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Anonymous 97335

ITT: we post as moids

> ogga booga where SEX at

Anonymous 97347

Ooga you go away, that is my SEX!!! My sex! I’m gonna fight for no reason like an idiot!

Anonymous 97348

OP is a faggot.

Anonymous 97349


Waaaah why would god make me have these desires and an enlarged clit only torment me because of it~

Waaah I wanna be a boy but still be myself waaaah~

Waaaaaah I don’t like this face waaah don’t make me look how I don’t want to look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

~~we’re all one so why did I do this to myself~~

Anonymous 97354


how do you do fellow girls? XD

Anonymous 97356

Anonymous 97360

Lol I bet most of you are femcels who are secretly drooling for some cock, here's a porn pic. Hurr durr.

Anonymous 97364


Anonymous 97365


this thread reminds me of the "shitty music that men listen to" thread

Anonymous 97369

Kek, i missed what thread this was and literally thought you were male. top tier impersonation.

Anonymous 97370

Why can i just find a simple girl that has tits that enter the room 5 hours before the rest of her. I just want someone to suck my pencil dick every day and cook for me and clean my room :/
Too bad all women are whores who only care about money… no, they only care about looks… i mean money

Anonymous 97373


Has anyone considered that ancient Greece's casual homosexuality was actually very redpilled?

Just look at the west and how many things suck now because the majority of men are thirsty simps desperate for w*men

Anonymous 97374

Do you have a link?

Anonymous 97375

I guess hanging around male dominated spaces is finally paying off.

Anonymous 97380


wow there's a guy who's really good at stabbing people, i am pretending to be him.

Anonymous 97382

Anonymous 97386


I have ovaries, a uterus, and a clit.


Anonymous 97389

Anonymous 97393


Women have no aspirations, opinions, or critical thinking. They are a hivemind, albeit they tend to burst into hysteria when confronted with this fact. God made them to be servants, as a religious man would phrase it. A male representative of any biological species is diverse in his functionality: he is the hunter, the warrior, the lifeguard. Women only can realize themselves as one thing — one tool, rather: a medium for a man to continue his kin. Even when our Fathers were pressured by ”””them””” to slip females some rights, those either ignore this generous gift due to their intrinsic lower intelligence, or fail miserably to gain any success. They are pathetic in their endeavor to try to be equal to men, when they were naturally destined to stand at our knee-level. It truly is saddening that the great philosophers of the past didn’t recognize the fault in the ludicrous belief that a female is worth of being mentioned in a conversation, save she gave birth to a significant man. Alas, even great minds aren’t deprived of fallacy; I am myself prone to accidental swallowing whilst leisurely receiving an autofellatio. Fortunately, it is really not a matter to be bummed about, since this wave of emancipation is as brief as a child’s play.

Anonymous 97395

>Alas, even great minds aren’t deprived of fallacy; I am myself prone to accidental swallowing whilst leisurely receiving an autofellatio.
lmao brilliant

Anonymous 97396

Are feminists truly concerned with equality? Because if they were, they'd realize that there is a completely unfair situation happening to men. It's a serious problem, and it's that the women I find attractive don't want to date me.

Feminists need to realize that women are unfairly witholding sex and affection from me, and being able to exercise choice in your partners is absolutely a privilege given to women that should be eliminated, or at least extended more to men. If you really believed in equality– I mean, REALLY believed in it– you'd be out here encouraging women to lower their standards and date me, or socializing women to date men they're not really attracted to in order to give me the girlfriend I require. My happiness and self-worth are solely the responsibility of women, and I'm gonna need you to start acting like it.

Honestly, this issue is so serious, that you should be way more concerned with it than you are with stupid things like "workplace discrimination" and "the wage gap." You have NO IDEA how important it is that men receive attention and affection from women. It has stopped wars! Who cares about "careers" or "money?" I'll never have a problem with either, so your resources should really be dedicated towards the one thing that will make me happy, and that's a romantic relationship with an attractive woman. You don't even know what oppression IS, if you don't think I am oppressed by this. You have no empathy whatsoever. Please read this unhinged rant and hopefully feel bad enough to start telling women to be less discriminating, or at least to pity-fuck the next guy who messages them "hey" on OK Cupid.

