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Anonymous 94311

Everyone says I sound like a little boy/man, I’m a female in my early 20s; https://voca.ro/1ceklQukgYUJ
Why do people say this to me

Anonymous 94312

Stop whispering I can't really hear what your voice actually sounds like

Anonymous 94313

Oh sorry family was sleeping so I have to be very very quiet lol

Anonymous 94314

Here’s me normally talking https://voca.ro/14PGJBSRoHhE

Anonymous 94315

You don't really sound like a boy, but definitely sound young. If I were to hazard a guess you genuinely sound 15, which is when a lot of voice differentiation takes place anyway.

RE: being referred to as a young boy specifically, consider that men online are naturally hostile to women because they are insane and will even blot out reality of you being female if it means maintaining a male only space. It's not you, it's them.

Anonymous 94316

Thank you for being honest with me, and I get the “you sound too young l” thing all the time, nobody ever takes me seriously on the phone because of how I sound, life is hard and it’s shit

Anonymous 94317

At the risk of sounding like someone's grandmother, consider that once you hit your 30s and 40s you will sound younger and cool.

Anonymous 94318

I’ve never considered that, thanks xD I’ll remember that next time someone tells me I sound like a child or little boy

Anonymous 94319

Might be because I'm an uncultured ruralanon but your voice sounds really cool to me.

Does anyone else have a voice that doesn't match your "class"?
I had to do elocution lessons in a public library, from a kindly lady who I do not wish to disrespect when I say this: it fucked up my life trajectory wildly. People didn't understand my original accent when I moved as a kid and now I forever sound like I have rich parents hidden somewhere kek

Anonymous 94320

naw you have a very nice voice.i appreciate the well wishes in the audio.

Anonymous 94321

you definitely sound like a girl, just a young woman, like 20

Anonymous 94322

You sound American.

Anonymous 94323

No I would say you have a fairly normal feminine voice.

Anonymous 94324

You have a nice voice anon

Anonymous 94335

Voice thread?

OP, your voice sounds fine but maybe a little timid and that might be what reads "young boy" to some people.

Here's mine:

Anonymous 94338

it's not grating. (not saying you are this) but you sound like one of those secretly bitchy girls. like someone that sounds and acts nice but is not. not grating though. not blaming you, i'm blaming the covert bitchy girls for tainting this voice type.

Anonymous 94343

cute voice, anon
if you want to change it look up how to develop your formant, that usually results in a more "full" voice

Anonymous 94345

Thanks anon. I am pretty internally bitchy/judgemental so it's interesting that it comes out in my voice lol.

Anonymous 94396

Thank you and you’re welcome :D

Anonymous 94397

I’ve been very timid since I was a kid, so maybe it seeps through into my voice? I’ve been told that by many people, argh :/ basically means if I wanna change my voice I’ll have to change my entire demeanor and personality

Also you sound like my therapist (lol Idk if that’s weird)

Anonymous 94399

I’m Canadian, close enough anyway, thanks xD :)

Anonymous 94400

Thank you xD, oh wow, that sounds fun lol haha the classes, I stutter and slur a lot I shoild do that
I bet you sound cool though

Anonymous 94429


Cute voice.

Are you trolling for attention because your voice is obviously cute and feminine?
That’s cute if you are.


Anonymous 94431


You’re what I imagine the English speaking nagatoro or sounds like.

intelligent, willful, fun, lots of self respect.

Like a samurai.

Anonymous 94462

i sound kinda like you and i always get kicked from lobbies for sounding like a child feels bad

Anonymous 94478

What accent is that? I barely noticed it in the first dæy and in möerning. Otherwise you sound completely normal.

Anonymous 94521

I don’t notice I have an accent, sometimes I do I guess, what’s interesting is though I only had an accent once I started talking to people online (discord and other chat clients) so I guess i subconsciously incorporated other people’s accents into mine?

Anonymous 94522

You sound like me me!!!??? Oh my
Idk why I’m excited about this lol, I found another girl once who sounded like me online and i was so happy lmao, and she was nice to me!

Anonymous 94523

Well I appreciate that and I’ve never heard that comparison or compliment before to myself.

Anonymous 94524

I get people that either say they hate my voice and I sound gross, or people that do like my voice, I genuinely couldn’t tell how I sound. I still don’t like that I sound like a child, I’ll probably always sound like that.

