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finally breaking up with my boyfriend Anonymous 100862

i’ve been questioning our relationship almost since it started but i feel like today is finally the last straw. i had such an amazing day at my new job and felt so happy only for a few conversations with him to ruin my day and make me start crying. ur partner should only make things better ! This is not a relationship ! just wanted to get that off my chest,, please wish me luck ah

Anonymous 100864

I wish you all the strength and luck! If you're not happy in the relationship then you shouldn't feel bad about ending it.

Anonymous 100867

thank you!! Appreciate the support so much <3

Anonymous 100871

Do it. You should never be forced to feel unhappy in your own relationship. If a man makes you unhappy even once, dump him immediately and don't look back. You deserve better, and can have better.

Inb4 low value moids show up and try to gaslight her into staying with a shitty abuser.

Anonymous 100873

Good for you nona. Even though it's tough, breakups can sometimes be so freeing. Plus if you have been questioning things since the beginning that isn't a good sign to begin with so it is probably for the best.

Anonymous 100874

if it were me i'd try ghosting him or doing it in a public place, but anyway congratulations on your new job and good luck in your future anon, i hope the break up goes ok

Anonymous 100876

Good on you for improving your life so much in one go. God damn I wish I had the courage. My boyfriend's been away for the weekend and I just know that within two hours of his arrival he'll have somehow messed up the whole house, started 5+ petty arguments, and blamed me for shit he did with his very own hands less than a minute before his latest fit

Anonymous 101498

>i’ve been questioning our relationship almost since it started
But why did you start it then? Weren't the signs there before you got together?

Anonymous 101512

good for you nona, i finally got the courage to break up with someone who wasn't that great for me yesterday. granted, i'm not really sure we were dating in the first place.

Anonymous 101514

and i realized i really don't want to go back to him ever. i was sick of him constantly entertaining the idea of non-monogamy and cheating, constantly testing my boundaries. i think he believes since we both share the online space that i'll eventually want him back, maybe just platonically but - it's pretty much ruined at this point, maybe except for light trolling. i want to date other people and go experience other people. we were not healthy together.

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