I won't consider that perhaps women don't want to date me because I absolutely reek of desperation and entitlement; that women find desperate men off-putting and even frightening; that maybe I could work on myself to be more attractive to a partner I desire; or any reason why women might be more discerning with their partners versus fucking anything that walks. I also won't hear any arguments that feminists are already working on the root issues, which are things like "performance of masculinity requiring sexual conquest" or "mental health resources and support for men" or "addressing male social isolation." No, feminism needs to address this by providing me my choice of partners, or at least acknowledging that it's not fair that I don't have this. Because this is fucking OPPRESSION. And you should be fighting for me! After all, isn't that equality?!

Anonymous 97397

Quality bait, good work

Anonymous 97406

I went to that thread knowingly will get hurt because I listen to pretty much everything with few exceptions.

Anonymous 97413

dont cheat the man…

Women are hypergamous and always specifically aim for men who are above them, not equal. Feminist beliefs only hold weight in a women's mind as long as her feelings tell her that these beliefs are beneficial to her. When trying to actually tie down a man and get him to settle for her as queen bee, feminist ideas are obviously a detriment to her goals. For the same reason that there are no feminists on a sinking ship, there are no feminists in the presence of a man she truly wants. When a women claims to be your equal, what she is really saying is that you aren't good enough.
Feminism is thus one big shit test and any feminist ideas or actions you see women partaking in should be treated as such. You could even say that there is actually no such thing as a female feminist and ironically the only people who truly believe in feminism at face value are male cucks who have allowed themselves to be manipulated into supporting a fake ideology.

Anonymous 97418


I'll be your gf anon ^-^

Anonymous 97421


DAE struggle with being a manlet? How do I cope with being only 5'11.75 bros? I'm going to go shoot up a school over this.

Anonymous 97422


Anonymous 97433


This is power.

Anonymous 97435


>a femanon on 4chan posts that she is homeless
>100+ posters tell her that she is a whore and deserves worse
>100+ simps or potential serial killers jump to her rescue
>anon enters the thread
this thread is proof that women live life on easy mode!

Anonymous 97436


It's over!

Anonymous 97438


Anonymous 97439


Anonymous 97446

Hey guys my dick is 12.653 inches long and girth is 6.234 inches, is this enough for a gf?

Anonymous 97458


women live life on easy mode and are thus incapable of knowing true suffering and why we live in a society. they are completely devoid of empathy and will never understand the years of suffering i endured because Veronica laughed at me in the sixth grade who cares if it was 15 years ago. even my mom called me a pussy who needs to get the the fuck over it. i will never forgive roasties for this!!11! Fuk yu Veronca!!1!!!!11!!

Anonymous 97460


I love and value autistic girls.

Anonymous 97461


Everything matters and I care about everything.

Anonymous 97463

Un-ironically canon

Anonymous 97466

Women want to be wage slaves instead of wanting to be a slave under me.

Anonymous 97467

I fell down, it hurts I think I broke some ribs, but I'm not going to the drs since that's gay.

Anonymous 97469

I'll be your gf too, my girldick is more feminine than all those roasties that ciswoman have, anyway anon. uwu.

Anonymous 97480


So my gf gained a noticeable amount of weight in the last few months. I've brought it up and she said she'll go to the gym and eat healthier. Well that only lasted about a week until she reverted back to her old habits. Last night when I came home from work I saw 5 empty pizza boxes! Shit's getting out of control. Bros, do you have any advice on how to get her to lose weight? Or am I doomed?

Anonymous 97481

Do you even lift?

Anonymous 97482

…five pizza boxes? jesus christ is your gf snorlax???

Anonymous 97519

I damn near reported you until I remembered what this thread is about, 10/10.

Anonymous 97520

Hey girls, who wants to add me on discord?

Anonymous 97521

lol, same. i did report her on accident kek

Anonymous 97523


What do you mean you got that nasty skin tag removed? That's so pickme of you, you must be a mentally ill tranny then

Anonymous 97524


>she is still this ass devastated from that thread

Anonymous 97525

fate nerd.png

Hey babe, you should get bigger boobs, also your chin needs a little work, nose could be a little smaller too, and I think the angle between your temple and eyebrow ridge is off by 1 degree so let's correct that too.

Trust me babe this is all empowering. You're doing this for you! Stop talking about this "performative femininity" thing, make-up is empowering!

Anonymous 97530

It's a joke

Anonymous 97531


More like "just a cope".

Anonymous 97533

Cope for?

Anonymous 97537


i can't tell if this is retardation or a very good continuation of the thread topic…

Anonymous 97538

Why are western women so degenerate? Females could have it so good if they would just submit to men. I want to punch myself in the face now lol

Anonymous 97564


I'm beginning to think so. But you know, I actually think it's not all that bad. So what if she's over 300 lbs? Her facesits are AMAZING.

