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Anonymous 98985

Should we take over Mount Athos and claim it for womankind?

>Semi-autonomous peninsula in Greece which women are BANNED from entering

>Not even female livestock are allowed
>Comprised of 20 monestaries housing roughly 2000 monks, most of whom are old and unarmed
>Only accessible by foot or boat

Anonymous 98986


nah we should just leave them be and make our own version - nunneries + hermitage is aesthetic asf

Anonymous 98988

No, you do not fuck with eastern orthodix, they are crazy fucking bastards. You do not want to get hit by either smallpox or nukes or novichok.

Anonymous 98989

I'm going to need bigger gardens than that pic offers. I vote no on those grounds alone. What about you OP? Any special requests for our new, different female island?

Anonymous 99075

>Not even female livestock are allowed

Okay so do they drink bull semen instead of milk

Anonymous 99083


I am in. Let's cull the fuckers.

Anonymous 99084

>dtink sperm instead of milk
That's what you get for being a misogynist

Anonymous 99100

When we invade let's remember to throw out any cheese or yogurt they have in their pantries

Anonymous 99106

even hitler could not overcome these monks, you don't stand a chance. most monks on the holy mountain are rather young these. there are more black beards than gray beards. they are strong and hard-working. there is a tour boat you can take, and the monks will come out and show you relics. I'm sure you can talk with one for a bit if you want. there are also many convents under the spiritual lineage of Athonite elders so you can go there to get some of the same culture.

Anonymous 99114

no, fuck off

Anonymous 99128

To be honest I just picked it because it's the largest area where we aren't allowed

The video I watched said they import all their eggs and dairy

Anonymous 99225

Please god yes, I want to reenact Alexander's siege on Tyre. It's even easier since the landbridge is already built for us. All we have to do is hold the water and occupy the landbridge, and they can be starved out. I hope to take the buildings relatively undamaged. The larger their forces the more of a liability it becomes in a siege scenario. We can take them with a force of about 150-200 plus another 50 running a supply line. I think one properly armed woman can take on 10 starving unarmed monks with ease.
based flammenwarfercorps.

Anonymous 99345

>Not even female livestock are allowed
Now that's what I call abrahamic autism.

Anonymous 99346

>they don't drink 1 glass of bull semen for breakfast
I'm disappointed.

Anonymous 99403

Uggghhhh, it's what some people call paranoia you stuck-up… you … you stuck-up stuck-uppie!

Sorry, but it can get tiresome how little people appreciate paranoia.

Anonymous 100060


No because God (Putin) would strike us all down. The Ottomans have not taken it, the Nazis have not taken it, the EU has not taken it.

Anonymous 100105

I'll fuck them up AR-15 go brrrrrrr. Just surround the hills with snipers and the moids will die there because they cannot ever leave or stick their head out a window because POP
Would the Greek army intervene? Do the monks even have radio/phone?

Anonymous 100127

You send a 6'2 linebacker troon up to the gates, that shit will be gender inclusive in an hour

Anonymous 100153

I'm going to sneak in there and deflower so many fucking monks, mark my word

Anonymous 100319

got such a severe case of polycystic ovary syndrome that i could just
shave my head
bind my breast
and walz in no problem

Anonymous 100429

>Do the monks even have radio/phone?
Yes, they can communicate directly with God who will either strike you down or turn you into a turk, at which point all present Greeks will rush to kill you on sight.
You know, I actually wonder if they would let troons pass (pun intended), they would evidently see them as moids (who can enter) , but would they still refuse to allow them in due to seeing them as ungodly monstruosities?

Anonymous 100433

I would prefer the opposite, OP. All men should be confined in this island and the rest of the world would be claimed for womankind.

Anonymous 100451

I bet it's the gayest place on the planet, with old perverts abusing their positions of power to rape young pretty boys
though if the genders were reversed…
cute, like in the name of the rose, give an innocent monk a taste of intimacy and sexual extasy

Anonymous 100535


>dat shooting technique
Yeah. I think I can take these little cherryboys.
>turn you into a turk
anime turk?

Anonymous 100563

>female livestock
Wonder how they feel about those pesky female spiders,bees, frogs, etc surrounding them

Anonymous 100612

Those things are too small for them to stick their dick into anon, that’s why they’re allowed

Anonymous 100690

20 holy damage.pn…

I don't think he is really aiming for precision
>anime turk?
No, a real life one, more autistic than the anime version, also why is it blonde?

Anonymous 100697


Also does anyone find it hilarious that orthodox priests will bless litterally anything?

Anonymous 100703

no, it makes sense

Anonymous 100714


I dunno, I think it makes for a pretty cool juxtaposition when they bless modern military gear.

Anonymous 100745


There is no honor in killing old, potentially unarmed men. I agree with the anon who said we should build our own but we must arm ourselves in order to not get cucked. I think the biggest mistake of womankind was accepting the moid rhetoric that weapons are unfeminine and we are not worth of them for being too "dangerous" for us. Nature might have made us different but guns make us equal.

Anonymous 100821

I'm kind of fine if moids just isolate themselves in islands, just checked and they accepted womenrefugees during greek civil war.
We should do our own moid free island thought

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