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how does one cope with anhedonia Anonymous 103681

or better yet get rid of it entirely?

i’ve tried all the standard advice: exercise, eat 5 serving of vegetables, active social life, went to therapy, psych meds, good relationships with family, got a pet, traveled, various art classes. i currently volunteer regularly at several organizations that (in theory) align with my personal values/beliefs. i’ve also tried the classic self destructive behaviors, which made me feel at least different for about a year, but eventually returned to just going through the motions, even drugs, which was especially disappointing.

everything just feels flat and draining. there is literally nothing that i want to do with my life; the only things i genuinely enjoy are sleep and drinking cold water. i always feel like i’m just performing some version of normal, but i don’t know why or for who. i’m vaguely bothered by the feeling that i’m shortchanging my friends and family, but i’m not actively suicidal or even particularly distressed, so therapists and psychiatrists tend to be unhelpful or generally dismissive, respectively.

Anonymous 103688

passion and love dude
by that i mean something you're autistically obsessed with, or actual love, not allowing some moid to get you off, its gotta be that real soft gooey love that makes you all tingly and shit, yknow?

Anonymous 103690

do you know how to get into an autistic obsession? i’ve tried a lot of things but none of it stuck. also been in a few relationships but i didnt experience any difference from friendship except feeling contractually obligated to have sex with them. idk what’s wrong with me

Anonymous 103691

the "obsession" part is kinda serious, kinda not
basically just find something you really like, its more sterotypical for guys to get into dumb shit like trains or dinos or whatever.

but on the love part, most relationships you'll have wont be "special", idk how to put it
(basically most people ive been with have been nice, but meh. but when i see what my parents have i still have hope, they've been together for like 25 years now, and they both still act like they're 16yearolds in love. its really sweet).
I digress, when you find the one, your oneitis, husbando, whatever you want to call him, you'll know. just in the meantime while your looking dont give yourself up to any tom dick or harry who says he loves you but just wants to treat you like a living fleshlight to masturbate with. dont sell your soul like that, you're worth more than that.

most guys are selfish pricks who are just driven by their dicks, sure. will they break your heart to satisfy their selfish needs? definitely! but if you look through all the shit, you'll find someone special, you'll find a good man somewhere, you're gonna make it hun <3

Anonymous 103693

You claim apathy, yet you have manifested the will to try and identify solutions for yourself which, if genuine, contradicts your lack of enthusiasm for life.

If you have a diagnosis for a neurological disorder, it's no joke and therefore makes it difficult to arrive at a resolution over the internet. You already know that though, which leads me to believe you are seeking something else. I cannot possibly know what that is but your self-critique, determination, and intelligence (all rare gifts, let alone your interest in art) are to be admired, and they can be great tools for grasping a sense of purpose.

Often, people do not want to accept that although it is completely necessary, and human, to reach out to others for help in life, ultimately it takes deep self-reflection and therefore courage to get to the root of this feeling that is causing your detachment from reality. You don't have to be fearless, but you have to be brave. We all possess an inner voice that "guides us", and being totally honest with yourself by listening to that voice, even if it hurts, has the potential to start a new beginning.

You said you have taken art; I don't know if you are aware of the Kahlo painting where she portrays two versions of herself juxtaposed by time. Her change in clothing symbolizes the struggle she faced externally, many claim it's made to represent cultural growth following marital issues, but that's not what sticks with me. What captivates me is the emphasis of internal peace. The hemorrhaging begins to stain her attire, and it's only when she achieves serenity from within that the once-broken heart repairs, thus spawning resonance in both aspects of life… at least that's what I like to believe. Hope ya find your purpose soon enough OP.

Anonymous 103702

What creative thing did you love to do when you were a kid?
I loved to be on the computer, and sometimes creating content. For example, when I was like 12 I started making a music video to Weird Al's "Albuquerque" that was animated entirely with frames I created in MS Paint. I created like 100+ frames. More recently, I made a tutorial video on TikTok that has 11.5k views. I could get autistically obsessed with something like this if I didn't drink so much alcohol.
Honestly, I envy that drinking cold water is something you genuinely enjoy. I mean, I enjoy it too, but it really sticks out to me that you chose to include that in your OP.
What if you got autistically obsessed with beverages? Like spending a few months getting every kind of bottled and sparkling water you can get your hands on and journaling what you think about each one. Yeah, it's consumerist, but it's at least something, and it would be easy.

Anonymous 103703

try drugs

Anonymous 104134


Anonymous 104776


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