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seethe thread over internet people Anonymous 101827


Anonymous 101828

theres this asian youtuber who
>moved from her shithole country
>lives with her european boyfriend
>they have their own apartment
>they travel together
>he paid for her studies
>he paid for her stay in his country
>he spoils her endlessly with gifts, grows the kind of food she likes and cant find in germany due to difference in climates
>occasionally visits family and friends back at her exotic country
>essentially became an e-celeb and has a million followers, they wrote a newspapers article in germany about her too
um. what the fuck. and here i am at my stupid ugly country, no contact with my ldr boyfriend who is now an ex, wanting to move to his country and cant, no online presence (not that i care) or skills (even if i did manage to graduate too). was never spoiled either by anyone and my country of origin isnt even as pretty as hers and i dont have friends here LOL
i dont have words. why is life so unfair?
some get everything and others nothing

Anonymous 101830

sorry to keep ranting but legitimately what the fuck. id be happy with less than half the stuff she has.
im not saying she doesnt deserve it she brags about her life A LOT which is cringe and annoying but all in all she seems a down to earth and sweet person.
its just i dont deserve the hellhole of a life i have currently either

Anonymous 101831

moid thread

Anonymous 101833

Yeah, it's obvious as fuck.
They're those passport bors, trying to affirm their fantasies of western women missing out on them.
I just wish they didn't exploit real women in poverty.
They should just marry middle-class japanese women or whatever, who could do so of their own volition.
But moids feel no innate empathy, and so, exploitation is a feature, not a bug.

Anonymous 101835

i wish it was fake lmao
not a scrote just actually sick of my life

Anonymous 101839

Sure you do, incel.
It would be a harrowing existence to be so poor that I'd have to rely on a fucking SCROTE.
Gawd that's awful.
I want to save her from that faggot.
She deserves better.

Anonymous 101841

oh my god nona, i'm not a moid, i'm just sick of living in a country i hate far away from the person i love and with no friends or future prospects.
i know better than to depend on a moid, i'm just seething over how much better that girl has it than me in these areas of life. why are you assuming i'm male? because im seething over an asian girl living with some white moid? i couldnt care less about the ethnicities ir whatever political bullshit you want to push here, it could have been two shapeless blobs for all i care i would have still seethed because i feel lonely and directionless and she has exactly what i want in life right now.
its useless to argue with someone who has made up their minds anyways, the mods havent deleted my posts yet which is proof of what im saying

Anonymous 101843


Didn't read, incel.

Anonymous 101850

Because you're not entitled to anything in this life. You seem like a spoiled brat who whines when she doesn't get what she wants

Anonymous 101856

nona seething at nona in a thread about seething over internet people

Anonymous 101861

Just how triggered did you get by this thread? When it becane obvious the poster wasn't a male and his fantasy, you moved goalposts and started with personal attacks regardless.
It's obvious you have a very deep insecurity regarding this topic because you sound absolutely mental and unrelentless, it's weird to an outside observer. Your insecurity is justified and true.

Anonymous 101862

what a fatitude you're so cool

Anonymous 101865

1.) By your overly offended and defensive tone, you sound much more effected by my post than I was by OP's
2.) The "incel" poster isn't me. I only posted what you replied to

Anonymous 101866

What "third world shithole" do you live in? The US? Give me a break.

Anonymous 101868


Why do moids find shit like this funny?

Anonymous 101872

stupid fucks

Anonymous 101888

Not a scrote but I can answer: it's because you'd expect a very sexualised furry female character (Ankha) porn but you get a snippet from a gay male erotica video. So it's bait-and-switch type stuff.
And males get uncomfortable being sexualised or seeing other males being sexualised if they're not homosexual themselves (or if they're repressing it very heavily).

Anonymous 101892

Yankee stay home

Anonymous 101895

>never been outside of America

Anonymous 101900

Dude people in Europe think you come from one of the highest most valuable places in the world, like my dad wanted to live in florida,he is obsessed with beach summery places.

Anonymous 101901

This thread derailed so fast it feels like it's missing posts.

Anonymous 101930

I immediately knew who you were talking about and I am also bitter. Women who aren't me shouldn't be happy. She's ugly like me, but I am alone and suffering while she gets it all. It's not fair.

