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What place(s) are you obsessed with? Anonymous 98428

ITT: we discuss the cities, countries or any other kind of places we're a currently obsessed with or are thinking about going to.

Anonymous 98429


I'm personally obsessed with North Korea because of how secretive and mysterious it is, it's such a void of information that it makes any minor facts or bits of knowledge much more interesting. It's equally as horrifying as it is beautiful.

Anonymous 98439


Always been Japan for me in a very long time. It be a dream come true if I ever travel there.

Anonymous 98442


I love Arequipa. My grandpa is from there so I have always been obsessed because of the stories that he told me about the volcanos.

Anonymous 98470

Please share some of those volcano stories I love granpa and grandma stories

Anonymous 98574


The first place I went to was Iceland to see some family in a place called Vik I think? I don't remember too much (was 7), but I remember driving through really serene landscapes, geysers that smelled like weird eggs, and picking blueberries outside our family cabin and trying to make juice with them lel. Weird towns weird language to me, and weird food, and in summer there was barely any darkness at night. But I hope to go back again. It feels fresh and quiet and the people were really warm for such a cold place. Really jealous of my mum for getting to visit so much.

Anonymous 98583


Been obsessed on-and-off since my school trip there in 2014 got canceled. I’ve met Australians online (male) since then that made me resent the people but I really want to go there still.

Anonymous 98610

Sorry for answering so late.
I don't remember that many stories but there was one about this volcano called Pichu Pichu that fell in love with his volcano neighbor Chachani, the gods didn't approve of their love so they created another volcano called Misti between them, the volcano Pichu got furious and insulted the gods, the goddess Pachamama made the earth open and the volcano Pichu Pichu fell on his back and now is sleeping waiting for his lover to wake him up. The story is called the sleeping Indian and if look at The Pichu Pichu volcano it looks like a man sleeping.

Anonymous 98692

The highlands
Or as I like to call it
the huelands

Anonymous 98714


Switzerland, some villages and cities look absolutely dreamy

Anonymous 98772

I would want to be in a country I can actually speak the language in, then again, a lot of people that aren't Amerifats are bilingual

… but Ireland/Scotland

Anonymous 98799

New Zealand is your place then

Anonymous 99178


I’m obsessed with Russia/Soviet stuff, I probably won’t visit though because I hate the cold among other reasons

Anonymous 99179

just go during the summer lol

Anonymous 99181

Just try not to look like a tourist as much as possible and if cops ask for money, just give it to them or they will search you and find drugs on you.

Anonymous 99184

I went to Russia in summer, it was fucking hot and I say that as an Australian.

It was pretty awesome though, highly recommended to people who like architecture. The palaces, churches and monuments are amazing.

Anonymous 99239

Same. Do you have any music recs? Lately I've been obsessed with Soviet music, any era. There's just something about it that pierces my soul.

Anonymous 99320

>it was fucking hot and I say that as an Australian
T. Southerner

Anonymous 99661


I studied abroad a few years ago for about 4 months in Copenhagen, Denmark and haven’t stopped wanting to go back since. I was treated very well in Denmark despite being a monolingual Amerifag. I ventured to other cities/more rural areas of Denmark as well and it was so green and gorgeous.

Anonymous 99667


Ever heard Bulgarian choirs?

Anonymous 99671

>so green and gorgeous
as someone from a green country, i always find it weird when people comment on it. it's like someone gushing over the sky being blue. i guess before i heard things like this it just never occurred to me that other places don't have a lot of green spaces

Anonymous 99744

Well, let me underscore to you just how much it does happen, how much people's concepts of normal differ. I had to deal with a Bengali guy when I inadvertantly ended up with an "environmental justice" project. So, I ended up finding out that this meant working to make greener countries more poputed, which happened to smoothly go hand-in-hand with being endearingly "business friendly" by making the lives of polluters easier. He also was bending over backwards to import his level of corruption to the civilized world…

I happen to be obsessed with Bengal. In a negative way. I hope it burns to the ground.

Anonymous 100115


Oh I just love that stuff.
Lovely surprise to hear this in that Takahata film.

I’m obsessed with colder places. I want to see Alaska, Irkutsk, Iceland, Norway, but I really love the island of Faroe. Look at this lake way above sea level

Anonymous 101064

I live there lmao

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