Anonymous 97591

Yesterday the cashier didn't smile at me.

No women will ever like me.

Guess I will become a nazi. Surely they will like me more then…

Anonymous 97593

Based and architect-pilled

Anonymous 97623

Guess you’re going to die alone with no one by your side except for your cat. Have fun being miserable and depressed at 40 you broad

Anonymous 97628

women are whores because they wont fuck me

Anonymous 97638


Okay, so now that I've flatulated, eructated, relieved that pesky itch on my deriere and gratified myself for the better part of two hours, I have shockingly encountered a sudden gust of dissatisfaction. How can the bold and unafraid navel explorer that is I relieve this unwanted feeling at once? Upon digging in my luscious and pristine brain folds I may have come across an answer after all! I shall post my penis and scrotum on a female image board and smite them with it. That will show them! Surely, that shall give me a minor rush of dopamine and will ward off that pesky boredom of my dreadful existence for a while. Immediately after this, I shall refresh the page regularly to observe the possible reactions of the female users to gain a little bit further pleasure in the aftermath. I am so easy to please. Truly. Considering my simple nature and obvious quality of low-maintenance, how come the females are not interested in dating me?

Anonymous 97644


Hiiiii gurl!!!!!!! U're SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!1
If anybody doesn't mind, let us share goal body pictures that we totes will achieve immediately after taking dangerous levels of hormones we shouldn't be taking, both biologically and legally speaking xD OwO :3

Say what? Pic related is canonically straight and proud to be a biological male?
Do FUCKING not say such nonsense tehehe~

Not RPing now 97646


hmm I should have put more swearing and added spoiler'd explicit, almost too realistic that could be true, violence against women.

Anonymous 97658


aw shiet it's so dark in here lemme turn on my lamp real quick

Anonymous 97659

>using your skins to make a lamp and not a woman costume
What a waste bro

Anonymous 97708


>what brand onahole should i buy bros? MY DICK DOESNT FEEL ANYTHING ANYMORE BROS

Anonymous 97716

that picrew is BEAUTIFUL and is probably a better representation of the unironic twitter users with picrew profile pictures

Anonymous 97719

Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daugther you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically

Anonymous 97723


Louder for the sigmas in the back

Anonymous 97735

Eating out a girl doesn't sound so bad as long as she's a virgin and cute.

Anonymous 97740

W*men live life on easy mode, proof:
>Wom*n have sex 80 more times
>Wom*n aren't as likely to be murdered by men as other men are
>Wom*n visit hospitals more often than men
>Wom*n are less likely to be addicted to alcohol
>Only 5% of prisoners are wom*n

How do we stop foids from oppressing us? If we don't take their rights away by violence the society will collapse. Again today I faced major misandry such as a 14-year old foid I found on Reddit not responding to my dick pics and later I watched videos of girls dancing on TikTok while eating my tendies and it made me angry, foids are so fucking retarded. I'm just about ready to shoot up a mall and I know my fellow men will no longer take this shit either, fuck the society, there's no point for men to participate if we don't get laid with 13-year olds.

Anonymous 97743

And that's why we should sell female kids for marriage to other family at the age of 10 - max! Western civilization is already dead at this point, so I guess it wouldn't be _that_ shameful to borrow some muslim traditions.

Anonymous 97747

It's 80/20 or rather 99.9999999/0.00000001 now bro. Foids are just a bunch of hypergamous Chad-chasing cunts. In 2021 you need a minimum of 6 feet, 6 inches, 6 figures, 6 private jets, 6 Olympic gold metals, 6 fingers and toes, 6 ostriches to even be LOOKED AT by an obese landwhale. Trust me, watch my pigwoman Tinder experiment video. 69% of men under 30 today report being virgins. This just proves how much men are disposable. Don't worry, when Stacy becomes post-wall at age 12 she will regret riding the cock carousel and not snagging a betabux cuck in her prime. Invest in wine and cat food. Maybe when we reach our peak SMV at 75 we will finally be drowning in pussy, if not then I will just go ER. History shows that societies with too many angry virgin males don't end up so well, so enjoy the decline.

Anonymous 97748

>when Stacy becomes post-wall at age 12
I cant believe this… pricelss

Anonymous 97749

Nvr gettin Deez Nuts lmaoooo

Anonymous 97750


I dont know if the posters in this thread are literally copying shit moids say or is it all original shit. Its extremely good and entertaining.

