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Anonymous 99446

Have you ever had genuine homicidal thoughts towards a person? Is it normal or does it automatically make someone a bad person?

Anonymous 99448

Yeah, just don't act on it and you're not a bad person.

Anonymous 99492

Normie here, it’s normal to have fleeting homicidal thoughts occasionally but if you find yourself dwelling on certain thoughts or on a certain person, that’s not normal.

Anonymous 99549

>Have you ever had genuine homicidal thoughts towards a person?
Yes, of course. Mostly out of frustration, because they couldn't be reasoned with. But that's all was just in my mind, I can't even bring myself to hit a person irl. Your actions define your more than your thoughts (esp more than your emotional thoughts). If you don't actually plan and wait for a convenient opportunity to arise (or are obsessed with revenge fantasies), you shouldn't be worried about this.

Anonymous 99566

What the fuck is wrong with you people

Anonymous 99579

I've wished for some people to die and have also had daydreams about assassinating various public figures I heavily dislike. I don't think I've ever had homicidal thoughts about someone I knew closely though.

Anonymous 99588


Y'all might want to seek some psychiatric help. Serious consideration of homicide is not normal.
Intrusive fleeting thoughts are one thing but I know all my intrusive thoughts never go beyond hurting myself, hurting other people is out of the question even in intrusive thoughts imo.

Anonymous 99597

Legitimate homicidal thoughts, the feeling of panic and rage, accompanying plans as to how to do it, are excusable in cases where you feel cornered and out of options. That's just basic instinct to kill to protect yourself. You're not a bad person. Prey instinct exists because predators exist.

I had a family member who was a true monster. He destroyed my childhood in the worst ways, and after a medical emergency as a teenager, was positioning himself to essentially take possession of me. I was weakened, physically incapable and unable to express my thoughts to anyone who could make a difference, so I felt isolated and as though he was backing me into a corner. I began to plan a way to sedate and kill him in reasonable self defence, because I saw no way out apart from suicide. In a twist of fate, he just up and vanished a week before he could manoeuvre me into his care.

Anonymous 99614

Babies getting their x-rays taken, I think. This is how you get babies to stay still.

Anonymous 99651

I've had mild homicidal thoughts.

Sometimes I want to outright kill them. Sever their Achilles tendon so they cant stand up, maybe stick a plastic knife in and twist so it shatters. And then just end them.

I hated someone so much that I fantasised about somehow making cordyceps (a species of fungus knows to infect an insect host and destroy them alive) take root in their body and just let them get destroyed by the fungus

Anonymous 99658

Yeah, pretty frequently. It's starting to get to the point of consuming my thoughts, it's like a dream of mine. I'm pretty fucked up mentally, though. Not sure about the rest of you, I don't think it makes you a bad person unless you actually feel you'll do it, which I'm entirely sure I won't, too much of a pussy and I do actually care kek

Anonymous 99692

Thought the same thing. Heard of Foregen?

Anonymous 99712

They get the menstrual cramp real hard.

Seriously I only ever gave it some thought experiments. Like, if attacked, how I would whip out some Bruce Lee shit.
Revenge has never been a high priority in my head or real life.

Anonymous 99713


Anonymous 99792

As intrusive thoughts: yes. Sometimes I dwell on the thoughts when I'm really upset with somebody, but said details are incredibly generic and it plays out like a sanitized, artistic movie scene. I can never have these thoughts when I'm in the same room as that person. I only dwell on the thoughts for ten minutes or so after a really upsetting encounter, at which point I brush it off and move on. Never have I ever contemplated homicidal thoughts "seriously" – With the exception of self-defense, of course. For example, I even daydreamed bout taking a gun to school a few times, but I daydreamed about a lot of things and I didn't have the entitlement to assume I deserved to act out every stupid fucking idea in my head – ideas that I knew were wrong and broken. True to life murder is not something I want to dedicate that much of my creative energy to. I know enough about these things from when I was younger. I don't need to or want to spend more time thinking about these morbid things than I need to to stay aware of the realities of this world.

Anonymous 99793

Oh, and to clarify, I can and do have these intrusive thoughts in the same room as the person. It's dwelling on the thoughts/pulling them back up that I can't do if I'm in the same room as them.

Anonymous 100162

Only about the few people in my life who I fear could murder me. Right now there is only one and I think i'll only be safe when he dies.
But I fantasize more about having them moving to another country or dead by illness or suicide. I only fantasize about killing or injuring them in a self defense scenario where I notice them following me in the streets.

Anonymous 100193

Now that you mention it, yeah. I'm the same nona as >>99792 and aside from the teenage angst episodes I've only really ever had these thoughts about people I'm scared of in some way. It's like a preemptive mental defense. The person who I had these fantasies about the most a few years ago was also the person who I thought might actually kill me.

Anonymous 100224

I have misophonia and sometimes when noises really bother me I have homicidal thoughts towards the people making them.

Anonymous 100255

same holyshit I was going to post this and deleted it

Anonymous 100441


When I see a couple making out in public/newly married straightards/etc PDA bullshit, I want to smash their faces with a random brick, kidnap them and torture them with harsh noise 24/7 in my basement.

Please tell me I'm not the only one and I honestly don't know how to get rid of these moidcel-esque thoughts.

Anonymous 100446

I've occasionally wondered what it would be like to kill someday because I'm curious what the experience would be like, but I've never had an urge or made solid plans. It's not that I want to murder someone, it's more like I'm intensely interested in what the sensation of killing someone is like.

Anonymous 100447

There are lots of different reasons to do this kind of thing.

You are probably projecting your self-hate, because of your own feelings of being unlovable or unable of loving someone, on other people. This conflict is probably what makes you mad. You should do some therapy or learn how to be in good terms with yourself.

Anonymous 100583

Not sure if it counts as “genuine” but I used to have intrusive thoughts like that and it freaked me the fuck out, I was so worried I was a monster. Then I looked it up and it’s called Harm OCD, I was so fucking relieved that there was a word for it

Anonymous 100626

cordyceps doesn't work on humans you dumbass

Anonymous 100629

lol that's silly
just poison them duh

Anonymous 103113

Yes. No it is not normal I'm diagnosed with schizotypal and it's related to my psychosis.

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