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How to stop being a NEET Anonymous 102190

-tips and tricks
-talk about your experience on being one
help me nonas, i have no idea on what the fuck i need to do to get a life.

Anonymous 102193

a post already exists >>23206

Anonymous 102197

I was never fully neet for long because of financial reasons, but here is some things I did to get my life back on track.

- Therapy never helped. I read a lot of philosophy and now I have a much more positive outlook on life.

- Start small with creating a routine. Doing things in a consistent way can help get you ready for real life, but don't try to fix everything all at once or you might get overwhelmed. just pick one thing until it feels comfortable.

- Try to convince yourself to go outside in one way or another at least once a day. Go to the store, take a walk. again be careful not to overwhelm yourself especially if you live in a crowded area.

-To get over my fear of people I invented an alter ego who has her shit together. It sounds kinda dumb, but I do a lot of theatrics when getting into character to convince myself that neet version is only observing while my charismatic alter ego takes over. I even have separate wardrobes for the two of us lol. She has landed me pretty decent jobs/internships and even professor recommendations to things. The way I found out about her was like this: I would constantly ruminate and daydream of being charismatic and respectable, so I realized "if I can imagine a charismatic thing to say in this situation then that personality already exists in my head. I just need to make it the primary personality I use when outside."

-I also tell myself the litany against fear from the Dune books when I get afraid of something.

- To get better career choices, enroll in a community college and start taking classes. They are usually cheap and you can be very flexible with your schedule, even taking only one class to not overwhelm yourself. People from all walks of life attend these classes so it can be a good way to meet people you normally wouldn't interact with.

- try volunteering somewhere. it can feel nice to do something that helps those in need. Animal shelters are nice since you get to play with kittens or puppies.

- pick a skill to improve at. let yourself feel proud about this.

Anonymous 102200

Step 1. Get a job.

Anonymous 102265

To be honest? I just sent my resume to every company that was hiring online. I didn't even look at the requirements because, for office type jobs, they're basically all the same. A lot of them got back to me, but they sure took their damn time. So don't be disappointed if you don't receive a call back right away. This makes you able to have options, so don't just take the first offer that gets back to you (lol I did that because I was nervous nobody else would contact me, so I overlooked some really good offers). A good place to apply for might be getting a government desk job. Idk if where you live they hire admin for the country you live in. Here, you basically need to take a test saying you are able to type minimum 40 words per minute, which is nothing, and all you have to do is file work or whatever. Easy shit.

Anonymous 102266

Well if you want advice specific for your situation, you should probably tell us what is hindering you from not being a NEET. Because it's as easy as getting a job in theory but obviously you wouldn't be posting here if that were the case.

Anonymous 102303

That's not the point of this thread is it, go create your own thread if you're going through a crisis lol

Anonymous 102355

If you're afraid about going IRL you can do online asynchronous university degrees in programming/computer science and then get a remote job. I know a massive socially inept asshole with AvPD and he makes decent money but is such a horrible person he never associates with anyone, so if he can do it you can too nona

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