonymous 137372


> Like, no, honey, you've discovered the truth. Most people don't feel like a "man" or a "woman" unless they've internalized some really bizarre ideas (cis and trans alike). You just so happen to hang in social circles where you're told that this phenomenon is actually unique and special.

This. They're self-absorbed tards who either haven't yet brought their thoughts full circle or want the attention and social clout from their fellow losers. Picrel - you'll hear there is no one way to present or 'be' non-binary, but somehow it's verboten to connect this back to how everyone else is. Instead, men and women are pre-defined boxes because they lack imagination and/or are entitled little shits.

Anonymous 137373

Yeah, I am from eastern europe and irl I know two girls who are claiming to be nb: both are fujo and lesbians (don’t ask me how those go together), both pretty feminine looking: long dyed hair, acrylic nails, makeup, heels and stuff, so that’s an additional mystery for me
I mean, girl: creepy men won’t stop hitting on you if you say you’re nonbinary lol

Plus, judging by the the ones I know from the internet, there are no normie nb
There are normie gays and lesbians, normie trans even, but yet to see a normie nb/genderfluid - they are always sjw/fujo/fandom/etc

Anonymous 137411

A bunch of underage/childish freaks and weirdos trying to be interesting because they are empty vain people and have nothing to them. There isn't much else to say

Anonymous 137518

this is old as fuck but this this THIS. Jesus christ I've tried to talk about it with people who think like that and they just can't comprehend what I'm saying.

You know what else is baffling? Going by trans logic. Even if you were born a woman, as long as you feel like a man and are dysphoric you ARE a man. Okay. So their bodies do not need to be male… And yet they do things like take testosterone, dress like moids, surgery, etc.


It is like quietly admitting everything they believe in is bull shit.

Anonymous 142420


I'm fully convinced this growing trend of celebrities "coming out" as non-binary is something they're using to get away with bad shit. I don't know who tf Lil Uzi is, but I just saw this and I'm even more convinced I'm seeing a pattern.

These rappers know that if someone sees some shit on the news about them like "Lil Uzi ran over 20 people in his semi after a drug deal gone wrong" and they say "Wtf he sounds horrible!", his fans will just be like "Why are you misgendering him though?"

Celebs are taking advantage of the current pronoun/gender-craze to divert attention from their shit.
How much do you wanna bet this guy is going to start getting his own pronouns wrong?

Anonymous 142427

Just a cover for their pedophilia.

Anonymous 142445

>I don't know who tf Lil Uzi
guy who put a million dollar pink diamond in his forehead. no really

Anonymous 142453

I feel like it's ironically regressive, because it's basically "not like the other girls/guys" but completely weaponized and systemized.
So, going against the "norm" is saying you are not a woman instead of actually going against scripts related to the genders.
It isn't a good look when "CIS" women are a huge punching bag in society right now and makes it seem like there's massive amount of incentive to jump on the nonbinary train.

Highlighting this because it's bigger brained than how I could ever put it.

It's telling that I hear a lot of girls and women that felt like they never fit in jump on the bandwagon instead of destroying pre-established gender norms.

Anonymous 142454

No it isn't based.
That diamond was 24 million dollars. With that money he could have donated 400 dollars to every soup kitchen in America. That could feed like 6.1 million homeless people for a day. He could give every child in foser care about 60 dollars. Instead he chose to have a stupid rock placed on his forehead.
Not only that but it now makes him a target every where he goes considering a highly valuable object constantly with him. A fan supposedly ripped it out of his forehead once.
Unironically eat the rich. Instead of doing something productive with his money, he'd rather flaunt his wealth like a little faggot. They're sociopaths.

Anonymous 142456

>A fan supposedly ripped it out of his forehead once.
Yep, just bolted the support system into his skull. Lame.

Anonymous 142457

>6.1 million homeless
I just realized america only has about 600,000 homeless people. He could feed all those homeless people 10 times with that diamond. Maybe pay for their rehab.
Yeah it is lame. He walks around LARPing as a steven universe character instead of feeding the homeless

Anonymous 142458

Tbh call me a communist but that's why I always side eye almost all wealth in the US being specific to the 1%/.1%. A single billionaire could easily fix or at least curve a few social issues but it doesn't happen.

Anonymous 142459

That's a very naive view of money. They don't just have a mountain of money in their backyard. These billionaires often created or own companies that employ millions of people.

Anonymous 142462

Much of it just needs to be liquidated; kind of like how it's totally normal for them to put in millions into certain stocks and other things.

If someone can prove to me billionaires don't have millions to spare at any time, please post, I'd be interested.

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