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Scrote brother Anonymous 101171

my brother is like a 3/10 objectively - balding, ugly, short, blasts andrew tate all day yet he consistently dates (uses) women way above his worth just by being overconfident. i resent him for it bc when youre a confident ugly asshole moid you just seem get away with it.

Anonymous 101172

No offense but I hope he dies.

Anonymous 101177

none taken

Anonymous 104193

Brothers are the worst, it's also a fucking hell for mothers. I could ignore all the men I want, be an extreme separatist and still be awfully aware how my mom is miserably choosing their happiness by slaving herself. You hear all their misogynist words, you /know/ how they treat other females and the only thing I could do is just kill them I wish for something everyday

Anonymous 104265

It is really sad that all the pretty girls i know feel like shit but fucking 2/10 guys feels like a model and likes to create low self steem on beautiful woman

Anonymous 104266

I have a brother like this as well. I really wish he'd die alone with no children just like the women he mocks. He's already doing a pretty good job at it too

Anonymous 104279


Anonymous 104441

No no, she has a point. You'd be impressed how much of patriarchy is upheld almost exclusively by women enabling men. I've once read this statement from some woman's blog, she said "Men are working on plowed ground". Women sabotage themselves and each other first and foremost, and I found the best way to look at patriarchy is as a collaboration between males and male-enablers. All the boymoms, cool girls, pickmeishas, "bimbos", "coquettes", "sex workers", liberal feminists, NLOGs (god, do you know how many categories of women go here) are acting at other women's expense. They're not victims, they're perpetrators.

From OP's brother's point of view, it is common sense to take advantage of someone who's offering herself regardless of how repulsive he is. Most people would take advantage of that. There are women who willingly walk into stupid situations to get a piece of dick, the solution isn't to coddle them. They can think for themselves and measure whether OP's brother actually appeals to them (and he seems to, kek).

Anonymous 104463

From just a people perspective, being extremely confident doesn't exactly put men at a disadvantage with women. If they like confident assholes, your brother and them deserve each other. And if your brother wasn't an overconfident asshole, they'd find another one to take his place.

Anonymous 104471

Fair enough, we should encourage more women to mock men for their looks and age as well as their social and economic status. Ugly misogynistic broke men need to know their place

Anonymous 108349

The most based post here. I'm sick and tired of letting these subhuman scrotes walk all over us. I've always been brutally honest. I'm 32 now, and I've called so many balding and fat men out whenever they try to approach me. We need to make it socially acceptable for women to openly make fun of ugly men.

Anonymous 108378

there is no solidarity lol, they just think he is hot

Anonymous 108403

This is such a shitty moid psyopp to troll cc and if you can't see through the op you haven't been on cc long enough

Anonymous 108405

The scenario in the op is impossible. Moids tell themselves and each other this kind of thing works constantly. But we all know statistically speaking, women avoid tradthot moids and maga. Science has thoroughly documented how much Maga filth are devastatingly single and lonely. The lonely male epidemic is real and it will only get realer the more pathetic males dig into their horse manure philosophies.

Anonymous 109364


It's funny how the tate simps always end up being the grossest moids. He'll say some half-truths that can get people's attention, but the moment any rational person listens to him outside of a 5 second tiktok video, they realize he is a fraud and sex pest. Besides being a pretty good kick boxer a decade ago, what even is his claim to fame? That he helped to pioneer the modern porn industry (something said moids should hate)? That he owns a nice house and car is a third world country? That he scams incels for a living? That he sex traffics white women? What a joke, lol. Like there are some moids who are MGTOW that seem well adjusted, but I have never seen a tate simp who wasn't just a freak.

Anonymous 109373

this post is is suppose to be dehumanising but it just shows how little virgins understand female biology and how gay you are

Anonymous 109408

Reactionaries always go insane.
Immature people will always fail.

Anonymous 109486

I think the reason women do this is actually to raise their self esteem. It's this weird narcissism where they get off on knowing how much hotter they are than their partner (that new yorker story "cat person" kinda goes into this). In the end it's to their detriment though, since they end up with an ugly partner.

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