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My birthday Anonymous 100330

its my birthday today nonas, only few e friends wished, rest are automated messages from services. My parents just wished me happy birthday n there was no gift this year. No cake. Nothing. I see stories of girls having their friends celebrate their birthdays, boyfriends organizing parties for them n it breaks me. I am ugly lonely n pathetic

Anonymous 100331

You have several people who talk to you regularly who know and care about when your birthday is. If that's pathetic then I don't know what I am

Anonymous 100332

Happy birthday nona! I'm sorry you're feeling sad today, but try to do something for yourself to make your day a good one. Buy something you like, make something yummy to eat

Anonymous 100392

Happy birthday miner!!!

Anonymous 100404

Happy birthday nona! We are here for you!

Anonymous 100412

24h late but happy birthday

Anonymous 100487

late to this thread but just because no one else got you a cake or gifts doesn't mean you can't do nice things yourself. I know it's not the same but it's better than being sad about having nothing

Anonymous 100614

>>100331 misread this as talking to several people enough to have them know your birthday is pathetic, no further comment

Anonymous 100702

I don't even have friends who wish me a happy birthday lol. Nobody has given a shit about my birthday aside from my parents for decades.

Anonymous 101368

same here. no gift

Anonymous 101376

>Nobody has given a shit about my birthday aside from my parents for decades
mine don't even acknowledge mine

Anonymous 101461

happy belated birthday to you all

Anonymous 101468

Oh yeah, well, I don't even have a birthday! I never left the womb!

Anonymous 102155

I'm not trying to bring you down but there probably won't be a meteor shower / auroras near you tonight.

Anonymous 102209

>tfw no birthday doomsday

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