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Anonymous 102133

i had to swear while crying to my parents that i won't smoke pot anymore because i'm so tired of their untrust towards me. i know my psychologist and psychiatrist will listen with more attention to their version of my life (most days i feel like i'm thriving compared to my younger self) because I AM the crazy one, I AM the borderline bitch who just left the psych ward two months ago. and i'm really tired of this shit. i am 21 years old. yes i might not take the better decissions ever but at least i'm trying wtf. i don't want anyone yo take care of me except myself ever again.

Anonymous 102139

this is not your personal diary

Anonymous 102140

she's venting, it's the vent board ffs

Anonymous 102141

Imagine if there were a thread for that type of post.

Anonymous 102142

she could be a newfag i guess, in this case she should integrate better

Anonymous 102144


People make these kinds of threads on here all the time, what the fuck are you talking about? OP, vent on.

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