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Limiting all integration with moids Anonymous 102160

My doctor, dentist, and friends are all women.

I want to surround myself with women and limit as much contact with moids as possible. Do you think this is possible? Do you have any ideas on how I can do this?

Anonymous 102163

Join a nunnery

Anonymous 102168

Why wouldn't it be? Most girls I know live that way. Not because they're WGTOW or actively pursue it, they just want genuine friendship and safe guidance/authority figures and men simply never happen to make the cut

Anonymous 102170

oh my god nona, i'm not op but not every post is of that moid. what makes you think this is him now?
be careful not to spiral in paranoia. ive been there and its not pretty

Anonymous 102184

Please stop gaslighting her, I’m not even involved yet I can clearly see what you’re doing to her.

Anonymous 102186


I’m OP and I’m very confused. I am not larping. What benefit would a moid even get out of this kind of a post?

Anonymous 102187

I really considered this for some time but I’m not religious enough. Being r8ped by a priest moid scared me and they have like no freedom. I would prefer to live alone.

Anonymous 102357

I find if you don't actively pursue men this just naturally tends to happen. Men are resource intensive and these days require a lot of pursuit and emotional investment. If you just indulge relationships in which there's reciprocal care and if you choose professionals based on their skill you'll just end up surrounding yourself with women.

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