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Charitable Giving Anonymous 9921

Anyone here who likes charitable giving? What are your favorite charities, giving platforms online, and causes to donate to? AGDQ is happening now and supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation this year. The late-night runs of weird games is my favorite programming block, the El Matador run last night was hilarious. This is kind of a nerdy place so people here probably know of it already but check it out, it's a really fun charity drive!

My favorite platform is Missio, it was lauched by Pope Francis to support the charitable giving of religious communities in remote locations. There are lots of different projects that need funding there, like feeding street children in India and providing prosthetic limbs and care to abandoned disabled children in third world countries: https://www.missio.org/

(The purpose of this thread is not for bragging but raising awareness for different causes and helping others!)

Anonymous 9949

Gifting women's shelters body care items such as lotions, lip balm, pads and tampons, perfumes, etc. It may not seem like much, but a nice smelling lotion or soap or some balm is really nice during harsh winters. Also, homeless women struggle with feminine care items.

Anonymous 9951

Cool thread, OP! I haven't actively done any kind of charity in the last couple years or so. I need to up my game.

Anonymous 9955

I like your spirit anon! My suggestion is if you are tight on money and want to give something even with limited funds, after making all necessary payments like rent, phone bill, car payments etc, you could try giving 10% of your remaining leftover money that would otherwise be spent on things like going to restaurants/hobbies/other fun stuff. That is what I do at least. That may only end up being $10 or less but anything helps. Plus, the joy you get from giving to someone in need is at least equal to the happiness you'd otherwise get from spending that bit of money at Starbucks or something.

Anonymous 9982

I used to give monthly to the WWF and a dog charity but then I went back to education. I hope to give more when I have a career again.

In the meantime I try to help smaller charities where I live with physical labour/footwork. Again these are mostly animal orientated. It made me realise how much it's important to help smaller charities than bigger ones though.

Bigger charities scream suspicious at me now, I've been told especially regarding cancer charities to just donate directly to research centres and hospitals in future. Anyone do this?

Anonymous 10044

I give to animal organizations. I give to two shelters in towns I've lived in, one I feel really good about but the other I think is corrupt because everything in that town/state is corrupt but I still hope that at least some of it trickles down. The other two organizations I give to regularly are senior pet organizations, and I would like to take a moment to pimp both of them out.

The first is House with a Heart (housewithaheart.com/meet-the-residents/) They care for both dogs and cats, and do a lot of outside support like promoting senior adoption and fostering. They have a youtube and a facebook, but they're not extremely active on either.

The second is Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary(ofsds.org/index.html). They focus more on the sanctuary part, adopting a lot of dogs every year and fostering those they can't. Their facebook is top notch, and I would strongly recommend it even if you don't donate. They post very regularly with wholesome cute posts, and after a while you start developing favorites that you look forward to hearing about.

Anonymous 10049

I donate to a special needs cat shelter when I'm able to. I've also volunteered there. I love them because they understand that while some cats may be deaf blind, have nervous disorders, missing limbs, or are old with health problems, they need love too instead of just being euthenized. There's also a local feral cat organization and while it does get state funding, it does need donations too. They fixed all my ferals for free and I'm trying to find a way to repay them in the biggest way I possibly can but I'm not sure how.

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