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Anonymous 101483

I might have just had the worst jar confidence/self esteem dropping experience ever. so I was basically talking to this guy online for a few days, and he kept trying to push me to send him more pics of myself because he has only seen what I look like from my profile picture only, so he suggested that we would exchange pictures of each other for 'fun' and I don't know how I bought into it (probably because I liked him and wanted to get validation badly from someone that I was actually attracted to) so I ended up sending him a couple of pics after he did first, and what basically happened is that he ghosted me and Im now left feeling like the ugliest creature that has ever existed and literally on the verge of crying. and it hurt more, because I trusted him since he seemed like a decent, genuine, thoughtful person and we had good chemistry and conversations but I guess beauty is all that matters to a moid at the end of the day

Anonymous 101488

He might have just been fishing for pics and never actually wanted to talk, moids do creepy shit like this. Even for non-sexual pics

Anonymous 101497

he might have been an incel with some tard revenge type thing going against women. you mentioned he had a good personality, but were there any slips here and there? like of veiled misogyny, right wing rhetoric, 4chan moid autism etc.?
some incels or similar types will claim to be handsome and/or tall and reject women even when finding them cute making them feel insecure just for "short kings" (which they probably are too).
anyways, bullet successfully dodged

Anonymous 102212

I genuinely believe men have no hearts, no feelings, no sympathy. I get where you’re coming from, caving in when a man is begging because the validation is unfortunately addicting, especially when your self esteem/confidence is already low. I hope you don’t beat yourself up too much over it, the regret eats at you but your intentions weren’t bad, his were, and you shouldn’t have to suffer because of what a man did. But we learn from these types of situations so we don’t repeat them or take a different approach. At the end of the day regardless of the “good chemistry and conversations” as well as how they present themselves, men choose looks over personality and once they get what they want they leave.

Anonymous 102215

this is 1000% my gut instinct on this. god knows how many folders they have of random people that send them stuff for whatever purpose they'll use them for.

Anonymous 102244

maybe he died in a car crash?

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