Anonymous 97755

Women are empty shells. They’re inherently consumptive creatures. Materiality, frivolity, and superficiality are intrinsic to female nature. Yes, I think my consumptive interest in geo-politics, video games, and soccer is somehow superior because I am severely retarded.

Anonymous 97757

So I was abused by my parents, I’m not sure it’s the reason why I’m suicidal but that’s the only thing I can think of.
I was never happy and I can’t imagine myself being happy. It’ll sound like I’m an edgy teen but I don’t like the world much. When I was younger I thought people are smarter, world is bigger and more interesting.
Men hate women and women hate men, it’s sad. I visit websites for incels and websites for femcels to have an idea what exactly they’re like but I can’t think of anything that can change their mind.

I could maybe have a decent life, I’m young my life has barely started. I’d like to do some charity work, meet decent people maybe get a gf, drink tea with her and watch some goofy anime under a blanket. But I think that’s a very slim chance. It’s an idolized scenario that’ll never happen.

Nobody will read it the way I’d like them to but venting is therapeutic even if nobody listens.

Anonymous 97758

>Maybe when we reach our peak SMV at 75 we will finally be drowning in pussy, if not then I will just go ER

thank you anon for the good laugh

Anonymous 97759

eh I dono bro eating pussy is ok as long as they aren't on birth control. Something about that makes it taste rank.

Anonymous 97764

is this one of the fabled jew lampshades i've heard so much about?

Anonymous 97768

I wish a girl would show interest in me for once. Then I wouldn't feel so worthless.

Anonymous 97782

this is brilliant. excellent job, anon.

Anonymous 97792

Uhm bros, my gf is going out clubbing with her girlfriends tonight… I don't get it why is she cucking me like this?

Anonymous 97805

That's why I forced my 200 lb girlfriend to be 400 lbs, more tits and ass for me and it means I'm high T, medical bills suck though

Anonymous 97810

Bro she’s already getting double teamed by Tyrone and Chang. Beat the whore for me king

Anonymous 97811

She's obviously lying. How do you even allow the bitch to go out without your permission? You should beat the fuck out of her and teach her a lesson. But of course you're not going to do this because you're a beta provider. Good luck raising Tyrone's child.

Anonymous 97818

>voluntarily licking slimy stinky fish slit that contains your own sperm
I can hear your masculinity crumbling to dust from here. What is wrong with you? Just sniff her panties when she’s not looking, bro.

Anonymous 97839

Abandon the harlot, brother.
1 Corinthians 5:9-11 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case, you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.

Anonymous 97850


why are they so easy to imitate

Anonymous 97853


I hate women so much it's unreal

Anonymous 97855


how would one go about fucking a bird?

Anonymous 97892

Made me kek so hard this is what they actually sound like
Cheers king!

Anonymous 97918


Why don't we just rape them?

Anonymous 97925

Dude, you shouldn't have to try unless you're a beta. My testosterone is can be sensed from up to 5 kilometres away, in fact, I saw one of these bird bitches side eyeing me the other day and I knew she wanted me. Just go for it pussy. Make sure to narrow your eyes to look more 'hunter/alpha/ and square your jaw. Maybe even stand taller, and act interested but also not too interested because being too interested is gay.

Anonymous 98296


Bros I met some qt redhead who waits tables at Chilli's and I've been going there everyday trying to work up the nerve to talk to her. Last night I finally asked her out and she told me that she wasn't interested, but I can see in her eyes that she wanted me so I waited outside after I finished my meal and followed her home after her shift. She saw me and started walking faster so I did too to catch up to her. Then she started running so I thought oh cool she wants to race and ran as fast as I could. This bitch pulled out a fucking taser and shocked me so hard that I shit my pants.

Do you think I still have a chance with her? I think she's leading me on.

Anonymous 98302

she didn't eat 5 pizzas by herself. you got cucked bro.

Anonymous 98303

Let's not exaggerate, for we are the logical gender. The female egg carton organ has exactly 30 eggs and one egg disintegrates every 365 days. Foids cannot count and they do not know biology so they barely realize they need to settle down with a nice, intelligent, nihilistic gentleman ASAP.

Anonymous 98306


Im r1 pee and therefore based!!!!!!

Anonymous 98334

Hello ladies, I thought you might like to gaze upon my penis this fine afternoon ;)

edit: shut the fuck up you chadsexual sluts, clearly femcels don't exist because you won't date men like me! fuck you whores, fuck society!

