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i feel inferior to my bf academically Anonymous 100129

> first year of uni, got off to a pretty bad start bc of my depression and therefere had bad grades
> now trying to raise them (so far it’s around 3.3)
> that’s still no good bc i want to do an academic career
> enter him
> he had always been straight 4.0 student (this semester it’s dropped to 3.9+)
> he doesn’t even care that much
the thing is i care more about the classes than he does, and since we spent all of our time together we study equal amounts of time. but i still cannot beat him no mather what i do. he tries to console me everytime i get a lower grade and i just feel bad. i know i shouldn’t compare myself to other ppl, especially the ones i love, but i just want to suprass him so bad :(

Anonymous 100135

you might never surpass him
its something you can either accept or move on

but its a might

everyone learns differently and remembers things differently too

are you doing everything you can to make sure your lifestyle is healthy, eat, sleep, exercise, etc?

because that's a hell of a lot bigger deal than you think it is for learning and retention of knowledge

people will pass that off like it makes no difference until they actually try and make that change

switch it up, new learning methods and lifestyle changes, otherwise accept that you might just be better at different things

academics arent everything and it doesnt mean youre not capable

Anonymous 100153


Anonymous 100159

Some people are smarter than you. Would it bother you as much if you weren't dating him? Probably not right, but then again maybe he is not even smarter he is just better at taking tests. Some people aren't even that smart they are just naturally good at regurgitating information which is what an undergraduate degree is. (I know because I am one of those people)

Anonymous 100169

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Anonymous 100170

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Anonymous 100171

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Anonymous 100175

>Living off welfare is parasitic
>Being desperate for sex, while pathetic, is not parasitic
Quit acting like you get sex for free lol

Anonymous 100184

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Anonymous 100209

4.0 is better than 3.3 in your country? It's the opposite where I live which confused me at first…

Anonymous 100490

different types of learning works for different people

maybe talk to a professor or something and see what they say?

Anonymous 100833


I've struggled with feelings of inferiority a lot and picked up some tips and tricks how to deal with them appropriately. Sounds like something that could benefit you as well.

For better performance:
1) Understand why you're learning the things you're learning. If you were a teacher, why would you assign this task? This should help you prioritize the right things. If you are in a phonetics class and the teacher assigns you to memorize how they are pronounced separately, it's probably not so important to drill in your head the singular sounds themselves, but to correctly pronounce words that have them. Is it easy for you to tell that the "th" sound in "think" is a θ, but the "th" in "those" is ð? Personally I can't tell the difference. Memorizing won't get you good results all the time, you also need to think about the why.

2) Look up stuff about the topics that are too difficult in your free time, too. A good specialist has information from all the uni-given sources and then some. I used to feel inferior to an engineering student because he was exceptionally intelligent, but he read additional sources for his classes: magazines, kept up with the news in his field and learnt new programming languages on his own in his free time.

3) Read about "brain fog" and see if it applies to you. You might be very capable, but if you have brain fog it makes it several times harder to properly roll new information around in your head until it settles somewhere. If it applies, the number one most important thing you should do to get rid of it is exercise (especially exercise that stimulates the brain - where you need to count, keep track of how many, how long, how much, eye-hand coordination and such). Don't be lazy and dedicate some time to this every day, nonita! I assure you, it will help.

For the feelings of inferiority to go away:
1) Your moid will always be inferior to you because he is a moid and his value depends on his skill. Know that in his mind, he is the one who should be impressing you with his skills, academic or otherwise. He's secondary to you, because your worth is inherent and his is conditional. Compete with women exclusively, because males have different priorities and expectations, and you'd be doing double work for the same reward. I know the desire to prove that you can do both and more, you definitely can, but why would you? A man who respects you will respect you whether your GPA is 2 or 4.

2) Academia is inbred with ideas, so as someone else has already pointed out - it's just how well you can regurgitate the rigid rules and how well you can wiggle yourself when it comes to logical reasoning. Memorize for the former, and apply performance method 1 for the latter. Also a good reason to not take grades too seriously, it speaks nothing of you as a person, just how well you picked up on what teachers want from you and your (usually) short-term memory for the exams.

3) Keep yourself busy with other things so all your worth isn't placed in how good of a linguist you are academically. You can be a mediocre linguist, but simultaneously a good artist alongside that. That way, you have a field to feel competent in and feel better measuring up to everyone else (not just your boyfriend).

Anonymous 101647

Is inherent value necessarily better than achieved value? It sounds better on the surface but think of the types of things that generally have inherent value
>Precious metals
>Beautiful scenery
These things don't have to 'do' anything in order to achieve their worth, but most people would say that they're less impressive than a successful human being.

Anonymous 101649

>precious metals
They're only valuable because they're rare.

Anonymous 101651

Rare and pretty. A lot of shit is rare but ugly so no one cares

Anonymous 101664

Achieved value is conditional whereas inherent value is a given. Comparing a woman, who can aim for conditional value just like a man can, to inanimate objects is a bit of a stretch. A woman can theoretically amount to twice as much as a man since she has two complete routes: achievements and the main drive force behind reproduction. A man can only do the former, all his resources go into it, whereas for a woman it's divided. As such, it should be no surprise that he's more inclined to pay more attention to proving himself physically and intellectually. That is all he has. That's all he can do. He is inferior and is making up for it, and you needlessly envy him for it.

The grass always looks greener on the other side. You might think it is a blessing for men to be reproductive freeloaders, but you look to the other side - and find that womb envy is the most common reason behind misogyny. They know their place in the hierarchy, and outside of all artificial systems, it's inherently beneath women. A woman should never compare herself to a man for this reason; they're in completely different playing fields due to how starkly different their roles in reproduction are. I think this is where the "men and women are equal!!" crowd went wrong, since we live in a system which relies on what the family unit produces - children. At the expense of women. Compete with women exclusively, it's a lot more fulfilling. OP's boyfriend, like all men, has different standards to live up to to remain desirable as a long-term partner.

Anonymous 101804

> do you think the point of an education is to beat other students' highscore?
i'm not even particularly high achieving academically but it's not like i wouldn't like to be

Anonymous 101805

as in
i struggle with academics so it must be for a reason

Anonymous 102385

I got dumped because I was better academically than my ex. He said I made him feel dumb. I'm not sure if it's possible to date a moid unless they think they're smarter than you

Anonymous 102398

Uranium aint much to look at but it's still valuable. It's what's on the inside that counts! 80 billion joules/gram!

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