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want to drop out and become a neet again rip van winkle 101060

basically this thread is a response to >>100727
i think it kind of is off topic of the original thread and deserves its own spot

recap: disenchanted with school, used to be happy living as a degenerate, want to go back. the full story starts here:

picrel: the scene immediately preceding this is literally me when i packed all of my stuff into my suitcases and threw everything else down the garbage chute and ran away back to my parents house when the semester ended (only i had more luggage than this character lol). the movie is "a bride for rip van wrinkle" by shunji iwai.

i decided to go back to school bc it's only 1 more year left, so i should just bear with it (if i dont kms first ;) ) but it's almost time to fly back to school and i kind of dont want to go back rn lol…

believe me i would LOVE to do an online program, but unfortunately the degree requires mandatory practical asessments… looking back, zoom classes during covid were actually soooo fun, i didnt appreciate it enough when i had the chance. it reminds me of something i heard on the radio, "sometimes we're so disappointed with the way life is going that we forget to be thankful for everything we have." thats kind of what im going to try to do to make it through the next year

she's actually a super nice person tbh. maybe she cant be everything i need rn but tbh anyone who i can vent to is literally keeping me alive rn. i also i have to realize that im kind of super emotional too so im not surprised that someone might react to me in that way

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