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Anonymous 100542

I don’t even want a boyfriend anymore. I just wanna have a lot of money and to live all by myself. I’m just so uninterested in men or being with anyone.

Anonymous 100543

This is not even a place to ugly cry from anon. You're deeply and thoroughly brainwashed by the culture and men most of all, if you think it's suffering to live unburdened and single. Even Enya lives this way to this day.

Anonymous 100544

I mean that’s kind of the point of my post. Like? I think suffering is having money but through the means of being with someone else. I would much rather just have my own money and be alone.

Anonymous 100545

>I think suffering is having money but through the means of being with someone else

Anonymous 100622

I hate my e-bf but I can't break up with him because I go insane when I'm lonely.

Anonymous 100625

>I just wanna have a lot of money and to live all by myself
Then get a job and live all by yourself. What does it have to do with getting a BF?
How do you think the BF got the money in the first place?


Do you live in Victorian England?

Anonymous 100640

I love rata blanca

Anonymous 100643

I think that's why she found your pic weird - ugly crying from a lonely house on a dark hill doesn't exactly paint a picture of a fun and fulfilling single life.

In any case, I wageslaved till I had decent savings and then got into swing trading and now own my own house with my cat and just do that for a living. The only source of stress in my life historically was other people constantly shitting on me, and now that's gone and life is considerably, considerably better. I even sleep better.

Anonymous 100686

tru, i also tought it was rata blanca

Anonymous 100689


I used to think that experiencing love would solve my problems, but then I experienced love and I had new problems.

I then thought that lots of money, or financial independence, would solve my problems, but then I got a comfortable wage and I had new problems.

I think now that having lots of time to spend reading, writing, and creating will solve my problems. I realise that I will just create new problems. Problems are a fact of life, ergo I am now trying to make problems that I will enjoy solving. Salve.

Anonymous 100700

I literally cannot imagine what problems having more money would cause. What the hell? I would love more money.

Anonymous 100726

More taxes to evade, I guess.

Anonymous 100741

Maybe it's not the money but the fact that it's a wage - wageslaving can introduce many new problems in your life (and I'm not a NEET)

Anonymous 100818

The second anon has touched on it, but I also meant it more generally - the human brain will constantly seek problems to solve. At least my human brain behaves like this.

Don't get me wrong; not having to meticulously plan where each dollar goes is great, and having money does solve some important problems (e.g. no longer having to forgo necessities), but not all of them. Many must choose between "more money less time" and "less money more time". Getting a well-paying job is a band-aid solution for a bigger societal wound; it patches a single leak in a boat with a thousand holes. It would be easier to rebuild the boat. The creation of money, as a concept, created a host of problems from which I wonder whether humanity will ever break free.
Sorry for the ramble.

Anonymous 100875

I'm interested in everyone having what they need and nothing more nor anything less. I don't think changing who's in control will fix anything, it just shuffles the deck. I'm thinking get rid of the deck entirely. New game with new rules.

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