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I'm unhinged Anonymous 100660

I left the psych ward a month ago and although I feel a little better there are moments where I feel an empty space in my chest or I feel Everything at the same time. I'm a borderline case so I think it makes sense but I'm just so tired of this mental instability all the fucking time. Plus my psychiatrist is trying to remove my ansiolitics and I'm having anxiety 24/7. I try to put all of my faith in God but most of the time I feel there's nothing He can do for my psychiatrist problems. I feel doomed.

Anonymous 100662

why is being unhinged wrong

Anonymous 100663

i suffer it!

Anonymous 100664

idk. i am pretty unhinged too. im not really sure what to tell you op. some people are just more creative when it comes to mental risks. and maybe not aware of what they might lose because of youth. but im sure you'll probably be more stable with time.

Anonymous 100665

probably idk

Anonymous 100666

never been to a ward myself because my parents were always against it, I also left professional help because it's simply not for me.
just like you I tried to put faith in God but I've been let down so many times it's hard to believe he exists tbh
Being unhinged is ruining my life each day, I hope we both get better soon.

also the image is fucking hilarious I cannot believe those subliminals are a real thing on the internet

Anonymous 100669

Tysm! I hope in the near future both of us are good and thriving <3. I can't believe either these subliminals lol

Anonymous 100679


Anxiolitics fuck up your brain and should be outlawed, the withdrawal is even worse, you will spend a whole year in the fog.
I'm pretty unhinged too, here's a funny story to cheer you up.
>Live in small appartment
>Neighbor fucks loud and always bangs his girlfriend against the wall that we share
>One night I've had enough
>Link PC to TV, full volume on both
>Start maniacally laughing right next to the wall for a solid 2 minutes
>Play shotgun noise.MP4
>Stay silent for the rest of the night
>Can hear neighbor confort his crying gf through the wall

Anonymous 100766


you're so based for this nona

Anonymous 101294

queen shit

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