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Settling for an “average” life Anonymous 100273

I have an obsession with fame. All of my future aspirations end with fame. Everyone my whole life has pushed me to be exceptional and it’s exhausting. I want to settle for average.

I think what I really want is financial stability and general recognition.

Anonymous 100274

We live in a world of influencers and hustlers but what’s wrong with just being average?

Anonymous 100275

Pretty much every celeb either posts soft/hardcore porn, harasses people irl, or works excessively hard at their niche (which they usually get bored of or their body gives up ). 99% of the people who are “influenced” by them are either children, coomers, or nerds who will either idolise you or despise you beyond more than you probably deserve.

I’m not gonna lie I do have envy sometimes but living a low-key life, hopefully with some disposable income and people that matter, is worth way more than living as a doll who has to constantly attention-whore their artificial image to people that have 0 relevancy to you. also someone would probably make fake porn of you

Anonymous 100280

fruit 3.jpg

What is being famous beyond being a superficial dressing for an empty idea? A meaningless hierarchy we create to live vicariously through someone who, seemingly, does very little for very much.

Fame is an empty vessel; being respected by your equals is better than being adulated by millions who know very little about who you actually are.

Anonymous 100309

Adulthood is realizing that what you thought was "settling" is actually how virtually everyone lives.

Anonymous 100488

I've always felt like I should be famous and I was only waiting for someone to "discover" me. The weird thing is that I don't think I would like fame as I'm a shut in loner, nor do I have any talents or any reason to be famous.

As I've gotten older I'm trying to come to terms with this feeling but it's too hard to explain to anyone else.

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