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Annoyed by everyone and everything Anonymous 100877

Anyone feels similarly? I understand it's a me issue but why everyone's existence annoys me so much? I used to be chronically online which may play a role but as of now I am healthy, social and have good relations with others but after a certain point I start looking for flaws which ultimately leads me to hating the person and I have to fight every fiber of my being to not be mean or condescending towards them. I think I just have a lot of pent up anger for not being able to accomplish my goals so I project onto others. However, most people suck and that's a fact so am I really at fault? I used to shit on men online all day because.. they are easy to hate and they are an easy outlet for me to let all my frustrations out. but honestly, once I started socializing more, women became just as easy to hate and are annoying to no end. Kids as well, tiny and obnoxious parasites. Could never get along with animals either cause all of them are just stinky, dumb and gross. Don’t wanna say anything about old people cause I’ll say some f’cked up things. Again most of my interactions with people are great, I get along with women and men just as fine but if 95% of the people I interact with whether be family, friends, acquaintances, animals, kids had gone through a tragedy, I probably wouldn’t even care and perhaps get some type of satisfaction over it. The idea of leading people never appealed to me but I think the role of dictator would suit me. What is wrong with me??

Anonymous 100878

The flaws you see in other people are often flaws you refuse to acknowledge in yourself. Try meditating for 10 minutes a day.

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