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People who fake disorders for attention Anonymous 94092

So I noticed in the last few months it has become increasingly trendy for attention whores to fake mental illnesses on social media. I'm aware that faking illnesses to have as an accessory isn't entirely new (God bless the 2014 years of Tumblr) but this time around it seems DID, BPD, Tourettes, eating disorders, and autism are the new trend. Specifically DID.

Honestly, I did consider making this thread on Lolcow but I think it would be better here because I want this to be a discussion about people faking illnesses, why people do it, and the reasons it upsets us. I think if I posted it on lolcow everyone would be fighting about things being gossip worthy. This is not an attempt at starting a gossip thread or an attempt to single anyone out. I just want to open a discussion about this massive problem

Anonymous 94094


This is a pretty popular example of what I'm talking about. Idk why this came out so blurry, but the basic run down is that their alter personality is the entire season of winter. Their pronouns are cold/coldself and they're over 5000 years old. On top of this, their personality is blind, deaf, and mute, while she herself is none of those things. She claims it's normal for alternate personalities to just acquire random major physical disabilities.

See, I hate this for a few reasons. She clearly does not care how much damage she is doing by doing this. People are going to see this and think DID is a fucking joke because THIS kind of thing has become the face of DID. Nobody with a genuine mental illness has cool supernatural entities as an alter and, no, you can't just add on extra physical disabilities to your alters to make them more special and interesting

Anonymous 94095

im gonna be honest the image is kind of baller. didnt read the rest of the post

Anonymous 94098

tbh i found this funny


Anonymous 94099


Some of you might actually recognise this person as the girl who was exposed by her brother and her ex for lying about being born in a cult, all her abuse allegations, all the diagnosis she was claiming, being left in a field to die, being a stripper, literally everything she ever said was exposed for being attention whoring.

She was extremely popular in the neurodivergent side of TikTok. She was most known for having a DID system of alternate personalities who were all genderspecial and racially diverse. She claimed to be able to switch at will (this is something DID sufferers can't do) and claimed that all her personalities had different allergies (not possible).

This wouldn't have been much more than any other attempt at attention shoring if not for the fact she inspired a huge number of skin walkers who continue to spread the same misinformation.

That's what gets to me the most. I can tolerate cringe, but when it starts to actually influence how people perceive mental illness then it stops being funny or awkward. It's people like this that turn mentally illnesses into some kind of laughingstock and validates the belief that certain serious disorders are totally fake

Anonymous 94102

I have to be honest, as much as it does piss me off, disorder fakers are my favourite genre of cringe and they're endlessly entertaining. Part of me just wishes that their antics caused less damage but I genuinely can't help but fucking pee myself laughing whenever someone announces the arrival of a new alter and it's like "hi I'm xenovija, I'm a vampire, and I'm gay"

Anonymous 94104

At what point does faking disorders become legitimate Munchausen's?

Anonymous 94106

When they actually start seeking medical attention and lying to doctors. People who fake disorders on social media play it up for the camera and then claim they don't have the money to pay for an official diagnosis when they're asked for proof.

Someone with Munchausen will be absolutely dying to go to the doctor, lives off the attention they get from posting hospital selfies and making TikToks on the ward with a tube in their nose and all that jazz. People with munchausens are also willing to actually go out of their way to harm themselves in their endeavors (like infamous lolcow Kelly) whereas the most a DID faking twat will do is order Dream SMP merch.

Although, I've heard that in the midst of the pandemic, there is a growing number of teens in hospital doing this like drawing fanart of their alters like some kind of OC art project and giving the nurses complicated explanations of all their alters

Anonymous 94114

>personal blog post part (ignore maybe)
OP this annoys me so much and as someone who has multiple diagnosed disorders it annoys me. I do not identify with my disorders either and fear people knowing I have them because I worry I MAY get seen as one of these types.
People who fake BPD do it because they are probably just a bitch and want an excuse and DID is entirely fake it is like a disorder itself to claim you are DID imo. I know on tumblr it started with otherkin stuff and now it is kids with all these alters including adults btw.

>why people do it

This is complex to answer and in no way will mine be good but I think it is a combination of things. The need for a tribe to identify with is strong for most people so they latch onto various things like politics etc especially since people lack religion in the west generally.

