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Any girls who get obsessed with others girls too Anonymous 102016

Not necessarily romantically/sexually. Please I wanna see girl obsession here. Personally the women I get obsessed with are always autistic and somehow mentally more masculine than the average woman. I even cried so hard a few times when the girls I was obsessing over online just disappeared or when they stopped engaging with me. Why it's so unusual. Why everyone loves moids.

Anonymous 102019


This used to happen to me in high school. It was in a romantic sense usually, but sometimes platonic. I tried to be as stealth as possible, but I've never been good at hiding my emotions. Girls would "bully" me (i don't even know if it was bullying) by leading me on for a week or a month and then making sure I see them with a guy while we were supposed to be in a relationship. I also suspect they would take pics of me and send them to a group chat because one of them accidentally sent me a pic she took of me from 50ft away when we were supposed to be going on a date. She said it was supposed to go to her friend. I left and I haven't really interacted with women since then. One of them consistently pressured me to send nudes but thankfully i never did. They probably would have shared them around the school.
The obsession part is that it would take me about a year to get over the girl even though I knew it was never a real relationship or friendship. I would also cry uncontrollably everytime I saw them no matter how hard i tried to stop crying. and of course this just made the snickering and laughing worse. I used to idealize and fantazise about having a life together, buying her gifts, cooking her food, and just making her smile. I really don't ever want to be so pathetic again, so I have avoided catching feelings.

Anonymous 102042

Bippie thread

Anonymous 102043


what is a bippy

Anonymous 102044

a BPD affected person

Anonymous 102052

oh lol

Anonymous 102055

Anonymous 102062

Happens to me too. The one time I actually thought I'd get closer to one, the one time it developed into something… she ghosted. It turns out I was "the other woman" and she had been seeing some guy all along.

Anonymous 102085

I get platonically obsessed with friends which is why I no longer have friends.

Anonymous 102092

I wouldn't call it obsessed, more like a passing "shit I know we'd be pretty good friends but she's already got a lot of them and it would be too much effort to compete for her time". I spend some time mourning what never was until I meet the next one.

I got other friends and am happy, but there is this void in my life where a cool fujoshi bestie should go.

Anonymous 102137

I was obsessed with my gf before even talking to her. She'll never know the full extent unless I were to tell her, but I don't want to be scary. There's a chance she wouldn't be scared though since we're both like the kind of women you described (weird).
I have also had obsessions with other female artists online, two of whom disappeared off the net years ago. I liked to read about their personal lives and check up on them every day. These were likely parasocial crushes, looking back.

I hope you find a sweet lady who will treat you right, anon.

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