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Anonymous 102252

We've been together for like 6 months and we never met irl (duh) but i love him so much and like thefes this girl who lives rly close to him abd shes obsessed with him for some reason and shes determined to take him from me he told me he will never meet until after a bunch of events she offered to taje him to korea for free i was freaking out so much but he still picked going to korea with another girl that will want to do stuff with him over me what do i do help i thought we were meant to be

Anonymous 102254

You’ve already lost him. It’s over.

Anonymous 102257

What do i do now:(

Anonymous 102258

Online relationships aren't real, go get yourself a guy irl who's actually worth investing your time and energy into. Also you sound too young to browse here.

Anonymous 102259

Im not that young bruh i just type weird also i have no social skills no one irl likes me so

Anonymous 102260

online relationships can be real, but this one is just too stressful to be worth it and hes not respecting you and the relationship so dump him and get yourself another boy quick

Anonymous 102261

Idk if ill ever find but thanks!

Anonymous 102267

It's not the way you type (please use interpunction though) but the naive things you said. Regardless this guy is a dead end.

Anonymous 102268

>Had an LDR for 5 years
>Tied the knot
>Now have dual citizenship
>Escaped the hellhole that is the USA
They're plenty real nona. They just require superhuman effort and sacrifice to work.

Anonymous 102288

And where did you move to?

Anonymous 102352

what if he has bad breath? idg how people get into online relationships given that they don't know a thing about the other person's oral hygiene

Anonymous 105501

Just get him to brush his teeth more, your 20s go by in the flash of an eye and then you're doomed to dating bald guys with 3 kids.

Anonymous 105502

Halitosis, also known as bad breath is not just something that can be narrowed down to oral hygiene. I have sinusitis and acidity problems and I sometimes have bad breath issues despite brushing my teeth as much as I could.
No matter the cause, bad breath surely stinks!

Anonymous 105526

came here to post this

Anonymous 105533

Why are you typing like that? What the fuck?

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