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My moid friends broke me Anonymous 101556

I have built up a friend group
Most of them are moids (and coomers, I did not know it at first)

They judge women's bodies, objectify them, and talk about women like they're porn categories. It makes me physically cringe and disgusts me every time

I've recently picked up the habit of looking at other's women body, face, cleavage, everything and started comparing all of that to me. It ruined my confidence. I'm too this, too that, less this, less that. I hate myself. I genuinely do. I hate my body, my face, my physique. I hate how I think too, I was never like that, and now, I'm borderline mysoginistic

I feel like I'm becoming some sort of misogynistic version of myself

A few months ago, I was extremely confident (I'm a big fan of fake it till you make it) I was building still building my confidence, but everything was going well. I would uplift other girls, I had this sorority mindset, I use to compliment random girls on their outfits or hair, I was genuinely nice to all of them

I don't know what the fuck happened. I don't know what to do to stop being hateful. How do I stop it ? How do I build my confidence back up ?

Did anything like that happen to some of you ?

I hate myself, I hate other women, I hate moids, I hate myself

Anonymous 101559

dump all of them and befriend other women instead. these views will make you depressed if they havent already.
>Did anything like that happen to some of you ?
of course. it happens to most women and it happened to me. men will ruin your life if you let them fester in your thoughts like this.

Anonymous 101561


Thank you…

The problem is I'm extremely alone. I don't have friends besides them. I don't have female friends except one that I met a couple of weeks ago online, but that's about it. My other female friend stabbed me in the back

I'm very lost

How can I find more female friends ?

Anonymous 101565

online, you could find them here or on lc in the friend finders thread.
i met someone cool off reddit too (lol). you could try forums about your hobbies and interests, or language exchange sites.
as for irl, most friendships are born through other friends, or in school/more rarely work settings.
you could try your luck in libraries or arcades.

Anonymous 101566

Hits close to home nona. Definitely cut all contact with the male friends (I wouldn't even call them friends if they're so inconsiderate of you, that title is reserved for people who you feel safe and comfy with) and replace them with female ones. Depending on what you like, you can try going to actual irl sororities (since you mention that word): clubs, female-oriented sports (you won't find many men doing yoga haha), pick up a random semi-popular interest from the list of hobbies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies) and look up local Facebook groups of it. If you genuinely find something that you like, bonus points because now you have something to reclaim power through! If you're more into making introverted or online female friends, try posting in the friend thread here on CC or even on 4chan, but mention that you want only femanons to add you (I can confidently confirm this works because I've had a couple of really, really pleasant encounters, but I scared them off with my 'tism).

As for the misogyny, it bubbles up when you are constantly exposed to misogynistic opinions and views. This is not an individual experience; all women go through certain amount of internalized misogyny. All of us. The most competent and intelligent woman, at one point in her life, thought she was inferior to males just because that's the idea she grew up with. Don't lament about it in solitude, it's not unique to you. We're all in this together. Remember that a lot of what males spout might sound true on surface-level, but the big picture is that a lot of things historically have been heavily skewed in men's favor due to artificial limitations placed on women. Look into female-centered content that is designed to make you feel powerful:
>the TrustYourPerceptions blog for some scientific affirmations to your newfound knowledge about how evil males are
>Shar Henley on Youtube for daily dunking on males (short & entertaining)
>The teachings of Manifesto-chan for some good humor and satirizing males (sorry can't find the link to it anymore, but it's floating somewhere on both CC and LC PinkPill threads)
>SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas, a classic
>Radfem posts on Tumblr (@femsolid 's posts especially helped me, look into her archive), despite the reputation those women get, they are excellent at providing baby's first steps into feeling good about being female!

Sorry for the long post, but I really hope you get through this mentally unscathed. I've been in your position almost word-to-word over a year ago.

Anonymous 101567

nta but thank you so much for sharing <3

Anonymous 101568

Thank you for your answer. I never really leave the house, so I guess that I'll have to try online communities. I think it could definitely help me

Anonymous 101570

Thank you so much for your answer as well

I'm definitely glad that I'm not the only one experiencing that. It kinda comforts me in some way

I did make one real moid friend, he's nice and not a coomer and we get along pretty well. But all the others are a little more problematic

I don't really get out much, but once I'm independent I def wanna try yoga class. I already do yoga in my free time, so why not in group
And thank you for recommending the friend finder thread. I'll check it out. I think it could really help me
That's pretty cool that you've had a couple of nice people online, it makes me feel hopeful

Yeah, I feel like my internalized misogyny is coming to the surface once again. I thought that I got rid of it, but, apparently not

I will also check all of your links. Thanks for sharing all of those !

Anonymous 101573

The real pink pill is that you have to break free of the fundamental dichotomy that you're worth something because you're attractive, which is what you're also reinforcing when you call other girls pretty etc.

Anonymous 101585


I don't have any advice or help for you because I'm in a similar place. Except it wasn't moids but the internet that has made me very obsessed and lookist about my and other women's appearance. Though I have never met any of the people whose judgmental and cutting remarks about women's looks cross my mind too often than I'd like, I still let them live rent free in my head.
Before that, I never knew there were so many things about someone's face and body one could criticize, nitpick and make fun of for being ugly, unfeminine, not enough, inferior. It's impossible to get out of this mindset. Once you know some things, you just can't unknow them.

Anonymous 101596

And how do I do that ?

Anonymous 101602

Stay strong nona

I actually was in a similar place a few years ago, when I was still using social media. It was the first time it broke me. The rating of the body and face from 1 to 10, lookism, everything like that. It was absolutely toxic
Do you think that if you stop using certain websites and apps, it could stop the cycle ?

Are you in a better place right now ? How are you doing ? A little better ?

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