Anonymous 94749

I sound way more boyish than you. I wish I had your voice

Anonymous 95189

Thank you, anytime I find a girl that sounds like me I get happy lol, idk I don’t like how I sound, people either don’t take me seriously or they think I’m naive and or annoying.
Weirdly enough I’ve been told my appearance doesn’t match my voice.

Anonymous 95915

You probably look androgynous and have short hair. That is what they mean, when they say you look like a boy, despite still knowing that you are a girl.

Your voice sounds really young. Like a kid. I honestly am thinking of boy too, when I hear it.

Anonymous 95976

I never get told I look like a boy/man, and my hair is quite long and I’m feminine appearing in general.
I actually look nothing how I sound and I frequently get told that.
I do get told constantly I sound like a little boy or just a child in general.

Anonymous 96959

You have a raspy voice but I think it's cute :)

Anonymous 97379

>I don’t like how I sound, people either don’t take me seriously or they think I’m naive and or annoying.
Your voice doesn't even have to be the reason, it's just less likely to be taken seriously if you're 1. Female 2. Young 3. Shy 4. Short/petite

Anonymous 97437

I’m severely depressed and have been for a long time, maybe it impacts my voice and I’m unaware? I’ve had people tell me I sound very sad before, people I didn’t even know personally.
I’m also autistic, that could impact my voice too?

Anonymous 97714

You sound like a 13-year-old boy going through puberty.

Anonymous 97715

Assuming you were professionally diagnosed with all of those things, as opposed to self-diagnosed, yes. Autism tends to cause a "blunt affect" i.e. little emotional variance in the voice. English has a very "musical" quality to it and most normalfag expect you to emote somewhat (usually positive). Depression wouldn't help the emotional side of things, but that wouldn't effect your processes as much as autism.

Again, assuming you have this professional diagnosed and not just "lol I took an online test and it said I totes had disabilities xD"

Anonymous 98630

I can hear why they say that, you kind of sound like a prepubescent boy about to start their Let's Play youtube channel
>Hey, what's up

Anonymous 99954

You dont sound male to me at all, but my guess is the communities you are speaking in are heavily male based, and you possibly have internet knowlage, which is commonly associated with males. Which could be why they’d think such. Basically, maybe you aren’t acting like the stereotypical female.

Anonymous 102462

u sound normal. anyone who says otherwise is just a dick

Anonymous 103030

What else am I supposed to say? Any idea genius?

Anonymous 103031

Everyone that says I’m a boy is usually in discord or when I’m gaming (and they’re usually males)

Anonymous 103032

Let’s hear what you sound like? I bet you’re a guy or a tranny, gross, I sound better than you either way Sir

Anonymous 103033

Nta but I agree with her lmao. They probably have speech lessons on YouTube you could try!

Anonymous 103068

the thing is little boys voices can be mistaken for a womens voice. i mean think of the little choir boys who would make you think a woman was singing instead. your voice registers 100% female to me. its not anything to feel bad about + shitty mics make it worse imo

Anonymous 103101

You’re agreeing with yourself, but okay cool brother

Anonymous 103102

Yes it’s true, that’s what I don’t get when people Tell me “you like like a little boy or kid”
Well atleast I sound young lol

Anonymous 103967

I get the same thing. I've had a guy on Discord tell me he can't tell if I'm a guy or a girl, and an old dude tell me I sound like a little boy. I wish I had one of those sexy, mature voices like Eva Green's but instead I sound like a pre-pubescent child on helium.

The trans girl I know even told me she thought I was "voice-training" when she first heard me. feelsbad.jpg

Anonymous 103969


you sound like a girl, whoever said to you you have a manly voice is delusional

Anonymous 104007

The thing I don’t understand is, if a trans girl is voice training she would sound like a full on man who’s chained smoked to 40 years, a pre pubescent boy sounds almost like a high pitched voice female, so idk, but Atleast we sound young and youthful

Anonymous 104243

In games with voice chat I sometimes get told that aswell, but never by women. I don't think a lot of them say it on purpose, they're just confused to hear a womans voice (except for their mommies)

Anonymous 104251

It mostly happens in games yeh, honestly incels

Anonymous 104257

When this thread was made and was active I was away on a holiday and I forgot about it when I got back, glad to see it pop up again.
So here's my advice for the girlies today


Anonymous 104258

You have a beautiful voice!

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