Anonymous 98348

>He fell for the cunnilingus meme
Foids don't actually like it when you eat them out. It will secretly cause them to lose respect for you. It gets them real hot when you take charge and do whatever YOU want.

Anonymous 98355

This. Pleasuring a woman is for CUCKS. If the clitoris is real then how come I've never found it? Checkmate, betas.

Anonymous 98363


>he doesn't know

Anonymous 98364

I lold harder than I should have, good thread

Anonymous 98368

Thread has some bangers (>>97421 is pretty great), but the rest of your suck at being accurate or conversely so exaggerated it's funny again.

Anonymous 98369


Anonymous 98372

literally mee.jpg

post booba

Anonymous 98382

if you don't have a gf become the gf is easy

Anonymous 98384

This. Do couch to 5k and eat soy-filled foods for 6 months and you’ll totally get trapmode aesthetics. Will probably me more fuckable than 90% of foids too!

Anonymous 98388


All womn are whores, they only want abusive manipulative chads straight out of prision. They never give oportunities to nice men like me those fucking roastie skanks. I hate womn so much, can wait for my own wife robot maid and autonomous uterus. Females are useless.

Anonymous 98391

Anonymous 98433


I hate roasties because they only want BBC. How can I ever compare?

Anonymous 98443

She didn't go for you because your smell wasn't right. Put baby powder on yourself next time it will tap into her motherly instincts and get her uterus all fired up.

Anonymous 98447

/unscrote but I’ve actually never seen this computer boy b4

Anonymous 98448


Anonymous 98449

Isn't 75% of posters already males LARPing as females? So now we get males LARPing as females LARPing as males. Nice.

Anonymous 98451

I think doing another poll would be cool.

Anonymous 98469

Somehow I doubt moidposters are capable of enough self-awareness to parody themselves.

Anonymous 98471

>she doesn’t know about those moid hate threads that were made by moidposters

Anonymous 98472

self-deprecating humor is the 2nd favorite of moids after being a disgusting pervert.

Anonymous 98492

pedo family.png

Why can't we marry 12yr olds like they did in the 1950s?

Anonymous 98495

>Hispanic/Arab looking moids
I swear god most of these moids are stupid as bricks and yeah yeah different culture and lack of education but most Arabic women or Hispanic women are well kept and have critical thinking skills and morals, their moids on the other hand are complete smooth brains most of the time, I don't know how the fuck would any woman be able to deal with a man that retarded

And before anyone says white moids aren't any better you're completely right, when white moids are disgusting pedophiles aka all white moids at least they try to hide it unless they're incels or something then they'll loud and proud run around screaming how female children are better than fully grown women. I guess it just hits you different and sickens me how moids will just shamelessly be disgusting pedophile rapists and act like everyone else is wrong

Anonymous 98496


there's no way that niceass baby shower was thrown by this pedophile or this child. other people knew. awful, so awful.

Anonymous 98497

This was apparently public knowledge on facebook, I've got nothing in the reports stating the girl was distressed. How exactly did this happen?

Anonymous 98498

If you're raised to think it's ok, you'll act like it's ok.

Anonymous 98499

Apparently 9 months of her thinking it's ok, him thinking it's okay, whoever threw the babyshower thinking it's okay.

Anonymous 98511


Anonymous 98529

Why is it illegal to fuck our own daughters?

Anonymous 98531

because (((they))) want us all to be weak and cucked

Anonymous 98535


anon i'll take your daughter of your hands for you

Anonymous 98536


It's evolutionarily beneficial for men to have sex with as many females as humanly possible and it's a biological fact that females peak at 11. Culturally and economically speaking it just makes sense that I sit in my chair shitposting about interracial pornography all day while my hebe wives cook for me and raise my children. It's the natural order, I can't believe whores have destroyed it all by fucking every asshole hobo around and simultaneously only settling for billionaires with 25 cm cocks.

I look at sex and think about vaginas all day and yet I only fuck my own hand. Females are cruel and heartless animals. Where sex? Where meat hole? Some of us brothers would have to put in effort to ejaculate inside meat holes hence females will never understand pain or suffering.

Anonymous 98537

My girlfriend laughed a little too hard at another man's joke. Fellas am I getting cucked?

Anonymous 98538

>being a jokelet

Anonymous 98539

bro break up with her now. if shes doing that sort of thing in front of you shes probably eating tyrons ass behind your back.

