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hello, check ups! Anonymous 94486

Hi miners. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and I miss you all. I 'm always very active here during bad depressive episodes and it (surprisingly lol) helps me a lot. so thank u.
How is everyone these days? I am enjoying summer vacay, becoming a pillhead, and participating in artfight! what are u up to!!!

Anonymous 94498

counting down the days until university. thinking about having my own place and doing drive
obsessing over my appearance, starting in the mirror for at least 30 mins a day and crying about being ugly
and playing mahjong online with chinese moids!

Anonymous 94499

*doing drugs

Anonymous 94533

Hi anon! Welcome back.
I just started working at a summer camp. It's tiring and the pay is shit but it's better than wasting away in my bed everyday. The kids are cute and it's only a few weeks too.

Anonymous 94548

in majsoul? or something else?

Anonymous 94672


little pay is better than no pay! the contract for my job just expired so i’m wasting away. as much as i preach the first sentence, i am indeed happier wasting.

Anonymous 94682

Unrelated but I don't watch southpark, why is he cutting the boobs out of all the magazines?

Anonymous 94688

That sounds like a dream despite the pay! Do you get to stay near a pretty lake and forest and swim and use zipwires? I have no idea what camp is like and I wish I did

Anonymous 94991


because he loves boobs

Anonymous 95024

do you actually like kenny as a character or is this just an ironic joke?

Anonymous 95056

NTA but Kenny is a good character, why should liking him be ironic?

Anonymous 95510


why would it be ironic? lolz….

>>95056 this

Anonymous 95517

idk because i don't tend to save strange fanart of side characters unless it's like kind of ironic. i can't tell if saving these pics of kenny is some autistic obsession or not.

Anonymous 95520

NTA but isn't he a main character? And this just seems like anime fanart…

Anonymous 95521

i guess? i never considered him a main character bc he doesn't talk but you're probably right.

Anonymous 95741

i went through / am going through my south park phase, and i save lots of arts from twit and tumbl >< i have pics of all the charas but the best artists draw kenny the most. does this mean you recognize me from previous threads?

yes ma’am :3

Anonymous 95742


wow i hit the wrong button and didn’t even put an art. here’s one of my favs.

Anonymous 95817


Late hello, anon.
I'm doing well at a comfy summer internship. Everything is going great and I'm happy for the first time in my adult (even teen) life. CC has also always been here for me to be unhinged and miserable on during my down times over these past few years. I'm grateful to all of you for it.

Happy summer, miners!

Anonymous 95923


I didn't even know there were south park posters on crystal cafe apart from me

Anonymous 95956


" um dude this is so weeeird why do you save pics of your fav characters are you autismo or som- " get hit by a truck normalfag and never come back

Anonymous 95992

nice rustles anon!

Anonymous 96013

kyle 5.PNG

hell yeah : D welcome to da club anonette. are you involved in the fandom at all? i used to be a fairly big art-poster on tumblr back in the day

Anonymous 96104


I was in the fandom way back in middle school but dipped for a while and am getting back into it as an adult. Just your typical artfag as well, picrel was one of my favorite artists. We should be friends.
>inb4 shutup sp fags

Anonymous 112608

Stenny 1.PNG

hi again spanon, sorry i was gone i got addicted to adderall!!
yes we should : D how are you (and all the other miners) these days!?

Anonymous 112621


>i got addicted to adderall
if you don't have adhd it won't do good for you (even if you do)

Anonymous 112648

What are some of the side effects of adderall usage / addiction?

Anonymous 112650


I've been pretty active on here lately as well, I realized that I always come on here when I feel the need for some social interactions that I'm not really getting in real life.

Right now I feel pretty fine, just working on uni applications and dealing with school. Kinda stressed about my future but not trying to think about it tooooo much.
I feel like my drinking has gotten a bit out of hand lately and has been affecting my productivity so I'm trying to do a little detox this week as well.

Anonymous 112709

Stanley 3 manuhamu…

well, it's all fine (except increased heart rate, dilated pupils, extremely dry mouth, and inability to eat food/no desire for water or food) until the comedown. If I have enough protein and drink enough water/eat enough sugary snacks during the high then the comedown is okay. But I usually don't. Once you start coming down, your body feels light and empty but your heart is heavy, and your chest hurts and throbs. You begin to feel extremely sad (this is often when I vow to stop forever LMAO). I also get extremely paranoid and scared, and functioning is extremely difficult (my cognitive ability is zero :'I). Angry, sad, irritable, unable to eat, it's difficult to move/do physical tasks (sometimes I have to scoot up n down the stairs because I'm so weak, but most of the time I'm just physically tired and need to lie down). The best way I've seen it described is you're exhausted physically but buzzing mentally. You also are tired but can't sleep, so you're like a fucked up little sack of bones and meat that can barely move but can't stop thinking ;__;

When I stop dosing for a few days, my cognitive ability is noticeably fucked for about a week. Doing projects that require actual thought is impossible. I become miserable and depressed, and I can barely function off of it because I'm so fucking sad. Going to school is like continuously lifting mental weights for hours on end.

i'm currently almost a week sober but i'm too bored to keep it up, even though i don't want to experience another comedown ever. at this point, i spend my entire highs scared of a comedown, then suffer immensely from the comedown. i wish someone would just come and save me, because i dont care enough to do it myself.

>I realized that I always come on here when I feel the need for some social interactions that I'm not really getting in real life.
me too me too LOLL

>working on uni applications

me too anonette! I wish you a lot of luck!

>I feel like my drinking has gotten a bit out of hand lately and has been affecting my productivity so I'm trying to do a little detox this week as well.

good luck here too, and be safe. alcohol withdrawls kill. dont be afraid to reach out (i had to do this with my adderall usage, and its the only reason im even six days sober).

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