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Anonymous 102984

My husband is doing everything he can for me to help me but I still want to scream at him.

Anonymous 102995


Thanks anon, I love him but I feel like a retard and part of my brain is just stupid.

Anonymous 103011

What is he doing?

Anonymous 103021

He does a lot like pay for my meds and therapy and he’s always been by my side without ever demanding anything in return. I don’t know why I feel so negative but I think I’m being unfair.

Anonymous 103038

well that's nice that you have that intelligence and discipline.
what does he need to help you with?

Anonymous 103039

Unrelated but Kiara is my oshi, I remember when her roommate used to post on /cgl/

Anonymous 103057

I have a lot of mental health problems and I’m seeing a therapist. I have a lot of abandonment issues and a fear of being hurt.

I like her but a lot of people seem to hate her.

Anonymous 103079

Relationships are based on trust and communication. Let him know how you are feeling and that it's not necessarily because of him. Otherwise you might encounter dangerous misunderstandings in the future.

Anonymous 103081

Excuse me, I don't want to make you feel any discomfort and saying this in a roundabout way won't have the same effect, so I put it bluntly. Do you believe that he is too good for you because he acts so flawless towards you even though you feel like you're dead weight and this is why you get mad at him? Is it that you're mad at him because either you feel that you don't deserve him or that his act is condescending or you want him to be more human and see him struggle too or you want him to be mad at you because you somehow think you deserve that or is it a mix of all of the above or maybe something else in this sort of way? I'd say it is not that uncommon and you don't need to feel too bad about yourself as you already have noticed that there is something wrong imo the reason for this is the inbalance in your relationship.

Anonymous 103087

You "think"? Despite him being such a decent scrote, rare as they come?

Anonymous 103094

He sounds horrible, you should leave him. And give me his contact information.

Anonymous 103106

I told him about it and he just hugged me and said don’t worry. I’m still retarded, but at least I was able to communicate.

Anonymous 103108

It’s the feeling like dead weight for me. Someone just doing so much for me and asking for nothing set off an alarm in my retarded brain and made me feel like shit.

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