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Period feels Anonymous 103294

does anyone else feel extremely depressed/anxious a few days before their period?
i've noticed this occasional pattern in my mood, but unsure if it's a thing. usually PMS is depicted with feelings of anger.
in about 4 days im going to have my period and i'm feeling very down and hopeless for no particular reason, and i'm jumping to terrible conclusions about everything.

Anonymous 103299

i don't need hormonal disturbances to make me depressed and anxious

Anonymous 103307

Yeah I get like this sometimes. Usually I'll remember I haven't had my period yet and a little light goes off in my head. It's just hormones making my already down mood spiral even more. I either cry it out or ground myself by saying I'll be fine in a few days. I suggest finding ways to occupy your mind if you get in these moods and suspect it's your period.

Anonymous 103319

I get crippling insomnia before my period and no mood changes or cramping

Anonymous 103322

yeah i'm either horny or get dysphoric and want to kms but its fine after period stuff is all over.

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