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Anonymous 103716

I'm probably gay, actually, but I thinking I'm going to marry a man and live a normal, quiet life and have one child. I really dislike the LGBTQ scene, I hate all of the… Politics involved with sexuality. I don't really think there are gay women like me out there who just want to goof off with fandom stuff and who also happen to hate liberals and conservatives equally. If they exist, these woman do not leave their rooms. I've actually thought about this. I've been going outside for months in desperate search of this special person, and have come to the conclusion that only extroverts go outside.

And even if I were somehow to meet this golden girl, she would definitely already be taken, or she wouldn't find me attractive. I could get a girlfriend, but I don't think I could ever get the one who scratches the itch right.

I'm just rambling to feel a little bit better about my shitty situation. I really wish I could meet a nice girl with moderate sized boobs and great, wavy brown hair that she hides under an array of dorky hats.

Anonymous 103724

Look for a girl online. I agree that you usually don’t meet great people outside

Anonymous 103734

I'm the same but I have resigned to dying alone than being stuck with a filthy scrote. It's either this or struggling through e-dating if I can even find my ideal gf online

Anonymous 103737

You know that meme "girls aren't online"? It's not true, obviously. But imagine, if it's impossible for some scrote online to find women, how am I going to find a GAY one who also happens to be sane? Like, the odds are so slim it's laughable. All the gay girls online are crazy LGBTQ+ cultists…

I appreciate you replying, as I feel lonely and wanted to talk about this, I guess I just feel hopeless.

I wouldn't mind dying alone, but I know that I want a child at least. In that case, I want a stable household. I know a good man who would be kind to me, so I could see being in a loveless marriage for an extended period of time. Like marrying your best friend, essentially.

I feel you though, on the struggle. I don't think an ideal online gf exists. Undoubtedly, something will be wrong with her. I wish I was a straight woman or a gay man.

Anonymous 103738

>loveless marriage
I personally could never. And this is something that will end in flames if the moid you're marrying feels for you in any way beyond platonic. And what would happen if he wants a divorce because he found someone else? If you have to play pretend that you love him to the day you die, you're setting yourself up for failure.

>something will be wrong with her

Agreed. There is no way someone very online is not extremely ill in some way. I'm talking about myself too lmao

>I wish I was a straight woman

Felt. I would just be happy with a man but probably not, considering how much I hear women talk about how useless their scrotes are.

>gay man

A HIV/AIDS fest? No way eww

Anonymous 103749

I relate, OP, it's very weird to see this post. I'm also partial to having a simple life with a husband but I don't want to have sex, or at least it'd only be because I quite like children. I wouldn't be attracted to my husband, he'd just be my trusted friend.

For a long time I thought I would marry my childhood best friend (male). After we realized I was attracted to women and not men, I guess we were both still okay with it; maybe we didn't think about it as much as we should've because we were young, and we were genuinely good friends. But later on in young adulthood he started exhibiting scary mental issues so I left him. I wonder if it could've otherwise worked out but maybe the not liking sex thing would've caught up to us anyway.

I dunno if it'd be rarer to find a decent guy who didn't mind his wife being homosexual or the type of girl you describe, but I have a really hard time making friends either way. I feel consistently out of place because I'm not gay in the passionate way where it's my identity, but I'm also plainly not attracted to men while being attracted to women so I don't fit in with normies.

Anonymous 103757

I don't know if it's true that a relationship would go up in flames. If you provide a person with everything they need and never complain about it, they probably don't really care. Especially a moid. Suck his dick, bake him cookies, play vidya. Seems simple, and I don't particularly mind if I'm honest. I don't enjoy cleaning the dishes, but I wash them because they're dirty. I guess life is a chore.

Anyway I hear what you're saying. If he divorced me I guess I'd just live the rest of my life an old loveless lesbian. Not like I'm ever going to find anybody, does it matter if I hitch my cart to somebody since I might be alone either way?

I'm sorry about your moid friend not working out. I don't know if liking the sex matters. I don't like listening to my friends problems and I don't like having to do plenty of other relationship things. Lesbians end up with dead bedrooms anyway, so again, I don't think sex matters exactly. I think what matters is if the other person is genuinely kind and cares about you.

At least I can manage to get that much, if nothing else. I agree, making friends is nearly impossible. Gay people stand on the top of every mountain screaming about pride. I just want to be a normal human being?? I wouldn't even mind being gay if there were other normal gays who didn't care so much. It's very upsetting because I don't even want that much here.

What can you do? I don't know. I might try one more time to look for this girl, like go to an anime con or a film festival, but the girls at the con will probably be gross or bad with social cues and the girls at the film festival will probably be heterosexual they/thems and unbelievably pretentious.

Anonymous 103760

Your best bet may be women who are lesbian or bi and casually gender critical but not super hardcore radfem.
Women in fandom who are a bit older (late twenties plus) are also a safer bet, unfortunately if you're young. Apolitical types definitely exist but then your other standards would need to apply on top, I suppose.
You may luck out though, I did. Keep your eyes open even if you try to moid route.

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