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Anonymous 99756

Have u taken any covid vaccines yet anons? Pic unrelated

Anonymous 99758

No. But I haven't been getting out much. I know I need to change that and so I figure I'll probably take one mRNA shot followed by one dose of astrazeneca.

Anonymous 99763

yes, back in April I got my second dose. I’ve been going out to parties, bars, going maskless everywhere ever since and no one can tell me shit because I’m vaxxed. worth it

Anonymous 99765

I have. I waited out a few months but once I heard that only the J&J one was risky I decided to go for the pfz. Family said they felt fine, slight aches. After the first dose it was a slight ache in the arm that got shot.
Second dose I got the worst aches and pains and headache ever. Full day of just sitting in bed. Waves of lesser aches months after. This shit is going to effect people differently for one reason or another.

But now we’re supposed to worry about this delta variant? Fucking hell. I feel safer and all, but I understand the types chickening out. Friggin experimental shit.

What I wanna talk about is the virus origins

Anonymous 99768

Whoa, what nice dose of affirmation!

t. 2 posts above you

Anonymous 99925

Nope, and I never will. I bought a printer to fake the card lmao.
Why? Because fuck big pharma. Did we all just forget that they were killing type 1 diabetics by jacking up the price of insulin? It costs a dollar in india but $200 in america. I'm not participating in anything that profits those jackasses.

Anonymous 99952

I’m not taking it personally because I dont believe covid is real. It seems like a depopulation operation imo.

Anonymous 99960

Not yet, and for several reasons
>I do not know whether and to which extent it will protect me from new variants
>I do not know whether 1 or more additional shots will be needed and how long they intend to drag this
>the vaccine is also relatively new and not tested for long term effects on large masses
>I am at very low risk for Covid anyway
I will likely take it in the future though

Anonymous 99972

you guys are disappointing.
i expected more of you all. anyways i got the vaccine the day it became available for my age. very happy with it. i still mask because i have no interest in catching a breakthrough case or giving it to others.

Anonymous 100052

fuck, please be true. we need it.

Anyways I'm getting my second dose next week schizoposters mad lmao

Anonymous 100079

No. I am young, healthy, athletic, and fit. I got covid already and it was like the flu. It is in my best interest that as many people as possible die from this, as wages go up and home prices go down when populations are decreased from disease.

Anonymous 100091

Nope. I stay inside anyway, but if I have to leave home I wear my mask and keep my hands clean at all times.

Anonymous 100148

don't worry, the next one will take more people.
ore the one after that. in any case the house-market will remain a shitshow as long as greedy boomers don't want to sell their shitty "dream homes" built in the 80's for anything less than 500k over reasonable listing.

dont have kids. dont consume shitty products. but fucking protect yourself by getting a free shot of dumb liquid that will help you outlive your enemies.

Anonymous 100152

I didn't get it yet.
I was going to a couple of months ago, but I became suspicious after seeing how my country handled the astrazeneca vaccine. It was pushed super hard, then from one day to the next they declared it was actually more dangerous than just being unvaccinated for anyone under 60, and they basically stopped administering it. Right now, they're doing green passes so a lot more people are going to get the vaccine, so I'll wait and see if this happens again now that there's a larger sample size, and what's the most effective one.

Anonymous 100154

>dont have kids. dont consume shitty products. but fucking protect yourself
Very based, thank you.
Either way, I was supposed to get my second shot this week but I probably have Covid, esketit

Anonymous 100157

Not really, it's still not available to people my age in my country. Not that it makes any difference, since I doubt it has been handled with the right temperature and care around here,so even when i take mt shot it probably wont be effective

Anonymous 100173

I want to wait. Call me a schizo, but I do not trust the government or large pharmaceutical companies one bit. I don't see what the big deal about getting the vaccine is anyway since the death rate for my age is around .003%, and I am a healthy individual. I don't go out enough to be putting anyone else at risk.

Anonymous 101023


Yeah. I got my first dose of Moderna last week ago. I got tired and sleepy for 3 days. I AM A OK!

Anonymous 101152

I didn't wanna take it but I live with my family and they insisted. It sounded sketchy as hell but I'm sure the vaccine's not deadly. Why would they massacre the loyal sheep after all?
In recent weeks my entire family, including myself, has got the Delta Variant. Fat load of good the vax did if we still got sick. My parents are going on several weeks now of having headaches and coughs. My head's been spinning for the past week and I can barely focus. There's no end in sight for this.
I may not believe the vax is deadly, but I definitely think there's something fishy about this delta variant. Just as everything was going back to normal there's suddenly a new version that bypasses the vaccine? That's no coincidence.

Apparently lockdowns and masks might come back so this vaccine really was good for nothing. I cannot accurately convey how upset I am that this charade has been going on for a year and a half and we might not have even hit the worst of it yet. I don't care how bad it may be, I'd rather risk death than to "live" under constant lockdowns and not being able to see people's faces.

Guess it doesn't really matter what I think, though, this is just gonna keep going.

Anonymous 101259

No and I refuse to take it. I will not elaborate.

Anonymous 102425

Based Stacy
I you want to stay home there's nothing wrong with not taking it

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