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Anonymous 103016

I was injured in a car crash and I suspect I have nerve damage, it's getting progressively harder to use my leg that was impacted. This is really messed up but I'm kind of excited thinking about maybe eventually being in a wheelchair because hopefully people will be nicer to me. I have no friends so it would actually be a social buff if strangers ask why I'm in a wheelchair and are sympathetic. I know a lot of disabled people don't like being used for "inspiration porn" where people tell them they're so strong and inspirational just for being alive but to me that seems much better than my current situation of being alone.

Anonymous 103020

I just think it's sad that you seem not at all bothered by all the freedoms being stuck in a wheelchair will take from you. I'm guessing you never really used them in your life in the first place, being that you have no friends and all. Still, there are things you could've done in solitude.
Make no mistake though, people are people. Fueling their ego and making them feel better about themselves for helping you is one thing, but everyone is selfish at the end of the day. If you're not entertaining to them, or they weren't friends with you before your injury, I doubt they'll stick around. Look at how many chronically ill people stay alone forever because of their illnesses. Take care.

Anonymous 103026

Read this pdf so you'll know how to deal with insurance companies.

Anonymous 103031


When I was younger I used to like hiking, going to the beach, just walking around town. I had to move somewhere where the air quality is very bad/extreme heat for most of the year; the weather is unsafe to do anything much outside other than swimming in a pool and the city is not walkable. When Covid hit my life wasn't impacted much because I was already inside most of the time orz. I really don't have any close friends as it is so I'm kind of looking forward to this fantasy scenario I've imagined in my head for the opportunity to new people who will feel good about themselves because they're nice to the cripple girl. They get an ego boost, I get some friends, everyone wins. I hope.

I didn't know better and already settled and only got a few hundred dollars out of it, at first I thought I was fine other than parts of that leg being numb. But now the numbness is turning into pain that is getting worse and I'm having balance issues. I'm working with my doctor now to try to get my insurance to approve an MRI or something to diagnose what's wrong, I'm going through the hoops now of them ruling out other more common things thst cause numbness even though my symtpoms seem to me like they're obviously from the injury. If the worst case scenario is true then I'm also looking forward to neetbux which is also messed up to think but thats how I feel.

Anonymous 103045

this, people always take what they have for granted. Not like I'm trying to say they're evil for it, it just happens. You don't think about things that are as natural to you as breathing.

Anonymous 103046

Posting porn character, how cool.

Anonymous 103047


I like sfw pics of Bikko-tan, I just think she looks cool. There aren't a lot of cool anime female characters that I know of who canonically use wheelchairs.

Anonymous 103049

Bikko-tan is some Japanese guy's OC that was popular on 2ch in the 00s, the manga panel I posted is from Welcome to the NHK in a scene where they're trying to create the ultimate moe girl. Maybe it's messed up but I am coping with my situation by seeing something of myself in disabled characters who are seen as cute/cool/desirable. Tbh I think everything I'm ruminating on about my situation is kind of fucked up and I would get downdooted if I posted my thoughts somewhere like Reddit which is why I'm venting as anon here just to not keep it bottled up.

Anonymous 103068

>I already settled
Damn, you probably could have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did you see a doctor immediately after the accident?

Anonymous 103069

I was taken by ambulance to the ER but the doctor was like "you can walk, you're going to be fine, it'll heal" even though I told him my knee was numb. Never got an x-ray or MRI or anything. Working on trying to get a refereal for those things now.

Anonymous 103070

Yeah, maybe you can sue that doctor for misdiagnosis. Then you can get your medical expenses covered.

Anonymous 103071

My insurance is free so idk. I don't know anything about lawsuits. I'm grateful I at least don't have to pay for treatment.

Anonymous 103072

Your insurance premium would go up, though. Just try calling a lawyer for a free consultation.

Anonymous 103073

I did and they said because I settled there's nothing I can do… :s

Anonymous 103562


I finally got approved for am MRI, yay. I had one doctor tell me it was idiopathic with no known medical cause and asked if I was anxious and depressed. Bro I was in a car crash that smashed my leg and he tried to tell me my busted up leg is all in my head lmao 💀

Anonymous 103568

What a jerk
But I'm glad you got approved for it, nona!

Anonymous 103569

Ty anon, I know I am shitting up the board with a very personal medical thread that's not really relatable to anyone else but I just want to talk about this somewhere, thank you for being kind and responding

Anonymous 103573

No you're not, it's literally a board made for venting and it's ok to vent about specific topics

Anonymous 103923


I'm still waiting to be scheduled for my MRI, I am now in so much pain in that one leg whenever I have to leave my house I am going to ask my doctor next time I see her if a walking cane will help. I don't want to just buy one and start using it without getting a professional opinion first but I am looking at ones that can fold up that I can put in my purse, there are some with cute designs on them. But idk if I get one that looks cute if people will think it's just for fashion and being an attention whore. I like this one that looks like the classic lolita Innocent World grandma's couch core aethetic.

Anonymous 103924

get one with a retractable knife

Anonymous 103925


The sword cane by Cold Steel is badass but being all in one piece makes it impractical for use in urban warfare, probably better for home defense lol

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