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internet addiction Anonymous 103420

how do i stop browsing stupid ass forums? i recently hit rock bottom. deep down i know i should stop browsing sites like reddit, lipstickalley, tumblr and crystal.cafe. i want to stop caring about stupid pop culture shit. i want to stop caring about politics. i want to stop watching stupid youtube videos that i know will give me nothing of value to think about. i just want to focus on my art and read and work out but my brain is working against me.

i know it might be fucking stupid to ask this on a niche corner of the internet like crystal.cafe since most of you are likely struggling with the same thing, but i am desperate. i want to be free from the shackles of the algorithm.

i have already deleted all my social media. instagram hurt the most since its the most “normie” one and helped me stay in touch with friends but ever since they added that reels fuckshit its been total cancer. i just want to see pictures of my friends not 5032959 products being advertised on my fucking feed.

i am considering buying a dumb phone soon.

pls help nonas.

Anonymous 103421

Block the sites

Anonymous 103423

do you have android?

you can use RethinkDNS or InviziblePro to block sites, and theres also TimeLimit.io which can put time limits/blocks on other apps

i find blocking sites helps because it makes it a pain in the ass to go into an app and unblock them each time

Anonymous 103432

>dumb phone

Anonymous 103436

What do you think is the root cause of your internet addiction?

Anonymous 103438

What has been helping me distance myself from social media is picking up a library card and using libby/hoopla to keep my eyes occupied.

I'll never fully be gone because I don't want to be completely disconnected, but I don't have time to doomscroll because I gotta finish some books before they are due.

Anonymous 103449

get the dumb phone its ok it doesnt have to be forever, you might end up like me tho, one year no phone/pc and feeling like a real person then relapse and “wonder what you missed out on” and most comes back (i say most bc i think the more time i spend away the better i get)

Anonymous 103454

I dont have advice. Im here to say same. Im even thinking of going to a psych to get some on the stimulants gravy train. But the fees of that shit are daunting

Anonymous 103457

>going to a psych ward for internet addiction

Anonymous 103463

missing out on academic, career opportunities, and significantly sabotaging your life due to internet addiction warrants a visit to a psychiatrist. The psych ward is for when your awareness of how much of a failure you are becomes so rabid it just drives you to a benzo overdose.

Anonymous 103471

psych ward is a crisis center nona u dont go there unless ur actively trying to hurt urself or others

Anonymous 103477

you sound like this girl i know who is really mentally ill but thinks shes a #girlboss and never does introspection as to why she is the way she is and im pretty sure its you. if your online handle starts with a T and ends with a N go fuck yourself kek

Anonymous 103556

take your meds hoe im not a part of your lame discord drama

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