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Anonymous 101210

Why is it that all the attractive men I want to date don't want to date me back, yet all the guys I DON'T want to date at all costs (aka schlubs and creeps) all keep pestering me and asking to date me? I'm not even bad looking either, each time I've been on a date with a hot guy he's told me I'm attractive in return and wants more with me but then always changes their mind or they get hung up on some stupid shit too that makes them pull out and suddenly say they "don't know what they're looking for and need time to themselves". I just want to get laid already before I turn 30, I'm tired of being a virgin.

Anonymous 101213

if it happens this consistently then it probably has something to do with the type of guys you're attracted to. are you going after artists or creatives? they tend to be really indecisive
>all the guys I DON'T want to date at all costs (aka schlubs and creeps) all keep pestering me and asking to date me?
this happens regardless of looks, they're just desperate/horny/both
>I just want to get laid already before I turn 30, I'm tired of being a virgin.
understandable but don't try to rush into it, last thing you want is to lose your virginity to someone who doesn't stick around and leaves you with a feeling of regret

Anonymous 101218

Maybe its your approach? Are you constantly the one texting him first?

Anonymous 101219

Admittedly I have been strong in my feelings to him, we just met yesterday because he lives across from me and I beckoned him from my balcony to come over and fuck me. He got my number instead, invited me out for a drink because he was shy and didn't want to jump into having sex with me right away, and then I went home that night without getting sex and we've been messaging each other a little bit since then. I thought men were easy and loose and they're eager to jump at any opportunity to have quickie sex I don't know why the fuck he's trying to prolong this.

Anonymous 101220

Hes probably warry of you. That sounds rather blunt and not to be mean but you probably sounded like a sleazes and he might not want to catch anything.
Or maybe he's a rare goodboy who wants to take it slow and see if there's a potential relationship.

Anonymous 101221

>we just met yesterday because he lives across from me and I beckoned him from my balcony to come over and fuck me
girl what are you doing
life isn't porn, nobody's going to want to have sex with actual, true strangers without at least getting confirmation that they aren't carrying a disease or knowing a bit more about them first

Anonymous 101222

Nah trust me anon he's no goodboy. On our date when we met up to get drinks he told me that he's had lots of sex in his life and he even got back from a retreat in Africa where he had a one night stand with a local girl there. If he's been open to one night stands before he should at least be open to one with me

Anonymous 101223

No need to worry about disease because when I invited him over I asked him to bring a condom too to give him the hint ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 101224

Then he likes to chase and not be chased, like a lot of men.

Anonymous 101225

The condom part might make it sounds like you might have something

Anonymous 101226

I'm not chasing him though, I'm tossing him a free bone to have sex. There's no "chasing" being involved because this isn't some stupid fucking romantic pursuit, this is just simply sex wtf

Anonymous 101227

The "Condom" part is just standard precaution before having sex with anyone to avoid pregnancy or anything else, even virgins use condoms. Have you not taken standard sex ed in high school?

Anonymous 101228

Have you considered the possibility that the problem might be you?

Anonymous 101229

No it's not me because lots of hot guys find me attractive and approach me lol

Anonymous 101230

Most men don't prefer condoms

Anonymous 101231

No duh. But it just seems so fucking weird to offer sex and you, yourself to not be prepared and are expecting him to have one.

Anonymous 101232

You sound like you must have experience. You like riding it raw and raising yourself to 100% the risk of getting diseases?

Anonymous 101233

You don't know what a guy's penis size is going to be so of course the smart thing to do is to ask him to bring the condom so he can know his right size

Anonymous 101234

I love it but then again I don't go around fucking my neighbors or random ass men

Anonymous 101235

You're even more fucking stupid for doing it that way because even your precious moid or whoeever else you're fucking could be having std's all along and lying to you. You're not going to call out someone who's doing the right thing in precautioning themselves, dumbass

Anonymous 101236

Condoms are smart, I'm just saying its wired to offer sex but not be prepared yourself. What if he did come over and didnt bring one? Men do a thing called stealthing where they take off the condom during sex without consent or you knowing. They break. It isn't always a 1005 guarantee.

You just sound like a insufferable bitch who cant keep a man interested in you.

Anonymous 101237


I'm not even OP anon lol but you're the one who's the insufferable bitch morally grandstanding someone yet giving the worst fucking advice possible kek
"dOnT uSe a CoNdOm bEcAUSe mOiDs dOnT uSe thEM"
good luck catching something serious with that reckless attitude anon

Anonymous 101247

same OP except the meant I'm attracted to aren't "super hot" but they're attractive to me

Anonymous 101254

Wow love how we're suddenly being toxic asf to OP on an image board full of other femcels and neurodivergent women who have an equally hard time trying to find men. Yet now apparently we're moral grandstanding and treating this woman for shit when she's been nothing but vulnerable in asking how she can cope after being in a toxic relationship. This is why I don't bother coming to CC anymore. Sometimes this board is chill but then suddenly you guys can turn into cunts for no reason.

Anonymous 101257


Convinced this is a male because this image was posted in another thread about a woman who asked if good men exist after being mistreated by her partners.

kys scrote

Anonymous 101260

You’re responding to a moid.

Anonymous 101279

But even before that there was a femanon being unnecessarily rude to her

Anonymous 102191


Hey just wanted to post an update to this thread as OP. I've decided to take your advice and I'm going to get voice feminization surgery to fix my voice so that it sounds more appealing to others. I've always been a low pitched woman, but once I have a higher fluttery voice I'll be able to attract more men.

Anonymous 102201

Wrong thread?

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