I think that people got told they were special as kids and then on the internet they realize they are not special so they attach all these labels to themselves.
I view people who claim to be DID the same as people who say they are NB or any other newspeak sexuality.

>how do I feel

I just feel self conscious about these people and know that most who claim to be accepting of mental illness would never accept "ugly" real mental illness. Depression to these people is feeling a little down and not serious cases. I hate it so much and it makes me hate myself for having to struggle with my own issues only to see others using them as a way to fit in.

Anonymous 94118

Idk why I never consider to phrase it as people identifying as their disorders, but this is the most accurate way to say it, thank you.

DID afaik is caused by severe trauma. It's the mind removing itself from situations of extreme abuse, rape, etc.

See, I don't have BPD or anything from the cluster B personality disorder category, but I can't imagine the constant infantilising that BPD fakers do is flattering in the slightest. A lot of BPD fakers actually go the extra mile and straight up post themselves have age regression mental snaps claiming that when their BPD acts up they just power rangers mighty morph into a toddler.

Man, if people thought that's what my mental illness was, I wouldn't tell a fucking soul. They dont even have to do that as part of the larp so they're just making it more cringe than it has to be

Anonymous 94120

Well, begging for attention could actually be a sign of some problems (mental or in life). So if I know a persons mental illness is not real and that they are not faking it for money or something/use it as an excuse for their horrible behavior, i dont go out of my way to criticize them; perhaps its the only way for them to get in contact with others :|

Anonymous 94123

Also as long as being "mentally ill" isnt the only reason for their success I dont care; if they became famous because they have DID or whatever then they are disgusting

Anonymous 94131

None of these people are successful. They're larpers hijacking a mental illness for attention and using it as a tool to ebeg for money off well intentioned albeit gullible people.

I dont think even half of them have real issues. They get exposed all the time for just being uber wokies. The tourettes larping wasn't even a thing until Billie Eilish opened up about it on her documentary, and then suddenly every single alt fashion genderspecial started developing tourettes

Not that I specifically blame Billie but my theory is that her skin walkers started the trend

Anonymous 94263

The best way to earn oppression points is to fake a mental illness. It cant be just depression anymore, too common. Autism and DID seem to be the most popular ones, they are the easiest to fake and have the biggest attention rewards.

Anonymous 94266

DID is the easiest to fake because all the people diagnosed with it were also faking.

Anonymous 98817


A girl(?) on the bird app that fakes having Dissociative Identity Disorder is (presumably) using her role-playing to deal with the fact that she's a lesbian and to figure out how others respond to it. Also for good ole ass-pats.

Anonymous 98818


Sorry if it's too big.

Anonymous 98829

isn’t everyone with DID faking?

Anonymous 98830

Anonymous 98833


Stop derailing with your opinions on rare, controversial disorders. This belongs here more than the terfposting thread, but maybe I should have put it there for better discussion.

Anonymous 98864

How can you tell who's faking and who's not then?

Anonymous 98891

this entire phenomena reminds me of chris-chan for some reason.
>be forced to stay inside for a whole year getting sucked up with just internet and news and fast-food, haven't spoken to anyone in a year
>be exposed to twitter and being woke 24/7, you're a middle class white girl who has extreme guilt and jealousy because people on twitter are more of a unique character in a young adult novel in a "dystopian" era irl
>start maladaptive day dreaming
>think these delusions are real, but it's just autism
>through mental gymnastics, you're actually just as cool and unique as your twitter friends
>spread autism
>no escape

Anonymous 98912

Every time.

Anonymous 98913

yeah it's not like they're creating characters to larp as rite??? if u say so ur ableist!!!11

Anonymous 143564

Even more insane than the fakers themselves are those who accept their roleplay delusions without question, especially regarding so-called "systems" and plurality in general. I can see why literal children would fall for this nonsense, but >20 y/o adults?
You have to be extraordinarily naive in order to believe that "systems" are actually a real thing. Even properly diagnosed cases of DID tend to be extremely shady once you dig deeper into the subject matter. (Case in point, Sybil, perhaps the most well-known case of DID, who was later confirmed to have essentially been groomed into the whole thing by her therapist.)

Anonymous 143573

>trigger list
>Mississippi (the state)
as someone who lives in that hell-hole, i can sympathize. he's still a schizo tho, lol.

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