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How’d you two meet? Anonymous 103164

How did you meet the person you’re with?
The last/best person you’ve been with?

Anonymous 103165

Met in college, we were on separate floors of a coed learning community for humanities students. It ended badly. That was 15 years ago. I haven't been on a date since.

Anonymous 103167

Met at military processing
Both of us dropped out
Been together almost 3 years now
…damn time flies

Anonymous 103168

We met when I was 17 and he was 22, training for a work certification. He was funny, kind, smart and until that point I thought I was a lesbian. He drove me home one night because he didn't want me taking a risky train journey, and when we pulled into my driveway I leaned over to kiss him and…he rejected me because I was too young. We stayed friends, and I pined for him, even started dating my awful high school ex-gf to make him take notice, which was really just proving his point. We worked together throughout college, lived together for a year and were generally good friends.

We didn't get together until I was 22, had just graduated and walked to his new house to flat out seduce him. I know he's socially retarded, so I just told him "We've been together for 5 years, lived and worked together, we have all the same friends, want the same things from life. Please date me." which worked.

Anonymous 103170

google hangouts as a tween. dated twice now we don't talk and she's happy in her current relationship after years of rebounding off everyone. hope she's doing ok. once we broke up on google hangouts was funny/sad.

Anonymous 103172

I've sat and thought about it briefly and I think this might be the sweetest thing I've ever read. I almost don't believe it can be real.
I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Anonymous 103285

I met all my bfs (and my current) over tinder (and 1 from /soc/ which was gnarly). I had 1 gf who I met irl. In my country it is like impossible to get natural connections irl with guys because the non-psycho-non-fuckboy men are terminally shy and oblivious to flirting.

I wish I never met my bf over tinder because I wish I had a cute getting together story. But overall I recommend it if you have the time and know how to text men (aka just being nice and responding)

Anonymous 104078

My friend saw his modelling photos on fb and set us up on a date.

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