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I hate my roommate but never met her Anonymous 103074

I already hate my roommate, whom I’ve never met. She’s really popular and seems like the type who will always have guys over in our room. Is it petty of me to put in a room request change? It won’t even be processed since we’ve never met.

I’ve lived with many extroverted roommates before who always had people over in our room. I just want my room to be a place I can relax in because I become a mean and bitter person very quickly when I don’t have a place to be at peace.

Anonymous 103075

Nona, I don't think it's petty at all.
I feel the same way about mine, despite never having met her and knowing nothing about her. It's going to be my first time living with a roommate and I'm dreading it because of how much I value having my own space.
I think you should try to request a change once you have a feel for how she is and know that this is something you do not want to put up with. If you changing rooms upsets her, who cares? You deserve to have a quiet environment to live in.

Anonymous 103090

You're hating someone based on assumptions, that's really stupid and unfair towards her.

Anonymous 103159

Am I hallucinating? Wasn’t this thread posted weeks ago?

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