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Fugly art thread Anonymous 943

Can we have fugly art thread? I really love those! Post everything : ugly, overrated, sjw.

←—This supposed to be Hermione….yeaaaah

Anonymous 944

Harry Potter is shit.

Anonymous 945

t. somebody that's never read Harry Potter.

Anonymous 946



To each their own i guess, but while knowing this saga achievements you can't say that it is shit.

Tbh I hate JKRowling, but Harry Potter is my childhood…

Anyway here is some Rick and Morty incest, tumblr vomited.

Anonymous 947

I read it and it makes my ass itch. It's up there with Star Wars and Disney with shit people never stop talking about. Except I actually think Star Wars was good and Disney had a few great movies.

Anonymous Moderator 948

Please make a Harry Potter thread in /media/ if you want to discuss this.

Anonymous 957

Wtf is rick legit jerking off morty here?

The only way this would be canon is if they went with a drunken abusive rape plot angle.. or are they using the justification that morty c-137 isn't rick's 'real' morty therefore trans-dimensional incest is a thing?

Or is incest just common place in tumblr fanart? Idk I never take the safe search option off because I hate porn/fetish blogs.

Anonymous 958

>>957 Tbh this was the most low nsfw work


this whole blog is cringefest

Anonymous 959



Anonymous 975

If I'm traumatized you are too

Anonymous 990

Why did I scroll through so much of that?? I haven't seen that much questionable male anatomy since I shipped Gaara/Lee at 13

Anonymous 1006


I'm a fan of super-realism myself.

Anonymous 1014

Wait isn't the MC supposed to be child?

Anonymous 1016


Anonymous 1068


Found this on lolcow, too good not to share

Anonymous 1069

>project failed


Anonymous 1070


Tbh why none of the rom interests are fat too? Smells like another self insert mary-sue

Anonymous 1071

A…are these people aware that Otome is a genre made to fulfil a fantasy of a harem of pretty and interesting men falling for you, the cute girl?
Who wants to be a fat and quite possibly ugly chick dating below average looking people? who has that kind of fantasy.

Also hilarious that they make the MC fat but none of the love interests. Pure projection on this one.

Anonymous 1075

>not four scoops every day to get extra joocy

Anonymous 1077

i think that art is kind of cute, even if it is very tumblr.

Anonymous 4657

>lool Morty I turned myself into a pickle!

Anonymous 5226



Anonymous 5234

i actually love this. i'm digging the aesthetic, now if only it wasn't undertale…

Anonymous 5242


let's go home. the internet is cancelled.

>dat tiny dick

why why why why why does every sigle weird fetish porn art has to include anime girls with dicks why why why why

Anonymous 5263

Wtf is this

Anonymous 5298

Oh god I remember this game(?). There was even worse stuff.

Anonymous 5311


Lana jay art.
I find her style incredibly mediocre

She has 92k followers for her mediocre art and bought most of them by sucking up to cosplayers/daddy's money

Anonymous 5312


Here you go. This is created by Kitty, there's endless gold among her rule 34 posts.

Anonymous 5313


Just one more for the road.

Anonymous 5413

She looks like that Marvel character America. The one who comes from a planet of lesbians, goes to a university with a "department of indigenous alien studies" and has every power that's convenient to the plot.
What the fuck is even happening?

Anonymous 5739


Anonymous 5759

That heromine looks cute asf, lmao stop being bitter ;)

Anonymous 5809

this isn't tumblr, you should probably leave

Anonymous 5811

this isn't 4chan, you should probably leave.

Anonymous 5812

anon said she thinks the drawing is cute you tell her to leave to Tumblr? Maybe relax a little, sis. I couldn't give a shit about HP, or Tumblrinas, but i agree that the drawing is cute. I don't think it classifies as fugly art tbh.

Anonymous 5814

how the hell is it cute? it's poorly done, horribly proportioned and typical of racist stereotypical tumblr-tier shit. just because it doesn't have a giant red nose doesn't suddenly mean it's cute.

Anonymous 5815

we're not a fucking hugbox either, anon. jeez.

Anonymous 5833


"Oh no, no one's taking the bait!"

Anonymous 5839

>>5739 that has ruined me.

Anonymous 5845

I do see the flaws and the ~muh Tumblr diversity~ in the Hermione drawing and have nothing against it being included in the fugly art thread. My only issue is that I wish an UGLIER drawing was included as the thread pic, like >>5226 for example. Something that just stands out as plain ugly.

Anonymous 8067


Anonymous 9439


"Post everything : ugly, overrated, sjw."
They posted some pretty fugly sjw art, I don't think the intention of the thread was supposed to be posting ugly nonsensical art, I think it was mainly for cringe posts.

Anonymous 9441


Why is Rarity an Indian woman…? Even the fucking horse's coat is white…

Anonymous 14336


At least Fluttershy isn't a Muslim. They always need to make her a Muslim for some terrible reason.

Anonymous 14337

That drawing is cute, though. Doesn't belong here.

Anonymous 14341

because shyness = modesty = hijab, apparently, plus tumblr's fetish for ~inclusivity~ at all times regardless of whether it's actually appropriate.

Anonymous 14344

When is inclusivity ever inappropriate

Anonymous 14348

here >>943, here >>1068, and here >>8067.

Anonymous 14350

Sorry, had the need to post a cute image after witnessing that garbage.

Anonymous 14352

they're fucking horses. who cares what race a cartoon horse is.

Anonymous 14353

wasn't expecting to read this, you made me kek

Anonymous 14354

Why do leftists hate beauty?

Anonymous 14381

Because they're jealous of everything beautiful.

Anonymous 20179

Also, Beauty implies objectiveness, which also implies there is objective good, and then they're forced to admit they're not. So they're busy proclaiming "everyone's shit in their own way" and take pride in it. Literally Satan.

Anonymous 20200


Anonymous 20201


Anonymous 20327

Just to clarify, I'm not a leftist (I'm not conservative either, though) and yes, beauty has strict rules like proportions, golden ratio, healthy appearance etc. But there's also preferences you formed emotionally, like you have a certain "type" that may not correspond to what's trendy. The art posted here is ugly in a distasteful way, but I've also seen ugly artwork that has a charm to it (ex. stuff by Tim Burton)

Anonymous 27494

hyperrealistic eyes… is this from one of those lost episode creepypastas?

Anonymous Moderator 27516

Stop derailing, please.

Anonymous 27557


ok, here's some ugly art irl. I assume sculpture falls under the realm of "art" in this case.

Anonymous 143449

wtf lmao

Anonymous 143554


Anonymous 143560


>←—This supposed to be Hermione….yeaaaah
Why do they do this lmao. Its a completely different character.

Anonymous 143574

holy crap, they look like someone photo-shopped the faces of middle-aged Japanese men onto the bodies of anime characters. why would someone make this and think "hmm, yes, this looks good, i will show it to the entire world and they will surely enjoy this masterfully made work of art"

Anonymous 143576

why is this so accurate

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