Anonymous 101934

youre not fat with those stats nona, if you dislike your body and want to be more in shape you're at a threshold that is easy to cross. personally i wish i was more full figured and im working towards gain a little bit of weight.
and im glad you knew who she was lmao. she makes me seethe SO FUCKING much

Anonymous 101935

i'm ginger and danish and personally i want to kill myself

Anonymous 101936

its not that its over it simply never began

Anonymous 101937

im ginger and danish and a narcissist and sometimes i think of gashing my neck with a razor to do a favor for the people around me.

Anonymous 101939

it doesn't even occur to me at times that i would make people happier if i just ended my life.

Anonymous 101940

i think the people around me are deluded and less intelligent. but i know deep down i am a burden. i am a stupid ginger cunt and even if people feigned grief at my suicide they would be relieved deep down.

Anonymous 101941

being attractive wouldn't change anything. i modeled before (not the kind of dainty super thin runway tier) and i am considered very beautiful but i still have bdd and dont believe it, i was dumped brutally and mercilessly multiple times by a delicious on the outside scrote who made me go through nightmarish moments that lied and lied probably to get in my pants exclusively at this point, and im a jobless loser who jumps from one thing to the next and has no direction in life. i cant have even platonic relationships with people because im lazy and uninspired and theres probably nothing i can offer besides being nice to look at or nice in general. as in i have to be VERY nice to people for them to even consider being my friends otherwise they think im boring (because im an anxious ball of nerves with neurosis) they dont truly appreciate me and just use me again and again. im depressed and lonely and unloved despite my best efforts. my country is a shithole. i hate life and my youth is burning away with no way out, meanwhile random youtubers get everything. how?

Anonymous 101942

nona why is your gingerism an issue to you? dont say such things

Anonymous 101943

essentially people walk all over me. sometimes i let them out of love, most of the times i stand my ground and lose them
imagine being "loved" for what you can give and not for who you are. story of my life! no one likes me when im not sickeningly sweet, althougu i of course had plenty of complaints about that too lmfaooo (youre too nice/fake).
there is no winning such is the life of some of us

Anonymous 101946

Nona 95% of men would cut all their limbs to be with you.
Cherish yourself.

Anonymous 101947

ah but if gets worse. i'm not the desired form for my gender. i'm the opposite if anything. i'm old looking and it's beginning to show on my skin and hairline.

Anonymous 101948

>danish muttmerican
not where i live, unfortunately.

Anonymous 101949

i'm a truly awful person deep down. i make the people around me worse. i'm a monster and i ought to just kill myself, i'm just too much of a coward and an addict to do it. luckily the people around me could not care less if i killed myself anyways. they would be joyous in secret if anything.

Anonymous 101951

Toronto is full of towelheads and Europe is an even uglier shithole than anything in North America. Old ass moldy buildings turned into Subways and Mcdonalds and gloomy, rainy weather constantly.

Anonymous 101952

Life isn't fair and it never will be, that's why some people get everything and others get nothing, you need to get used to it and stop self pitying. It's not about working hard or being deserving or making the right decisions, it's about pure luck.

Anonymous 101958

how can you stop resenting people who got everything handed to them with no merits then? thats even more infuriating

Anonymous 102202

I tell myself if I hold on to resentment I'm only making myself unhappy.
The truly bad people will go to hell either way,that makes it much better.

Anonymous 102241

Who is it? I don't follow e-/celebs but I would really like to be butthurt about this too lol

Anonymous 102245

How old are you, nona? I'm ginger too, and most of my childhood/early adulthood I was a very ugly duckling. I had similar thoughts to you because it felt unfair - some people get to be beautiful with little effort, meanwhile I put in all this effort and got little in return. People genuinely thought I was a bad person because I was ugly.

There is a dark valley when you want to just give up and stop doing what's "right". You can choose whether to just toss it all away or make yourself a challenge to the world. If I fail, I'm a martyr, if I succeed then I'm a heroine. At the moment the tide is turning and more and more people are treating me humanely. I think that comes with my peers being older too.

In youth, my apathy was pessimistic, but in blossoming, my nihilism became optimistic. I rarely care about it [being beautiful, 'successful'… life in general] anymore - often I just accept most things without resistance. I do what's in my power and act in accordance with my beliefs. I avoid letting people walk over me, but I also don't care if things don't go my way.

Anonymous 102263

this is me except we're both european and he doesn't grow food. thanks nona i feel very good about my life now

Anonymous 102264

I think i know the one

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