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Only attract old men Anonymous 101890

so sick of it
why are young men so hard to get

Anonymous 101891

They aren't hard to get at all, old scrotes just don't have any sense of shame so they will pursue anyone they like regardless if the woman wants it or not
Younger men have their whole life ahead of them, they have to study or work at a new job, so they will be more careful who they show affection to (usually, a scrote will always be a scrote after all)
I suggest giving signs that you are interested or just making the first move

Anonymous 101928

Why don't more men dress like this?

Anonymous 101967

I feel like older men are aware that they are running out of time, so when they date it's more serious. they are looking for wives instead of girlfriends

but at the same time i'm keking as i write this because so many of them are manchildren

Anonymous 101970


>lower your standards to allow a zoomer misogynistic moid to humiliate and abuse you

Anonymous 101980


when will men just let us have our own fucking forum

Anonymous 102013

probably because it costs a lot of money. You can't thrift these types of things either like womenwear as its only a relatively new societal phenomenon that men can dress well and not like a thug or trailer trash

Anonymous 102328


Floral/bright colors are associated with queerness. Also only pretty boys have enough esteem to wear anything as flamboyant as that.

Anonymous 102614

>why are young men so hard to get
how young is young
and how old are you

Anonymous 102699

Men are so easy to get sexually. The hard part is finding one that wants a committed relationship. Covid made this hard and now no one knows how to communicate or take a chance without a full blown panic attack

Anonymous 102750

i see fat fucks with bright floral hawaians on the daily, i think it's mostly the shirt itself and not the print making it flamboyant

Anonymous 102753

we dont want pornsick misogynists that dont wash themselves. its good to have standards

Anonymous 102756

and you cant get even that…

Anonymous 102758

yet youre the one shitting it up dying for attention from "troons and fat pigs". go enjoy your sex life (and by that i mean go lose braincells and ability to get it up with porn). just make sure to wash it up afterwards, the cheese stink is making us puke through the screen even

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