Anonymous 98540

yes also she's having sex with your dog. all women are whores, anyways I have to jelq

Anonymous 98571

Even though this is natural and was normal throughout history, we can't now because jealous post-wall feminazis created age of consent laws to cope their declining SMV and force men to be with them

Anonymous 98572

Throughout history sex with kids has always been regarded as the highest form of sex.

Anonymous 98573

I hate you for posting this but I audibly laughed at my screen

Anonymous 98623

uuhhm bros this girl in my class says she likes me and wants to hangout? What did she mean by that? Why can't women be more direct about what they want? I'm so confused right now…

Anonymous 98629

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Femceldom Real Hahahaha Bitch Just Walk Outside On The Street Like Cunt Open Your Legs Haha

Anonymous 98636

sounds like you've been friendzoned bro

Anonymous 98694


I just failed nofap

Anonymous 98696

Just try edging, bro. You can fap as much as you want, just make sure you don't cum so you don't develop low T and end up a beta male cuck.

Anonymous 98697


>Develop porn addiction because evil women
>Justify it and harass women who are anti porn
>Women finally give in and fuck porn addicts anyway
>Porn addicts can't get hard or perform well
>Women's fault for not liking soft dick and gross floppy bodies
>Then claim that you're a victim because of your crippling porn addiction and it's all women's fault for not helping you

Moids are built different

Anonymous 98709

go back to crystal cafe you braindead roastie

Anonymous 98724

Tfw you’ll never have a gf
You’ll never cuddle with a girl under a blanket while watching some goofy anime
You’ll never hear “I love you”

Anonymous 98725

Stop I’m going to kms now and livestream it. I hate women they’re such attention hoares

Anonymous 98728

Everyone needs attention, we’re social creatures. Nothing wrong about that.
Blaming society for your failures is bad even if it’s partly true, nothing ever gets better on its own bro.

Anonymous 98729

Close. He'd say cute gf, pretty gf, hot gf. And then he'd say he doesn't have one because women are shallow bitches who only want chad.

Anonymous 98739

Yesterday I was drunk and unironically reported a post here as an obvious moid and I cant stop laughing. Sorry mods.

Anonymous 98748

How do I dickmax bros

Are penis stones worth it

Anonymous 98763

Fag. Way less gay to just eat your homie’s cum

Anonymous 98783

best one

Anonymous 98791


I asked my step sister to pity fuck me and she said no. She's probably out there right now cucking me with the Chad who bullied me in preschool. I'm going to shoot up the nearest supermarket and drive off a cliff.

Anonymous 98798

How do I know if I have sigma potential? I watched a 5-hour Sargon Peterson video on the topic and I still have questions. For the record I'm fully vantapilled and my penis is more or less around average rounded up on the Briffault scale, definitely looks bigger from certain angles, and in the past month I've mostly acted according to my instinctual dark triad AFC AMOG volcel rationale. Is it feasible for me, or even worth it to publicly ascend to sigma? I'm technically a KHHV since I'm a MGTOW but my displayed SMV will be extremely high when I get my raise and hair transplant so my main objective is to avoid getting frivorce raped by feminazis.

Anonymous 98800

I'm not gay but men are objectively better looking than women. It's just a fact that foids are deformed men. How could they ever compete with broad shoulders, narrow hips, chiseled biceps, big juicy balls, rippling cock veins- excuse me I need to go jerk off.

Anonymous 98802

You guys should post these on 4chan to fuck with people

Anonymous 98803



Anonymous 98804


boobs boobs boobs pussy pussy fart ass balls dildo porn fap pussy fart boob boob boob boob boob twerk my channel is a dying corpse and a failure i have the most insufferable fanbase of 13 year old boys

Anonymous 98805




Anonymous 98806

I hate the way he says pussy.

Anonymous 98811

Small tits look horrible on women but amazing on femboys and lolis

Anonymous 98813

Lmao very nice

Anonymous 98827

whos that soycuck

Anonymous 98847

based arthas poster

Anonymous 98862

Measure your jaw and penis and we'll have an answer. If that's not it it's probably your canthal tilt. They're dumb and shallow whores, you'd get laid with every woman on the planet if you had plastic surgery and just punched them in the face. But don't lower yourself to their level and play their games, they'll eventually sense your real canthal tilt and cuck you if it doesn't come naturally.

Anonymous 98875

Stop giving a fuck about women. MGTOW is the only way.

Anonymous 98928


Post your neet mancave. Here's mine.

Anonymous 99012

so far only like 10% of these are somewhat creative or unique

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