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How does one work from home? Anonymous 103579

So I've been unemployed for 3+ months now. Long story short, last job destroyed my mental health. I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I really couldn't bring myself to apply to jobs until now. I'm still very much lacking in motivation to leave my house, though. So I ask you, dear nona, how do I work from home? What jobs/companies should I be looking for? How do I spot scams? And how little should I expect to be paid at first? Thank you <3

Anonymous 103594

What's your skillset nona ? A lot of IT/programming/development job let you have partial WFH, e.g. 2 days a week.
What I did was take one of these jobs and then disrespect the 2 days a week limit, and just stay home when I wanted, putting them in front of the fait accompli.
It turns out as long as you do decent work they'll turn a blind eye because it's less trouble for them than firing and replacing you.

Full remote jobs on the other hand are a lot harder to land, you will literally be in competition with the entire world.

Anonymous 103651


The only fully remote jobs I've had are tutoring for CS (Which even that isn't remote anymore, because they're currently making us be only in-person), tutoring ESL to Chinese Kids (But that was complete beer money, only making like $10-15 per month because of how little hours I could get), and a call center (Which I would not recommend, because you will kill yourself if you stay at one).

Like the other anon mentioned, you could try something tech-related like software development, but then you will need higher, more specialized skills.

Anonymous 103818


I have a fren in South Africa that u can live with for free. All u have to do is keep the house tidy and makes meals for them (lifter)

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